Wednesday, February 11, 2015

If it weren't for overplaying, they wouldn't get any play at all

Lord knows I've exaggerated and appropriated stuff to make a story better. But I'm not a leading journalist. Now, I don't know if he should lose his job, but Williams' increasingly dramatic claims about being under fire in a helicopter are not doing him any favors.

Freepers, seeing that Williams's comeuppance is already mostly in the works, try to generalize based on it, or to vilify Williams far out of proportion to his sin. Point is, like everything else slightly in their favor, Freepers ruin it.

TexasFreeper2009 knows the truth is always popular:
NBC and its even worse spin off MSNBC lie about everything, thus their persistent last place in the ratings
V_TWIN recalls Free Republic's glory days:
dan rather’s illegitimate son.
central_va wonders if it's even possible to shoot down a helicopter:
How in the hell do you hit a moving target with an RPG anyway? These are not precision weapons at all.
Resettozero has decided the truth no longer matters at all:
I would really like to know for certain if Clinton said she was in the same chopper with Williams on this occasion.

Somehow, this coming out now is also related to Williams' daughter's recent forays into "acting" which made many actors unhappy.
AU72 thinks 'Girls' is a documentary:
Williams is a despicable human being. He was on the set of ‘Girls’ when his daughter was filming a scene that featured a depraved and disgusting sexual act.
rockrr telepathy damns all liberals once again!
Has a leftist ever sincerely apologized for anything?
Arlis uses this to prove liberals are all from Satan:
Liberals lie. It’s a core value, and the key to their influencing others. If they didn’t lie, they’d be nowhere. Deceit is the very foundation of their converting and keeping their believers.

This is one reason liberals love Muslims. They share this core value.

Remember who Jesus said was “the father of lies”? Both liberals thought and Islam originate in the pit of hell.


  1. Chicago AND black people? FReepers are going to love this.

  2. Hey central VA the helicopter in Mogadishu "Black Hawk Down" was shot down by a RPG

    1. And freepers still have wet dreams about Blackhawk Down, you'd think they'd know the basic facts.

  3. So, Brian Williams lied about being in a helicopter shot at while reporting on a war the Neocons lied to start? And everyone is outraged at Brian Williams, while giving Cheney World War Inc. a free pass.

    1. I think Williams should probably be demoted over this, but at the end of the day, he hurt himself and his news department, and not much else.
      It is sincerely bothersome that Cheney & Co were never taken to task in any meaningful way, given that his lies harmed and continue to harm so many.
      Freepers will surely find a way to rationalize the difference if they're ever exposed to it. They seem to want to stay inside their nut-bubbles, though, cut off from reality rearing its ugly head.
      BTW, according to my calendar, today is the anniversary of the day Dick Cheney shot a man in the face while hunting and got the man to apologize for getting in the way of his birdshot.

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