Monday, February 2, 2015

Monday Potpourri

TexasFreeper2009 has a unique take on why we don't nuke anyone anymore:
I personally blame comic books for our inability to actually fight a war in the way needed to actually win it.

You see it was comic books that put forward the notion that the good guys always play by the rules while the bad ones dont obviously have too.. and since we always see ourselves as the good guys... well that means we must fight every war with both hands tied behind our back while we let those we are fighting against break them all without fear we will retaliate for that in any way.
Opinionated Blowhard's contempt for Professors:
When teaching looks easy, its because its easy. An no professor I ever had worked even 40 hours a week, unless you count perv-ing on the young female students under the guise of mentoring them "working."
Conversely. Carry_Okie goes full academic wankery:
Taking the historic long view, this looks to me like a conflation of Hegelian, Masonic, Jesuit, and Islamic eschatological fantasies: Out of the mortal struggle between Sunnia and Shia arises the Twelfth Imam to conquer the world and bring on the Apocalypse.

Or something like that. ;-)
Da Coyote manages to project and self-refute in the same short post:
One usually becomes a leftist when one realizes that even the most simple things are virtually not understandable.

They therefore work to make their imaginary (and obviously very very simple) world real.

Why do we not treat them as they deserve?

Guillotines would do the job nicely.
arthurus just hates Obama:
A Moslem homosexual with a tranny “wife.”
Joe Boucher has also retreated to schoolyard taunts:
could you imagine waking up to this shelf ass thing every day?

His being a homo probably helps him not notice.

I’d bet my farm he is a closet fag.
ZULU on Obama's "Islamic schuckin and jive"
Thumbs up for the Indians!!!! Guess they didn’t fall for the Islamic schuckin and jive show!
I expect to see more attempts to integrate Obama's evil blackness with his evil Islamicness as Freepers' frustration at Obama's recent popularity continues to drive them mad.

Ann Archy vs. the Pope:
OMG!!!! Sickening and SCARY that an atheist Jew LOVES the Pope!!! That means all Catholics are in TROUBLE with his actions! A JESUIT!!! YUK!!
Arthur McGowan gets seriously symbolic about the birth control Pill:
The Pill is a parody of the Eucharist, without the black mass.

Women swallow the Pill, and it’s a form of “communion” with Satan. And it converts “the marriage act,” which in itself is holy, into sodomy.
Pearls Before Swine tries to figure out the inevitable conspiracy behind Harry Reid's injury:
if Dingy Harry had a exercise equipment failure, you would all ready have heard about the multi million dollar settlement. He got a visit from Las Vegas Goons or the husband of his boyfriend.

I agree. It also occurs to me that Reid is a very powerfully connected guy. Who could beat him up, and have him stay silent?
E. Pluribus Unum calls out a dog-whistle:
“Black lives matter” is dog-whistle for “kill white people.”
UCANSEE2 liked Dave Chapelle, which means a conspiracy:
Chappelle had more to do with removing racial tensions than any politician.

Which explains why they had to get him off the ‘air’.
Poor CatherineofAragon tries so hard to come off as hateful, but comes off as pathetic.
The other day I had the pleasure of advising a leftwing broad on a forum I visit to go outside, remove her Co-Exist bumpersticker, and shove it up her anal cavity.

I know it wasn’t ladylike of me, but the resultant shrieking and caterwauling more than made up for my shortcoming.
a fool in paradise expects everyone was as surprised as he was that Obama was reelected.
Michelle is already tired of the gig. She was ready to go home in 2013 and claim that Obama was tossed out because of “racism”.

She was surprised as anyone at being in the White House four more years.
Rome2000 predicts Obama gets assassinated last Wednesday. Ah well!
Might not have to worry about Hussein anymore after tomorrow.

Going to Saudi Arabia for the Kings funeral is probably not going to turn out very well.
Rome2000 is not subtle:
We’ve been pretty much screwed since 1865
2ndDivisionVet is also proudly on the wrong side of history:
People like that being fire-hosed and attacked by German Shepherds? You could sell tickets to that.
caww's in depth analysis of Michelle Obama's secret plastic surgery:
This is the "Before" the face work and hair..

Upper and lower Eye lift, check implants jaw chisled ,chin altered ..nose job...etc etc.
reagandemocrat's fictional world:
Obama has negotiated a secret agreement with Iran regarding funding of nuclear weapons.

ie., Treason.
kosciusko51 won't let actual poll numbers get in the way of using a big word:
BO seems to have a perfect logarithmic decline.

It does seem that way. For the math inclined, his declining numbers are like his speeches: monotonic.
Louis Foxwell on the coming Sarah Palin Revolution:
You believe Obama is not radioactive? Absolute contempt for this man is vastly greater than any mealy mouthed whining about Sarah.

Sarah is thermonuclear. Her candidacy will bring throngs into the streets and a cry for patriotism not seen since WWII. She is unstoppable, crazy nincompoops notwithstanding.
riri also thinks we're ripe for some sorta populist uprising:
At some point in time, someone, somewhere is going to get on a stage in a park or a town square and say the things millions of us long to hear.

