Monday, February 9, 2015

Monday Potpourri

As Freep threads get more and more thin, it seems like Monday gets fatter and fatter. But I had a super busy weekend, so part 2 will be on Tuesday, as I catch up on all the other crazy weekend news.

I wonder if vetvetdoug also has plans to boycott electricity and water:
The day the Internet becomes a public utility regulated by the rectal openings in D.C. is the day I quit using it.
wheat_grinder's theology is awesome:
Except from a Christian point-of-view (and I don’t expect to convince anybody) UFO’s do exist, but are Satanic Demons in disguise.

Note how they torture and abuse their “abductees”. And like garlic on a vampire they run away at the mention of the Name Above All Names—Jesus Christ.

You are 100% correct.
MeneMeneTekelUpharsin is sounding crazy, even for a Freeper:
It is time. EVERYONE who voted for this guy needs to pay in some form or fashion. The people who have voted for this evil party must be made to pay. The evil they have brought upon us is unspeakable. We now have the antichrist before our very eyes.
GladesGuru explains why all Muslims in America must be executed:
Islam is antithetical to the Constitution.

Islam is irreconcilable with the Constitution.

Therefore, by definition, being Muslim is an act of treason.

Conclusion: As the traditional “Drawing & Quartering” is impractical and expensive, kill them as cheaply as possible. Retail numbers of Muslims shot, wholesale numbers would require explosives or incendiaries.
Doogle blames Obama:
bert is sure the Netanyahu speech will wreck Obama:
what matters is the speech and the devastation rendered to the White House

the subsequent bad press is the real story
Any guesses who VRWC For Truth is talking about?
Comme pink FAG.
This time it's Obama, but it could really be any male Democrat.

ClearCase_guy proves that Christianity was anti-slavery:
Recall also the entire Negro Spiritual aspect, and the birth of Gospel music. Southern blacks seemed to have a pretty positive view of Christianity, going way back.

I believe that if Christianity were preached as a justification of slavery, they might not have had a positive view of it. But they did. So that tells me the preachers were on the right side, no matter what lies Obama wants to tell.
Responsibility2nd finds all authority to be bullying:
A bullying law for our schools? Great idea!

I’m all for anything that would stop teachers, administrators, school boards and other educrats from bullying our children with Common Core, crappy MObama lunches, zero tolerance policies, teaching and promoting queer sex, and a whole host of other liberal tactics that only serve to dumb down our children.

Yeah there are bullies in our schools. Adult bullies.
Ban Draoi Marbh Draoi psychoanalyzes homosexuals:
It is a known fact that homosexuals hate women; any psychiatrist worthy of the name would say as much.

If I’am not mistaken, it was Freud who made the connection between hatred of women and homosexuality.
DesertRhino urges preservation of the submissive treasure that is Russian females.
Yes, lets drop a nuke on one of the last free range populations of non-feminism tainted beautiful women on earth. This dovetails in nicely with my theory that the Germans in WWII were basically an explosion of gayness.
Not even TheOldLady's gay brother is enough to get her to feel empathy.
My late brother was a homosexual, and adopting children was the
very last thing on his and his partner’s minds.

Deeply closeted, they were both very attractive, but they were also
uninterested in the “have sex with anyone” crowd.


  1. Desert rhino And his ilk, also will be the first to tell everyone to marry a Filipino or Russian mail order bride, as you get them before they've been tainted with that pesky free will.

  2. Wow, the speed at which FR is going away-becoming irrelevant.

    Articles posted last night are still on the main page are still 3/4 way down on the first page

    I remember back in 2003-2005 if an article was posted several hours later it was 2-3 page views back and most threads now have 20-25 post tops..o or less unless it deals with gay sex and then it's 100+

    Does anyone really believe rimmy has collected $44k so far?

  3. No, I don't think he/they are collecting what they claim.
    One tip off is that JR isn't giving the insta-boot to those who want to see the WOD end. He was summoned to a thread a about Bill Bennett's opinion on legalized marijuana a few days ago by one of his toadies wanting to score points with "the Boss".
    The gall of the original poster, to say that pot should be legal. JR never even showed up.
    He's also allowing those who don't worship at the throne of Palin to stay for the time being.

  4. I like how Ozy mentions Monday Potpourri growing bigger and bigger at the same time FR participation falls lower and lower.

    it almost seems every post is psychotic these days.

    Regarding "TheOldLady" having a gay brother ...
    its amazing how many freepers have gay close family members, more than one would think from the average population.
    At least TheOldLady didn't denigrate her gay brother and drag him through the mud like DJMacWoW and trisham did with theirs.

    1. Nope, Theoldlady has dragged her poor brother through the mud numerous time..she was kind this time.

      Hubby Bryan must have fucked her good last night and she was charitable.

  5. Notice how many threads have been started by rimjob the last several weeks? I don't mean his usual grifter threads either. The place is dying and he has to post threads because no one is is posting threads anymore other than the usual Morgana abortion/porn threads.

    1. Rimmy always posts alot of threads during the 'thons, especially when the grift slows down ...
      thon time is really the only time he spends at FR anymore, beside the occasional "FUJB" or "FUwhoever" comments.

      He is trying to make the rubes think he's actually doing something for the free cash he expects them to send.

  6. The gifting is getting tough, Jimmy has to burn the tyres off of his chair trying to rally the wrinkle bags lately.

  7. Looks like TheOldLady has been banned or suspended. Wonder why?

    1. It's a fake page..she is not banned.

    2. Yep, you can tell it's fake because it still has the links that take you to her in forum posts and the date she signed up. You don't see that at all on Freepers who really did get the zot.

  8. re_nortex:

    "The Tenth Amendment protects state's rights from encroachment by hussein’s corrupt anti-American dictates. And, of course, secession is always an option. The northwest and west coast would flounder without the producers -- the real Americans -- who reside in states like Alabama. I can imagine the restoration of a Bible-based federation of the Conservative states. The economic and military might would be impressive."

    1. And again, re_nortex makes me go "Hmmmmmmm ..."

    2. "The producers in Alabama"? Hahahahahaha

    3. As much as they brag, the truth is that states that seceded would likely turn into third world countries pretty quickly.

  9. Jimbob in the trailer with a Confederate flag for a curtain is a producer over Silicon Valley??