Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Chris Kyle Trutherism

The combination of the American Sniper movie affirming all that Freepers believe (I hear it does not, but that doesn't stop them), and the trial of his killer has Freepers off on another of their hyperbolic delusion jags that keeps us amused.

LeoWindhorse wants to honor this freedom fighter by getting rid of due process:
I mean , hello ? aren’t even our greatest of heroes worth anything ? Due process and pamper the murderous crazy assholes ? I’m sorry , if it was up to me I’d string this bastard up . I would be happy to switch the horse personally
Lots of Freepers want to kill the mentally ill, but SpinnerWebb wants to charge victims' families if they don't want the death penalty!
what should it matter if a person is incapable of understanding if what did in killing another is wrong ?
The one they killed doesn’t get the choice of understanding anything anymore . It should be up to the relatives of the victim to decide what his fate should be . If they choose mercy , then it’s mercy , if they choose hanging , then it’s hanging . Works for me

And they can choose mercy as long as they refund the state for the burden.
Neoliberalnot senses conspiracy:
I don’t know all the details, but I have been highly suspicious of this maggot—is he a hired hit man and who hired him? Any guesses?
Flintlock's eagle eye spots a beard!!
A Muslim convert.
Doin’ his own private Jihad.
(Check out his picture if you don’t agree!)
Pilgrim's Progress adds another to Obama's long string of imaginary pardons.
Stringing up has its advantages . . . if he goes on death row he will be pardoned by our Islam-lovin’ president.


  1. "I don’t know all the details, but I have been highly suspicious of this maggot—is he a hired hit man and who hired him? Any guesses?"

    I supposed the pithy answer to that question would have to be the USMC.

  2. I wonder if Chris Kyle had the same last thoughts go through his head as those he shot while hiding hundreds of meters away whole hidden. At least he saw it coming, whether that's good or bad I leave up to someone else to answer.

  3. Freepers upset a muslim man wants to pray in LA fitness locker room but a few months back a Mall in Atlanta was not allowing some Christian women to pray in the mall and they were outraged..boycott, sue etc

    What hypocrites


    1. econjack always has a sandwich at the ready?

      "If I ever see this, I'm pulling out a bacon and pulled pork sandwich, sitting right in front of his nose at the end of his prayer rug, and chomp away. "


    2. Something tells me that econjack (and many other freepers) probably actually always do have a bacon and pulled pork sandwich at the ready at all times, even in gym locker rooms.

  4. I wish that I had been keeping a list for the last six years of everyone that freepers predict Obama is going to pardon. Pointing out that he can only pardon federal offenses makes no difference. On Planet Freeper, all black criminals are going to walk out of prison right before election day to form the army that will allow Obama to declare himself caliph and begin scouring the trailer parks to send freepers to FEMA reeducation camps/

    1. Do Freepers talk like successful, prosperous people? There are exceptions, of course, but in general the answer to that question is no. How do Freepers sound? They sound desperate. People who drive new cars and take nice vacations don't sound that way. Think of the fat and happy, rich as shit dulcet tones emanating from the golden EIB microphone. Rush has it made in the shade and he sounds that way. All Freepers have in the shade is a 1972 Plymouth Duster that hasn't run in 10 years.

      RimJob should have no trouble at all raising 85 grand a quarter but his base is now made up of pensioners and folks on supplemental social security or something. If you are a long time reader of FR answer this, do you see a lot of people there talking like they are gainfully employed? Nope.

      All of that is why Freepers need someone to look down on - black folks, immigrants, whatever. Freepers were not winners in life, the American Dream did not turn out well for them. They are bitter and resentful and they need to hate somebody, anybody.

      Back in the old days they bought themselves a Snapple down at the store because Rush told them to and they did it with a smile on their faces because they just knew that by doing so they were sticking it to the "liberals". Bad luck and bad choices reduced them to powerlessness. That's why they sound the way they do.

    2. I suspect there are also a handful of actual millionaires and celebs on there -- hidden behind screen names, of course -- to keep egging them on and driving traffic to their websites / programs / other projects. The way the "successful" ones talk is too similar to the language on RWNJ websites and talk shows, in some cases.