Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Pix

I can't help but notice no one's dead in the first scenario.
Just because you have 2 ideas doesn't mean you should bash them together in one pic.
Another pic that looks crazy to everyone who isn't a Freeper.
It's like Freeper free association in pictorial form.
There's a lot going on in that skull patch over there.
Not just the Devil, the SOVIET Devil!


  1. "That wasn’t President Obama in that video. No purple lips, so it must have been a stand in.

    I’ve noticed for about a year or more that the purple lips have disappeared. Occasionally there are photos used which are of 2012 or earlier; but the recent videos aren’t the guy with the purple lips. Particularly the one where he loses his temper and starts blurting out statements with a pronounced southern drawl!"

    1. Too funny ...
      that post was from freeper Satin Doll.
      Like patriot08, Satin Doll is another never married old lady freeper who often go on and on about how ugly and repulsive they find all black people.

      There ain't no racism like old lady wrinkle bag freeper racism.

    2. They really went through a "Blue Gums" phase regarding President Obama for a time, as well. They settled on "Jug Ears" because it played to a wider, more family friendly audience.