Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Obama's getting Muslimer

I've been thinking about what is going on with the sudden resurgence in Obama is a Muslim BS.

  1. Israel's contentious relationship with Obama's in the news, which is all the evidence Freep needs!
  2. They finally realize Obama not going to get impeached, so they're having a tantrum.
  3. The election is far away, and there are no better scandals at the moment.
Whatever it is, Obama is trolling like a champion. When he fueled the already growing Muslim muttering by dissing the crusades at the National Prayer Breakfast, I more or less made up my mind that giving the right-wing loonies fodder is a political strategy.

And boy, is it working!

Gritty explains that Christianity is different, because it's true:
Well, maybe Christianity and the Islamic State is all the same to him but to anybody who professes Christianity they are on far opposite poles. In fact, there could be no greater contrast.

Jesus is the Savior Of The World and the Son of God and His people are known as His Church. Satan is the Destroyer of The World and the Father of Lies and his kingdom is composed of all other religions - but nowhere is it more exemplified than in that satanic cult known as Islam.
Eleutheria5 is pretty sure Obama was defending ISIS:
You mean, because of the Inquisition and the Crusades, it’s ok for Muslims to behead infants, because who are Christians to judge? Or is it only fair to let DAESH have a go at some Christians, because 1,000 years ago, some Christians slaughtered some Muslims? Which high horse are Christians on, Mr. Present?
GrandJediMasterYoda has made up his mind:
Hello, can we admit now that the guy is a radical Islamic agent? How many more tons of evidence do people need on top of the already 20 gabillion tons of evidence? Democraps in all their brilliance put the damn enemy in the nations highest office.
GrandJediMasterYoda brings the evidence:
What I like to point out is that on his very first day in office the very first thing he tried to do was close down Gitmo. Above EVERYTHING else his #1 priority the second he stepped into that Oval office was to his radical Islamo bros. When he didn’t get what he wanted, he then immediately issued an executive order demanding Gitmo be closed in a year and also banned waterboarding. HELLO!
At last, Rummyfan reluctantly gives in:
Okay I’m convinced now - he’s a muslim!!!!!
Rummyfan has noticed yet more damming evidence:
He says “Jesus Christ’ and ‘Jesus’ a lot (although never as Our Lord and Savior) but he never mentions mad mo by name. Is that because as a muzzie he’d have to say ‘piss be upon him’ and that would let the cat out of the bag?
kenmcg heard Obama met with Muslims once! Also, SOROS:
Bam got his marching orders the night before when he met at the WH with Muslim ‘leaders’ whom the WH refused to identity. Call it what you want, he is definitely a Muslim, who’s strings are pulled by Soros and is the modern day Manchurian candidate.
P-Marlowe - shout it from the rooftops!
Obama is a Muslim.

Shout it from the rooftops.

I really think at this point that he won’t deny it.

He’ll just give the Hillary response “At this point, what difference does it make?”
Colonel_Flagg also embraces sounding crazy:
It needs to be shouted, screamed if necessary. This is what the left stands for. This is what it agrees with when it fails to condemn. This is what it supports.

Leftists are fond of accusing conservatives of being on the ‘wrong side of history’ even when they fail to learn from it. Well, here’s a case where being on the wrong side of history will get us all killed. And leftists are just straight-up wrong.
xzins invokes logic:
Occam’s Razor: everything makes much more sense if one assumes Obama is Islamic.
Well, except for the dog and the eating Pork and the not fasting on Rammadan and all the droning. Everything else, though!


  1. But, I thought atheists and leftists and Muslims were all on the same side?

    There are several threads on this story, and it's interesting how Freepers blame atheism and liberalism for this guy's motive (even though Freepers equate them daily as being indistinguishable from Muslims), and denounce the murders while barely being able to conceal how glad some of them are that the three victims were killed because they were Muslim.

  2. They can't comprehend that the anti-Muslim hysteria that the right wing has whipped up, can drive anyone stupid enough to believe it into doing something horrible. It's not Liberals driving idiots to harass Muslims.

  3. The guy can't be a Muslim...because he went to Jeremiah Wright's angry, black, anti-American Christian church.

    Or at least that's what they told me in 2008.