When that someone comes along, Katie bar the door.
blueunicorn6 analyzes why people voted for Obama:
The Democrats won the last two Presidential elections by running a candidate that people felt sorry for. Nobody feels sorry for Hillary.
Wilhelm Tell on the consequences of Bill Clinton being a pedo:
I am sure that there will be a smear campaign against the girl and “feminists” will declare that it was the underage girl’s duty to service Clinton. You will know the story is getting traction if a lot of “news” stories suddeny appear that argue that the sexual exploitation of children is really a good thing. There is nothing they won’t stoop to to protect their precious Bubba and the Hildabeast.
Joe Boucher is preparing to be disappointed by Benghazi:
Rumor has it that Benghazi Committee Chair Trey Gowdy has been gotten to by obammy inc. and warned to steer clear of facts here lest something will happen to him he’ll regret.
central_va explains why pot makes you bad at golf.
Funny story. I hooked up with this guy on a golf course and we played together. Never met him before just a two-sum.

Anyway we finish the front nine the guys not bad he shoots like a 44 or something. So we are on the 10th tee and he asks me if I was a cop and I said no. He immediate whips out a joint and finishes it by the time we get to the 10th green. I could see his game deteriorating slowly by the time we got the 15th hole he said don’t bother keeping his score. He shot like a 60 something on the back nine. So that is kind of like a microcosm of life. He is doing good then he doesn’t give shit. Pot.
Booze though, makes you awesome at golf, based on how popular it is.

ClearCase_guy - everything you know is wrong:
Although I don't think we live inside a vast computer (i.e. I don't think we're living in The Matrix) but I do think that about 90% of what we think is true just isn't true.

Elections? They don't matter.
Professional sports? More like pro wrestling then we want to admit.
Capitalism? Oh ... you mean Socialism.
The News Business? They used to call it "advertising".
The Entertainment Business? They used to call it "propaganda".
History? Some of it's true ( I do believe Hitler killed 6 million Jews) but a fair amount of history is just story-telling.

The Internet? It's a tool of control by tyrants who manipulate the world.
Bob434 on the liberal rage against Jews:
the left decry racism then turn right around and commit racism against the Jews- They speak out of both sides of their mouths at the same time- One side denouncing racism (and accusing the right of being racist) and the other side Barring Jews from speaking at their facilities, threatening Netanyahu, Calling him chicken$%$%%- demanding that they give up their land to those who don’t own it, on and on it goes-

I will never understand why the world hates the Jews so much? What is their crime? When the word Jew is mentioned, you can visibly see people’s whole countenances change to one of seething hatred- No nation on earth has had to endure the violent hatred that Israel has, nor has any of their people been slaughtered by the millions just because they were of a particular race.

All these people crying ‘racism this, racism that’ then turning around and becoming visibly angry, seething with rage whenever the Word Jew is mentioned, are themselves the biggest damn racists ever! I just don’t get the anger- Why? Jealousy?
tumblindice sounds like he was a horrible classmate to have:
Everyone knew a Dick Cavett.

The teacher made him class room monitor when she had to step out for a minute.
And he would “tattle”.
A lot of the girls liked him, while a few of the boys took his milk money; but even his girlfriends laughed at him. His best friend’s name was David Frost and Dick and David giggled together at lunch.
He was in the AV and chess clubs.
He wore an ascot.
His penny loafers were always highly shined.
He wrote poetry.
He made good grades.
Everyone else walked or ran.
Richard sashayed, skipped and swished.
In gym class he was regularly “pantsed”....

Remember him now?
ansel12 is a sexist scold:
Men shouldn’t cuss either, but a woman never should


  1. CentralVa= Funny story. I hooked up with this guy on a golf course and we played together. Never met him before just a two-sum.


    Sounds like a gay encounter at the local rest stop

  2. I don't know when the header quote changed but I like it

    1. Freepers think only leftists change meanings of words, to make them feel bad about themselves.
      A lesson in Newspeak

  3. Oh, the vaccine arguments are SO entertaining. If Obama is for it, they are against it even if it saves their kids. Sacrificing your kids health for you antObama hatred. Good call, freepers. Those poor kids.h ttp://;page=1

    1. Sagar says:
      If there are no public “schools”, this whole issue will be a moot point as diseased children will remain home and not infect the rest. And then the private schools(the only remaining schools) can mandate, as businesses, whether or not they require vaccinations as part of the enrollment requirement. Those who do not want to vaccinate their kids can go to private schools that don’t require. Those who do, go where they require. Very simple.

      So...these "private" kids of theirs -- do they ever plan to leave the house later in life?

    2. Oh yeah, today was great.

      Romney tomorrow morning, vaccines tomorrow afternoon!

  4. There's only one piece of plastic surgery Moocho needs, the removal of the bone through her nose. Ooga booga!

    1. Oh, look, one of them is out in the wild. No wrinkle bags to protect it either. Can we play with it?

    2. Keep your palms flat, wash your hands afterwards and no you can't take it home with you

  5. It must have Self-Zotted already. Hit and Run freeper trolls are no fun. Nor are they very intelligent.

  6. "At some point in time, someone, somewhere is going to ..."

    riri's really going out on a limb there.

  7. "I personally blame comic books for our inability to actually fight a war in the way needed to actually win it."

    i'm guessing texasfreeper2009 hasn't read a comic in the last 30 years or watched any movies based on them (ie, "man of steel", "the avengers" or any of the x-men titles etc). the gloves have been off for a while ...