Thursday, February 26, 2015

Why are so many people obsessed with vampires?

I found this on a True Blood thread while poking around looking for links with the tag 'misogyny.' Freeper ilovesarah2012 asks: "Why are so many people obsessed with vampires and the occult? I find them demonic and stay away."

The replies are adorably backwards and closed-minded.

Resettozero thinks sexy Vampires are corrupting our youth.
It saddens me to hear church-going youth speak so openly and admiringly of the Twilight series of movies and other similarly-themed shows. These under-college age people do so even though they have been taught and instructed in the way they can best live life. It's a troubling matter for prayer and action.
sten has clearly never seen a movie.
ive always wondered, since Hollywood has accepted vampires and demons in so many story lines... then why don’t they show more from the other side? where are the members of armies of light?

I know... it’s about promoting the decay of the moral fabric...

I have also considered an anti-liberal channel that would only show quality, wholesome tv 24x7
Vampires, like everything else, remind IMR 4350 of how much he hates Democrats:
Vampire is just another name for democrat.

When you run out of money they can suck out of you they go for your blood.
ArtDodger - liberals love Vampires because they are all sad proto-Nazis.
Why are so many people obsessed with vampires and the occult?

Because the reality they have made for themselves is terrible. Liberals are the unhappiest people I know, and when they get the social transformation they whine for, they are even unhappier. Hence, they escape into the magic world of HBO, where the Sarah Palins are always evil and the socialist wackos saves the world.

These liberal idiots are RIPE for a Nazi leader to unite them long enough to wrest political power away from the Constitution. Of course, once they are no longer needed, their beloved HBO will be replaced by a labor camp to occupy their remaining time on earth, until they are of no use at all.
The cool thing is that the above logic applies to all escapism.

Cletus.D.Yokel's comment is my favorite though. It seems Vampires are a distraction from domestic evils, which are in turn a distraction from Obama, who is an distraction from Satan....I think.
I find them fabrications of the Beelzabub-human imagination and the true human condition (AKA: sin).

With influence from the Father of Lies, the human heart looks to justify its abject sin by triangulating to/at a separate “race” of REALLY, REALLY, REALLY evil people in an effort to deflect from:

the REALLY, REALLY evil that deflects to

The REALLY evil that shows hope and change to

the ordinary, garden-variety evil people.

Everyone else (meaning, Obama voters) cannot be compared to the simple “errors” of everyday folks (blood-letting). Those gangers in Chicago that killed the 11-YO girl on a sleep-over...just a simple mistake.

Looking back at all she could have suffered, she could have been killed by a supremely evil VAMPIRE! Uhhh...errr..ummm...VAMPIRE! VAMPIRE!


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  1. Dana Carvey's "The Church Lady" comes immediately to mind when reading this thread. Or really, any Freeper religious thread.