Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Potpourri

Carry me back wants a return to the well-ordered time that was the 1930s.
Whites who have real lives dont want prison time. The solution is real prison time and violence administered on the thug community making them afraid to get out of line. Like the 1930’s. Its the govt job to correct this. Instead they have stopped innocent people from defending themselves.
Sweet Jesus. Carry me back wants laws that make it legal to hunt blacks:
Nationwide, these people should be treated as gangs and laws should be put into place if need be,making it easier to kill them,without prosecution. The blacks should be targeted by the laws specificly.
Da Coyote explains Jews and Blacks for us!
I wonder if there is not a “conservation of good” principle operating there.

Jews have given the world much in the areas of intellect, science, and music. But they have taken perhaps much more from the world due to their inexplicable dedication to the idiocy of liberalism.

There appears to be a similar sub theme associated with African Americans and music ...they have given us Scott Joplin, Jazz, Gospel music, and more, but have more than negated it with rapp (the “c” is missing) and associated drivel oozing from no-talent felons.
boop doesn't need no liberal teacher to tell him the right-wing message of Animal Farm:
I read Animal Farm at about 16 yo.

I "got" it just fine.

I didn't have some leftist kook telling me what to believe.

Pretty stupid person who didn't understand it.
Candor7 thinks Obama will soon be assassinated by every country at once:
In Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Libya, Egypt, France and England, there is lead with the Obama name on it. NOt to mention Nigeria, Yemen,Somalia, Kenya, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Soon it will be the same with Israel. I don’t give him much longevity once he leaves office, he has just caused the deaths of too many millions of people in these countries in total. Nothing but a psychopomp, a fascist one at that.
fivecatsandadog is convinced Obama secretly revels in ISIS's violence, he just needs the evidence to prove it!
I would love to be one of the many flies living within the White House - just for moments like this, so I could secretly witness the expression on Obama’s face upon his hearing of another beheading or burning, or hanging conducted by one of his fellow muslims. The experience would be priceless.
bestintxas keeps it short and incomprehensible:
Obama is an animal cast from the time of the heathens.
elcid1970 is pretty sure ISIS only acts because Obama gives them permission:
Our Tnediserp continues to dive deeper into the Stygian depths of moral depravity. He has all but greenlighted additional ISIS immolations by implying that what they did to that Jordanian pilot was but payment-in-kind.
yefragetuwrabrumuy wants the head of the Office of Science and Technology Policy, as well as some other scientists, to be disappeared by secret police:
If there is any justice in the world, the Ehrlichs, and Holdren, and James E. Hansen, would be whisked away in the dark of the night, and parachuted into North Korea with a backpack full of Bibles.
Poor redgolum mixes up bias and society progressing way beyond him.
The funny thing is the ad companies customers are not very happy of late. Seems that the product the ad companies are selling doesn’t want to buy from the stores the ad companies are selling to. Places like Target are starting to ask why their ROI for ads is so horrible. In the end, I suspect the current model of ad paid for entertainment will collapse.
babygene wants the military to nuke people without Presidential permission:
Would Obama retaliate in the event of a nuclear attack on America with an answering nuclear response?” I doubt he would.

Probably not, but our military I hope would...
goldstategop tries to insist that most anti-vaxxers are liberals:
The Left believes as well some parts of the nutty libertarian right, that we have a duty to get sick and die.

And these are same folks who lecture us the science surrounding climate change is “settled.” No kidding!

Vaccination is the greatest single invention of mankind - all the diseases we used to get we no longer have because they’re completely preventable.

It stands to reason that some people want to take us back to the Dark Ages. Go figure.
Chickensoup tries to square the circle and insist that the issue isn't vaccines, it's illegals!
This drama over vaccinations is another way that the leftist totalitarians cover their tracks because the real reason for this issue is the illegal aliens.

Nothing like getting conservatives to throw muck at each other to take the attention over their fascist imperialism.

