Wednesday, February 4, 2015

This Walker guy

A bunch of the right wing media, lead by Rush Limbaugh, have been talking up Scott Walker lately. It's ridiculously early, of course, but that's never stopped the media before.

Walker is enough of a blank slate that Freepers can read him however they want. Naturally, they tend to extremes. Thus, according to each's disposition, he is either savior or Trojan Horse:

KC_Conspirator is a fan:
I have agreed with Rush on this. Walker has the blueprint and the fight in him. Wish he had the deep pockets of his competitors.
anton is still itching for infighting with fellow Freepers:
I can’t wait to vote for Hillary if Bush is nominated. Only the destruction of the GOP as we see it to be will bring change.
Captainpaintball is also concentrating on someone who he's sure he can righteously hate:

What if we just put "FUJB" at the end of ALL our comments on EVERY website we frequent? Would it, could it, possibly shape the nation's opinions?

imardmd1 likes the name:
Hmmmm. “President Walker”. Kind of nice-sounding to me. Kind of guy who does what he says, eh?
don-o is off on a flight of fancy:
I could see Jack Bauer serving President Walker.
newfreep, though, stays pure:
Walker and his ilk support “immigration Reform”.

That’s AMNESTY for you Rush fans in Rio Linda...and no different than comrade obamatollah’s amnesty plan.

Walker also supports homo marriage...just like Rush.
txhurl is done with Rush!
After 15 years of Rush, either ears-on or reading the transcript, I’m done. He just set Walker as pres. Knowing full well that the full-court press was on between Koch and the GOP-e.

He just put ALL the nails in Ted Cruz’ tires.

Neoliberalnot is preemptively calling media bias on every bit of bad news Walker gets:
Walker will be excoriated by the old media long before this is over. In fact, any candidate right of the left will be excoriated by the old media and homowood. The old media and homowood elected the Marxist Muslim and they continue to hold the power to elect who and what they want.
T Ruth has no will, but for observing liberals:
If you look at the articles and posts on leftist web sites, it is plain that Walker is the candidate that the left fears the most.
Hmmmm...I'd say Walker still needs some sort of scandal so Freepers can rush to his defense.

Then he'll be complete.


  1. "Walker also supports homo marriage...just like Rush."
    Yeah, uh, no.

    If he truly supported it, he wouldn't have tried to stop it.

    1. Walker said he supported the judicial process, which in the case of Wisconsin allowed same-sex marriage ... and, through the judicial process, is attempting to have it overturned.

      But, according to freepers, supporting the judicial process, rulings by federal judges and federal courts, means you loving the "homos".

      They think the proper way to fight same-sex marriage is to stomp your feet, and make empty threats to punish county clerks.

  2. But, that said, Walker might have a chance ...
    since the freeper favorite front runner, Ted Cruz, has already been given the "kiss of death" by garnering the jimcompoop's public support.

    JimRob's batting average is 0.00 in picking republican nominees. Some influence, eh.

  3. Walker seems decent enough. From watching him, he's pretty committed to his state - how well would that transfer from the governorship to the presidency?

    1. He seems decent, but as time has gone on he's done more talking than doing. As a county exec he did a lot and spoke of what he did. Now, he's facing budget problems and hasn't even gotten close to his initial job claims. He has kept taxes low, but know facing the budget problems - is looking to raise and/or create new taxes. That said, the new stadium proposal for the Bucks has been something that has met unilateral support in the area.

      Now, Ted Cruz has, uh..well..I can see why Walker really has a chance here.

    2. Nominate the leader of a County Council as Prime Minister? (since you're in the UK). I'm sure that would end well. Last time it ended up with world renowned foreign policy guru Sarah Palin.

      He has no national level experience, no achievements (other than dropping out of college to be a career hack politician) and doesn't even have Raygun's advantages of name recognition and leading a state with a GDP greater than Canada. With that alternative on the table even typical Republicans will go for the candidate with Cabinet and Senatorial experience. The only thing worse would be trying to exhume the corpse that is Santorum's political career.

    3. Thank you both, you've given me something to think on. It's good to see how he's viewed. I'll admit to a bias in favor of Governors over Senators as presidential candidates because they do have a track record that can be pointed at and is pretty much beyond dispute. The last two good presidents (Reagan and Clinton) were masters of the art of the deal and I do think their being Governor honed that.

      He looked interesting because of his comfortably surviving a recall election then getting re-elected in a purple state.

      And Santorum? Hell, I'll boost the Democrat if he ever got the nod. Guy is one of those "legislate morality" creeps.

  4. Walker is a typical red meat conservative. Anti worker (wage laws, union rights and workplace safety all suffer under his governorship) .

    Drug testing welfare recipients? Proven a failure in other states.

    Cutting funding to colleges and freezing the tuition so they can't make up the shortfall that way.

    He's a nasty piece of work. Wonder if he'll finish college before the primaries?

    1. People like Walker are the reason I am no longer a conservative, and my first presidential vote was for Ronald Reagan in 1980. Being for economy in government does not mean punishing civil servants. Being pro-business does not mean being anti-worker. I always believed that the rising tide of prosperity would lift all boats. It turned out that it lifted a few and swamped the rest. Modern conservatism is no longer conservatism but radical Social Darwinism.

    2. Were I an extremist, I would want someone like Walker. He's proven to be willing to push both the policy and political envelope, but also to pull back when he miscalculates. An extremists for whom the ends justify the means, but clever about the means.

      As a moderate, I'm not a fan.

      Though at the moment, I'm less worried about the GOP candidates than Hillary screwing it up somehow.

  5. Forget Walker! Freepers sprouting a collective erection for King Abdullah of Jordan.

    They must forget that he's one of those Muslims they love to hate.

    1. HiTechRedNeck: Wow. They may be Muslims and/or pagans, but they know Loyalty.
      That line is really blurry, isn't it?
      THIS is why a nation's leader should have also served in it's Military.
      Remind me again which branch of the service Cruz, Walker, and Palin served in.

    2. The 101st Reagan Regiment

      They're known for their bravery on the beaches of Texas and Louisiana, fighting for the rights if downtrodden oil companies.

    3. It took 81 posts of the King Abdullah thread for some twit to pipe up with "But he's Muslim"

      Hopefully this counts for them as a Muslim speaking out against terrorists. In addition to the millions of Muslims that already speak out against it.

  6. You can't truly be against homosexuality unless you watch Gay Porn.
    Fox News stands by decision to post heinous ISIS burning video online

    ‎2‎/‎5‎/‎2015‎ ‎10‎:‎30‎:‎00‎ ‎AM · 60 of 60
    tuffydoodle to EDINVA

    9/11, beheadings, burnings, aborted fetuses, homosexual acts...the list goes on. If you don’t see it or know exactly what’s going on, you don’t oppose it or don’t realize exactly how repulsive it is. That’s why the liberal media censors it.

    1. Yes, that thread is in the queue for next week.

      Some amazing psychology there.