Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Dream executive orders of a Republican President

FreeperFan finds the good stuff, and this is no exception.

Everyone's political fantasies are going to be a bit eccentric - no one likes the status quo, and what's the point of a fantasy if it's going to be generic? But the fantasies of Freepers are less utopian than spiteful and anti-Obama. And hilariously naiive about a world without regulations.

central_va starts us off by enriching himself:
First EO - Veterans with Honorable Discharges are no longer required to pay any federal taxes for the rest of theirs lives. Same with active duty.
Lazamataz covers a lot of the things other Freepers do:
Executive Order #1: All Executive Orders by Obama are overturned. All of them.

Executive Order #2: All gun laws are declared illegal. Anyone who asks, may purchase any military firearm that is being retired, at our original cost. Handgun vending machines are now legal in airports and schools.

Executive Order #3: All income-based taxes are now illegal. All tax debt is forgiven. Sales taxes (the Flat Tax) are the only way to collect taxes from now on. The IRS is reduced to 1/10 its size and tasked with collecting the Flat sales tax. No information on who or what purchase a sales tax is coming from, is permitted. The sales tax will be collected at the point of sale.

Executive Order #4: The NSA, CIA, FBI, and any other agency, state or federal, are all ordered to stop spying on US citizens. Any agency member that spys on a US citizen without an explicit warrant is jailed and sentenced to be hanged.

Executive Order #5: No federal agency is permitted to have a SWAT team. Those teams are to exist only at the State level and if the feds need one, they can ask the state in question very politely. No more than 1 state SWAT team can exists per 2,000,000 population in the state.

Executive Order #6: NO laws may be interpreted or created or modified by Fed bureaucracy. All former interpretations, creations, or modifications are rescinded. Only Congress may interpret, create, or modify law.

Executive Order #7: All pardons issued by Obama are null and void.
I wouldn't mind #4. Or #5, except that I read Free Republic.

dandiegirl is one of many to go down this rout:
Abolish the EPA and department of education. Abolish the IRS and just have a flat tax.
EPA appears on every single one of the many lists of agencies to abolish.

MeshugeMikey is one of many Freepers preemptively angry about Obama's pardons:
Invalidation of all obamas executive orders...and Pardons
erm, I don't think you can invalidate a pardon...

ProtectOurFreedom wants an imperialist Fortress America.
Restoration of the rule of law is paramount. We must use legislation to totally demolish the Administrative State — wipe out Dept of Energy, EPA, Dept of Education, Dept of Commerce and IRS, and cut Health and Human Services (HHS) by 75%.

Then fire all lifers at State — wipe ‘em out and start with a new conservative diplomatic corps. Start aggressively building advanced weapons systems in large quantities to rebuild the hollowed-out military.

Finally, get serious about illegal immigration. Use DOJ to enforce laws against legals and deport them all. Let them go home and figure out how to enter the US legally following established rules. And build a serious fence the entire length of the Mexican border to keep that problem from ever happening again.
arthurus wants policy by seance:
Eliminate every agency and department that Alexander Hamilton would find Unconstitutional and fire all the employes with no further Federal compensation at all. Repeal the 16th, 17th, and 19th amendments. Nullify unconstitutional court decisions of the last century. Gold money and no fractional banking. We would have a short very sharp Depression, a couple of quarters maybe a year then the prosperity chart would go straight up, an exaggerated hockey stick.
The 19th is women's right to vote.

The Duke wants some very serious gerrymandering:
I would like to see a total, relentless "Spanish Inquisition" on past cases of vote fraud ... Along with tough new requirements for photo voter ID everywhere. I would also like to see some very serious gerrymandering of voting districts.

Also, congressional investigations into improper relationships between media and the Democrat political machine...with some serious revocation of broadcast licenses.

And a RICO investigation of the IRS, with summary firings, inprisonment and loss of retirement benefits as appropriate.
Olog-hai does not believe in gun laws:
Automatic CCW or open carry for all citizens without a criminal background.

That’s already a right. Only takes the citizens to exercise it.
The Antiyuppie thinks too much education is the problem with America:
No more government-backed student loans. Immediately, tuition would probably go down 50%, or the schools are out of business. Garbage like Womyn’s Studies would suddenly become very unattractive (so to speak), and the professors could go find more work more suited to their skillset - uhh...whatever that is. Maybe they could become maids and cooks, with all of the illegal aliens gone, those jobs would probably open up. All good for the economy!
grumpygresh's fantasies are less policy and more violence:
Why wait? The constitution’s dead so let’s have a military coup and repeal all of zero’s EOs, ditch the Fed and IRS, and put 0bama in a two foot by four foot cell. We’ve got plenty of FEMA camps so we can put all the Democrats and MSM in there.


  1. So we're a few days away from the end of February and poor Jimmy still needs over $10,000 to finish the freepathon. And that's even including the incredible mystery $2500 donation from Israel of all places, that Jim offhandedly mentioned "came in the mail" a couple days ago along with a bunch of other donations, bringing the freepathon up like $5000 in one day! Sure is good for Jim that all those cheques just happened to come in the mail all at once like that, just as the unofficial two-month deadline was coming to an end, or else he'd still be stuck at 81% or so. What do you think the odds are that a lot more mystery donations will come in the mail over the next few days?

    1. The odds are very good, of course.
      The witch queen coven members are getting more and more open with their bitchery about the ever lengthening 'thons.
      The jimcompoop usually fakes them to a close late on Sundays so no one really notices, so I expect he'll end this one on March 1st.

      He upped the grift target to 88K this quarter from 85K, but I doubt he gets much more than 65K/quarter lately.

  2. Executive Order #3: All income-based taxes are now illegal. All tax debt is forgiven. Sales taxes (the Flat Tax) are the only way to collect taxes from now on. The IRS is reduced to 1/10 its size and tasked with collecting the Flat sales tax. No information on who or what purchase a sales tax is coming from, is permitted. The sales tax will be collected at the point of sale.

    This one's actually pretty funny, to me. First, it would likely result in and increase in the overall tax burdens of the majority of Freepers, their families and most of the people they know. Second, it would be a huge administrative cost on businesses, particularly the small business that they, Freepers, the GOP and the TPers, proclaim to love. It would require a relatively large overhaul of the point of sale systems for the retail and food industries and would result in a sharp increase in the cost of everything. As much as people like to bitch about federal income taxes, they would certainly not be happy with the increase that would be necessary to maintain any semblance of the country as it currently is.

    1. The most important thing to the tea partiers these days is that the Koch brothers and Comcast pay less in taxes.

      Really, freepers are the living examples of how the entire conservative movement has been co-opted by the oligarchs of America.

    2. Not to mention the Flat Tax is regressive taxation. Wage slaves like Freepers would bear the whole tax burden while people with larger savings would end up paying less than the nominal rate.

      If you want some examples of some countries who have a Flat Tax, you needn't look any further than these bustling nations: Bosnia Herzegovina, Bolivia, Bulgaria, Grenada, Guyana, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Serbia, Turkmenistan, and Ukraine.

      Wonderful countries with stellar growth!

  3. And they accuse President Obama of overreaching with HIS executive orders? They tgink a rethuglican president (Or any President) can sign and EO that repeals a constitutional amendment? This thread is the biggest reason that FR has no relevance to any politician who is running or in office, they are truly the lunatic fringe.

    1. And with as far right as the Republican party has gone, that's really saying something.

  4. but can the freipervolk come up with uniforms nicer than classic wwii axiswear?