The Disney Measles outbreak was cause by a legal tourist, I believe.

anton - if you vote for Jeb, you're no better than a black!
70% of the sheeple on FR will vote for Jeb bush when he is nominated. And 98% of the registered Republicans will pull the lever for this turd.

They know this. It is what gives the GOP leadership the confidence that no matter what piece of crap they throw in the voters’ bowl, it will be lapped up.

We are no better than the black Demorat voters if we vote for Jeb Bush.
Slyfox knows what Obama's been up to:
We have a president right now who is known to do coke, IN THE WHITE HOUSE. Valerie makes sure no one disturbs him when he is having a ball.
Good lord, no wonder VanDeKoik is crazy!
When I was a teen in the 90s, I listened to talk radio from morning to 11pm every day. Now I listen to Levin’s podcast, clips of Rush on YouTube, Alex Jones’s whole show online, and many great YouTube conservative commentators.
SevenofNine on Obama's lack of manliness. Again.
He is not real man

Real man be impressed try take on Judo champion here

Post picture of Vlady doing Judo and this President make whole lot of difference between two leaders
lentulusgracchus is back to Seduction of the Innocent:
FR has been running threads for years about the premeditated penetration of the comic-book realm (coveting its evocative power over tweener and teeny minds) and insertion of queer propaganda in Stan Lee's house. Several queer actors have been appearing in comics for half-a-dozen years now.

This is more fruit of Hunter Madsen and Marshall Kirk's After the Ball / "Guide to Overhauling Straight America" strategy, aping that of the Nazi supermen Goebbels and Hitler, of jamming some cultural messages while insinuating their own fetor into a pop-cultural medium.
That's one of the reasons I do this blog. It really helps you to understand some of the crazy crap in America's past. It's still here.

driftless2's poor parents were Democrats.
I used to go over with my parents all the ways Dems have gone socialist for the last forty-fifty years and against most of values they held dear.

Nope, nope, Republicans are for the rich, and Dems are for the common man. Dems care about people. I just couldn't make them see what they were voting for the last forty years. They never got over The Great Depression and FDR "saving" the country.
Birdsbane finds new aged folderol quite sinister and dramatic:
Satan Rising! This is not good news and absolutely nothing to joke around about. These gods are nothing less than a later version of the likes of Dagon, Ishtar, and Ba’al. Fallen angels and demons one and all.
knarf is after revenge for...taxes, I guess?
I'm guilty of sitting at a keyboard and not taking revenge
ansel12 - "Rand Paul will become a national prophet" hahaha!
Rand Paul will become a national prophet when Ebola wipes out our military because of the troop ships returning from Africa.

He is such a wise man, and knowledgeable about the military.
ProtectOurFreedom has some ideas for GOP outreach:
Repubs should now introduce an immigration bill with the acronym BARBARIANS, ILLEGALS, INVADERS, CRIMINALS, TACOEATERS, or DEPORTTHEWHOLEENCHILADA.
livius champions not only the Crusades but also the Inquisition:
The Crusades were a defensive move against militant Islam, which had overtaken the Christian and Jewish holy places and killed and held captive thousands of Middle Eastern and European Christians.

The Spanish Inquisition was initially a response to the unorthodox teaching and practice found in Spain after hundreds of years under Islamic domination, when many parts of Spain no longer had bishops or any regular religious instruction for the few surviving Christians. It focused primarily on the clergy, and its requirements for testimony were considered quite fair and modern for the time.
pallis has some epistemological issues here:
Islam is far more evil than Satanism, Allah more evil than Satan.


  1. I read SevenofNine's post with a Russian accent. It seemed only natural.

  2. Hey, GoldStateGOP, one word for you regarding "liberals hate vaccines and conservative love them".....Gardasil

    1. AMJ, that was an excellent post. Thanks.

  3. Freepers crack me up..this morning the American woman hostage killed by isis was a libtard, compared to Rachel Corrie and freepers said she got what the "stupid Liberal" deserved...said the worst vile things about her

    Now that it comes out she was praising God, accepted God etc in her letters they are her #1 buddy in the latest thread and praying for her.

    Amazing what 5 hours can do