Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Muslim call to prayer to sound at Duke University

Horror of horrors, Duke University is going to let some Muslim students chant an amplified call to prayer on Friday evenings. Freepers rage and get very dramatic about this inclusiveness.

Sacajaweau is not a fan of separation of church and state.
Insane.....This is not a muslim country.
ne1410s, on the other hand, suddenly find himself a huge fan of the wall between church and state.
If Duke gets ANY federal or state funding then wouldn’t this violate separation of church & state?

Oh wait, Islam has mosques, not churches. They destroy churches, so no problem - my mistake...
Veggie Todd has a rather broad definition of slavery:
Founded by Methodists and Quakers. Now a slave to islam.
doc1019 knows what comes next
I hope all these enlightened students and faculty will enjoy life under sharia law.
PGalt - Audio jihad!
Audio jihad. Ear pollution. Submit infidel. Middle East Klansmen have taken over. The devils will be blue about the color of Islam.
KoRn kinda hopes for someone to bomb this place.
That’s such a beautiful chapel too. If I were a Jihadist, I wouldn’t want my prayer being sounded out from such a place.

As if they already needed one, this will probably give them a serious reason to blow the damn place up.....
BobL thinks Duke won't let you graduate if you're conservative.
I wonder if any Duke students will protest?

Not if they want to stay enrolled. Most likely they could also have their degrees pulled from them for up to 5 years after they graduate. That was the case at ESU, where I went, at least. The rule was mainly to give them a way to get at you after your graduate, if they later figure out that you cheated your way through.

But I don’t see why the same rule couldn’t be used for committing a hate crime soon after graduation (the “hate crime”, of course, is supporting something that the faculty doesn’t approve of).
eartick declares this unamerican:

there is that word again.

Some things just are not meant to be and this is not meant to be in America.

How far we have slipped since 9/11 and Obama’s election.
NFHale laments the lack of dickery in today's youth:
RE: “...The students need to play Sousa Marches at full volume when the camel jockey anthem plays. ...”

If this were 1940s or 1950s American youth,. I’d say you’d have a good chance of that happening.

However, this is “culturally-enlightened”, “Politically-Corrected”, “sensitive and tolerant” American youth who have been taught that everything “American” - and Causcasian - is bad, awful, sexist, intolerant, bigoted, prejudiced, racist, etc., etc.,

Basically, they’ve been brainwashed to bow down, where our ancestors were taught to stand and fight.
ConservativeInPA ends on a heartwarming note.
Liberal indoctrination and political correctness continues. I have two daughters, 17 and 20 years old, that sometimes look at me as being crazy when I speak how America used to be. They don’t see it as good or bad, but morally equivalent to today. When I speak of articles like this one (yes, they will hear about it at dinner tonight) there won’t be any outrage on their part. At least they have daddy’s knowledge to piece things together when America is no more.

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