Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Pro-Israel, anti-Jewish

It is an old saw that the two things that distinguish Free Republic from Stormfront are the explicit use of the N-word, and love of Jews.

I dunno, I've never been to Stormfront. But the second isn't really true. Oh, they love Israel, though based on how they've turned on the Pope, that may not be as solid as it seems.

Here, a Freeper with an agenda posts an old study about how Jews are liberal. You get an amusing mix of naked antisemitism and Jewish Freepers crying false flag.

I guess Jews are liberal for the same reason blacks vote Democrat: Stockholm syndrome.
yefragetuwrabrumuy knows Jews are just natural idealists and Hitler supporters:
if anyone comes up with an idealistic philosophy, such as socialism-communism, it will likely attract Jews like moths to a flame.

Even Hitler was so charismatic that some Jews showed interest in following him. In the US, there were huge hopes that JFK would take that role, and with Obama, they were falling all over themselves to enlist their support for him.

It doesn’t matter if whoever it is, is a burning antisemite, many Jews will continue to support them.
I suspect Roman_War_Criminal has a pretty narrow definition of how to love Israel:
Liberal Jews hate their own nation Israel, and with more venom, than I’ve ever witnessed personally from others (that includes muslims).

Conservative Jews at least “get” that we wacko Evangelical Christians aren’t out to get them.
JudyinCanada knows you can't really be conservative if you're not Christian:
Pretty simple really - rejection of Christianity.

Exactly what I was going to post. Liberalism is the anti-Christian ideology. It’s a spiritual thing.
Trapped Behind Enemy Lines thinks it has to do with anti-Tsarism:
I think Jewish devotion to radical Left politics originated in Europe as a response to anti-Semitism, especially in Eastern Europe. In Russia, under the czars, and in other parts of Europe, Jews were often prohibited from owning land and were herded into ghettoes and were the target of state sponsored pogroms. Of course many were downtrodden and impoverished. This environment may have caused many to embrace Marxism, Bolshevism, and Socialism and this radical politics was brought with them when they immigrated to America.
Talisker mixes up Objectivism and Judaism:
Socialism isn’t about helping the masses, it’s a psychological method to get the masses to accept the totalitarian control of those who consider themselves “masters.”

Jews generally consider themselves the “chosen” and are not known for their insecurity. In fact, overall they think pretty highly of themselves.

So it is not a surprise that people who call themselves the “chosen” would be attracted to a method of totalitarian political control which requires “masters” to run it.
Alberta's Child reminds us who killed the Messiah!
It goes back to the days of the Gospels. They’ve been choosing Caesar over God ever since.
Yaelle has it hard as a Freeper Jew:
The main reason why jews are liberal today in 2015 is fear of being shamed by their friends and family. It is harder to come out at Passover as conservative than gay, in a non orthodox extended family.

I’ve done it. The former, that is. You will never be as accepted as you were, you will never be seen the same. If you came out as gay, you’d be the star of the show. Everyone would want to be seen as being close to you.

If you announce you’re voting for the Republican, it’s like announcing you just pooped on the floor.
zzwhale knows the Jews control the government:
its really simple....... DEMOCRAT POLITCIANS ARE CHEAPER TO BUY THAN REPUBLICANS... ONLY GENTILES PAY retail and there you have it...also there is the STUPIDITY FACTOR....

grandpop and grandmom voted dem... daddy and mommy voted dem.... i must keep up the STUPID TRADITION....

I am sure all the JEWS are estatic over Obama’s treatment of israel.... and yet STUPIDITY overrides REASON.... and they voted for him twice... double stupid.
Never mind. PA Engineer is sure all the posters above are false flags.
Jewish people are slowly (too slowly) trending conservative. I often wonder if stupid threads like this are posted by trolls (or used by trolls) to keep Jews on the Democrat Plantation by bringing out all the cretins.

Yep. Check out some of the posting history and born on dates. The Delphi Technique is alive and well here.


  1. Freeper, and neocons/right wingers, love for Israel isn't what they might want people to think it is. It's not an unconditional live for people and their nation. It falls into one of two things, sometimes both.

    First, the fundies "Love" for Israel is rooted in their biblical prophecy that Jews must return to Israel just prior to its fall signalling the end times. If Israel falls, and end times don't happen, their story falls apart.

    The second is simply "The enemy of my enemy is my friend". Freepers HATE Islam and Muslims. The radical portion of Muslims hate Israel and don't recognise the right for it to exist. Therefore Israel is in a constant struggle with the crazy portion of Muslims who want to attack Israel, and Freepers being freepers, want to see Israel at war with all Muslims, not just the crazy ones.

    A freeper wet dream would be a dirty bomb used by the crazy wing of the Palestinian authority, is real to react with nukes from Tehran to Mecca and freepers would tell us its Revelations come true.

  2. As AMJ said this isn't that surprising. Their love for Israel and jews by extension is hardly love at all, to them both the people and the nation are little more than fattened sacrificial cows acting as Jesus/apocalypse bait.

  3. Ben Lurkin called Freepers "white supremacists" and wondered when they'd come after the Jews. Those comments have mysteriously disappeared from this thread.

    Shots fired as hundreds of teens rush Ocoee movie theater (FL mall)

    1. Saw that one. He basically called them out on their blatant racism and antisemitism, and they had a shit fit and went after him. He compared what's been becoming the norm there to storm front and they weren't amused.

  4. Don't stormfront 'sleepers' always brag about their supposedly subtle nature when infiltrating and attempting to convert those on other conservative sites? This guy really jumped the gun if that's the case. Although he could have probably made some headway if he warmed them up by railing against mexicans and blacks first.

    1. He was calling freeptards out for being like storm front, not trying to get them to be racists, they're there already.

    2. AMJ, I was referring to the OP for the thread this entry was about. Sorry for the confusion.