Tuesday, February 3, 2015


If you spend any time on more moderate conservative message boards, you'll see them smugly pointing out that liberals are also anti-science, noting that some addled hippie-types don't vaccinate their kids. Well, turns out vein of crazy is at least bipartisan.

Freepers' anti-government, and anti-science paranoia makes them prime candidates for anti-vaccine attitudes. Now that Obama's in charge? Only a small vanguard still prides themselves on being the rational ones. So the arguments get good. They also bring weird Freepers who rarely post to the table.

After a measles outbreak in Disney land raged way more than it should have, vaccines are back in the news, and so is Freepers arguing about them.

pgyanke doesn't need shots anymore, and everyone must be just like him!
I’m not a kid and have just retired from the military in 2013. Since retiring I have not received any shots whatsoever. No vaccinations to include flu shot.

I have been sick only once since retirement. I will not get any more shots unless travel to a foreign country requires it.
Jan_Sobieski rolls Christian Scientist:
Vaccination against Measles, Mumps, Small Pox, TB; have been proven to be effective, all of these diseases have been for the most part eradicated in the U.S., it is coming back because of illegal immigration, we urgently need a vaccine against it.

Bad stuff...but I believe that God can protect our kids. Long before vaccinations he was doing so (Psalms 91)
Da Coyote stops posting abut Obama is pee-pee-doo-doo for a window of sanity:
Even someone so demonstrably uneducated, stupid, and unexperienced as Dorkbama can be right occasionally.

Very occasionally.

This is one of those times.
sten hates Obama too much to get his kids vaccinated:
i don’t trust a word he utters, yet i’m supposed to inject some foreign substance into my children on his insistence?

ummm... yea. not going to happen
drypowder also has a spite-based vaccination policy:
No right minded person on earth trusts this POS. What slow death concoction is in the vaccine that you’re pushing, jackass??
grumpygresh as well
0bama has been wrong on every single issue. What more proof do you need not to get your kids or yourself vaccinated?
But The Duke has the craziest version:
while Obama is President I basically consider him to effectively be personally administering all vaccinations. I'll wait until more virtuous people are in charge to consider any vaccination.
fatnotlazy reminds Freepers that they hate science:
“The science is, you know, pretty indisputable.”


Yeah, just like climate change.
MrB hates how people trust science:
“The Science” has taken on a divine connotation with the left, has it not?
HarleyLady27 knows it's always a good time to mock Obama and black people!
A pity he cannot urge his peeps to tell their kids to ‘pull up their pants,’ and behave in school and on the streets

The kids would pull them lower than they are, or not any at all and they wouldn’t set foot in an educational facility...just saying, anything this bozo says, people do the opposite....
Buckeye McFrog brings the damming evidence:
If these vaccines are so safe why did the pharma industry spend so much time and money lobbying the GOP to give them total blanket immunity against ANY lawsuits?
Diogenesis's EXEMPT paranoia makes an appearance:
Obola-the-Undocumented/Unvetted Tyrant and the
113th Congress “gave” America previously cured,
previously absent, DISEASES to murder American
children by Quartering (sites still secret -Feb. 2015).

Anyone want to bet the EXEMPT Congress and Obola
OWN stock and stake in the vaccine companies?
Opinionated Blowhard tries to ignore the madness around him and blame illegals:
A a big source of these outbreaks is all the illegals that Obama let walk into the country. But will anyone call him on it? Nah. Let’s all pretend that its average, middle class US citizens who just happen to start breaking out with diseases that we haven’t seen in decades.
MarchonDC09122009 is a new one, and posts walls of text, followed by this towering irony:
There exist some contrarians who are so stubbornly wedded to dogma and comfortably in the dark, no amount of facts can help enlighten them, literally for goodness sake.

Pity those that cling to I-am-right constructs, public health best practices be damned.

Wakefield has been vindicated.


  1. Somebody remind Buckeye McFrog that "Tort Reform" I. E. Making it impossible to sue corporations for damages, is a cornerstone of Conservative Philosophy. They used to blame all of the high prices in medicine, etc on lawsuits. Now it's all President Obama's fault.

  2. Eastforker getting on geronl..called him a unemployed loser on another post (geronl lives with his sister and BIL and does not work-why don;t they kick out his lazy fat ass?)

    OK, I see what you did there, you think your being cute and witty. I could give a rats ass if you are poor, but, spending all day and all night on FR and neglecting your family so you can play drug warrior is not a very good habit either. You see, your addiction is the computer and an internet forum. How much harm have you caused your family by not getting out and supporting them.

    300 posted on 2/3/2015, 4:02:57 PM by eastforker (Cruz for steam in 2016)
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  3. The whole anti-vax issue is simultaneously appalling and entertaining. For some time, I had seen it as mostly residing in the nuts-and-granola fringes of the left, but now see that it's got a strong following in the won't-trust-any-sort-of-government crop that the GOP has been sowing seeds for for years now.

    I'm seriously beginning to wonder if Kung Fu Monkey's 27% meme will some day be cited by historians as the critical factor in reducing once-advanced countries into shells of their former selves.

    1. What is this meme?

    2. Probably more commonly called The Crazification Factor. See here http://kfmonkey.blogspot.com/2005/10/lunch-discussions-145-crazification.html

  4. Gardasil was really the trigger for RWNJs. Once they decided that the vaccination against HPV also caused girls to have premarital sex, roofies in a needle, they were all over it.

    A poster over there today was aghast that the pediatric doctor in the nursery when her baby was born informed her that they were going to immunise against Hepatitis B. Her reasoning for demanding they not do it? It's an STD only, and her baby hadn't had sex. Stupid people proving Darwin was right.

    1. Are they not clear on the concept that vaccines normally prevent against things that haven't happened yet, not already happened?

    2. Clearly, lack of protection against STDs is the only thing that stands in the way of people having sex.

      This logic is sound.

  5. "but I believe that God can protect our kids. Long before vaccinations he was doing so"

    oh lord, where did those good old days go? you remember, the days when kids (or at least the ones whose parents prayed to jebus) never died of infectious diseases ...

  6. Scientists don’t really ever “prove” anything. It is mathematicians who do that. Scientists just make hypotheses and then try to test them by making predictions based on them that can hopefully be confirmed with experiment or observation. Even if they are confirmed, they still are never “proven”. There is always the possibility that a better hypothesis could predict the same things and also form a more complete or accurate theory.
    This was on an evolution thread, not a vaccine thread, but Boogieman gives me hope.

  7. Replies
    1. So he's still totally gay, just a repressed totally gay. And that makes God happy.
      And the shifting in my sexual desires is a direct result of my grace-given love for God. I've grown in my disgust of homosexual relations because I see what a twisting and perversion it is of the image of God. And I've grown in my desire for women (specifically, one woman.… I wrote about it here)
      That poor, doomed woman.

    2. So, he found a "Beard". Denial is powerful among fundies.

    3. I want to take his parents, his teachers, his pastors, and everyone saying that homosexuality is a sin, and just beat the ever loving shit out of them. Fucking evil human beings. They deserve eternal torment for the pain they inflict on others.

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