Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Barack Obama is super Muslim, you guys!

Any traction it had with the public has all gone. Even the loathing it once stoked is now kindled by other things. But the Obama=secret Muslim theory is still a tonic for the troops, a reminder that America is a club and they all know Obama's not invited.

rarestia has confused sanity with lack of integrity:
How many more transgressions are required for the “Internet society” to wake the Hell up and do something about this imposter? Oh wait, nothing will happen, that’s right, because our “representatives” only care about their own interests and don’t want to actually do their Constitutionally-appointed jobs.

At this point, our only hope is for a military coup, and I’m nearly 100% certain that won’t happen.
GrandJediMasterYoda is sure everyone knows.
He’s a radical Muslim no different from any other the only difference being he is working in stealth which really isn’t stealth anymore as his cover has been blown. The bottom line is Democraps in all their brilliance put the freakin’ enemy into the nations highest office.
HotHunt declares Obama "Muslim by Default."
If Obama is not a Muslim by his own admission, then he is a de facto Muslim, a Muslim by default.

Because he is like no Christian I have ever met.
Ann Archy is, as usual, really excited:
THIS is FABULOUS!!! I heard Mike Gallagher read this yesterday!!! VERY POWERFUL and needs to be on EVERY THREAD and sent to EVERY DEMOCRAT we know!!
OKSooner veeery carefully points out that some of the original post is bullshit.
Hey, uh, don't get me wrong, I'm on your side here, but the Tampa Bay Times article you reference at your link, uh, kinda seems to discredit your position.

All it does is reference a chain letter going around making the assertion about Muslims being exempted and actually uses the punch line "pants on fire"...

Honestly I'm inclined to believe this but your source isn't helping you.
Pearls Before Swine is undeterred by any debunking:
Drip, drip, drip. The conclusion is inescapable. Thanks for this terrific compilation.
Tula Git just likes to sound dramatic:
Ther White House is one huge “sleeper cell”.
I want the USA back is sure Obama's blackness is how only Freepers noticed he's Muslim.
A colossal hoax has been perpetrated on this country, and the people fell for it - twice.

The left and the media made sure we focused on the words “first black president” and deliberately avoided asking embarassing questions.

We have been defrauded.
arthurus points out that Obama said the magic words: And one more- the definitive one:
Obama recited Shaheed in Cairo in Arabic. That is the declaratory statement that one is a Moslem. The arabs and berbers and Egyptians and Persians who heard him understood that and all know that he is a Moslem and would strive to make the USA a Moslem country.
azishot must have a crazy wallet.
Good post. I’m printing this to carry in my wallet.


  1. Hilarious, as usual.
    I wonder what the "Obama is a Moooslim!" industry that has sprung up in the last six years is going to do once he's out of office.

    And, as for the scam-a-thon ... looks like the jimcompoop is beginning to fake it to a close at the end of two months ...
    To: onyx; JustAmy; trisham; DJ MacWoW; RedMDer; musicman; Lady Jag; TheOldLady; STARWISE; Alamo-Girl; ..
    Thank you very much, dearest onyx!!

    And here’s another batch of checks received:
    $2,500.00 from Israel

    Thank you very much, mail-in donors!!

    Woo hoo!! And we’re now over 86%!! Less than $12k to go!!

    FReepers are the absolute greatest!!

    God bless.

    165 posted on 2/24/2015, 3:23:00 PM by Jim Robinson (Resistance to tyrants is obedience to God!!)

    Yeah right ... total bullshit he's getting multithousand dollar donations from Israel. Ha ha ha ha ha

  2. hahhaha....let the freepers start theorizing that it's coming from Netanyahu himself!!

  3. It was you who were the first President not to give a Christmas Greeting from the WH, and went so far as to hang photos of Chairman Mao on the WH tree.


  4. Considering that Netanyahu is in trouble in the polls, Mossad is discrediting his Iran theories and Israel has voted to allow abortion, etc, Freepers would be a fringe minority there, too.