Thursday, February 19, 2015

Another Black Violence Post

There's been a lot of these one-off "black kids did something and now Freepers discuss killing all negros" threads lately. This one is my favorite.

Some black teenagers ran through a restaurant and ate a bunch of food of patrons' plates. A particularly right-wing site called "conservativetreehouse" took this, rounded up every other black-on-white crime it could find, and soberly concluded: "Saint Paul Minnesota is a hotbed of racially driven black mob violence, but the media work diligently to keep it hidden. Recently the frequency of the attacks has increased in severity and now even the local media are forced to discuss it."

At this point, race-bating has ceased to have any political benefit, but it's become self-sustaining on the fringes. Thus, Freep, who had mostly turned to Muslim and gay stuff, goes from zero to black-killing-racist in one post:

Tunehead54 blames Obama:
I see the hand of the Community Organizer in Chief in all this nationwide crap ...
sergeantdave wants some cinematic killings:
Be proactive. Smash the yutes in the face with a plate of spaghetti. Restaurant plates are heavy and can cause mortal damage to a straight nose.
GladesGuru finds negroid noses mean only guns will solve the problem:
Smash the yutes in the face with a plate of spaghetti. Restaurant plates are heavy and can cause mortal damage to a straight nose.”

Contradiction Alert!

The ‘yutes’ are black, and negroid noses are less elongated than white noses, even before the application of a restraurant plate.

IMHO, where superior numbers, great difference in strength, etc. exist - only firearms use guarantees ones safety.
roofgoat finds America a black-ruled hellscape:
Delusion is the reason this racial violence is happening everywhere. YES EVERYWHERE.

Sorry if it scares but it does not change the fact that blacks know they can go ANYWHERE and do what they want. And whites just look on with glazed clueless eyes. Or at best chest thump and say “that won’t happen here”

But it is. I have seen it all over. And rural areas are and will not be immune no matter how much tough talk.
Rome2000 thinks blacks should have died out in America, but for welfare:
As long as we are talking percentages, in 1865 there were 31 million Americans of which 13% were black slaves.

The percentage of blacks in America has remained consistent, although the total population of both groups has increased by a factor of 10.

It is American taxpayer dollars confiscated by the Federal Government and redistributed to blacks that has enabled this non-viable sub-group to keep pace.
sport knows there are some places where vigilante justice still rules:
once it reaches Red Neck Land and the Red Necks perceive it to be a threat to the safety of their families, it will be a horse of a different color. There will be no announcement because none will be needed. There will only be individuals taking what they consider appropriate action to protect their families. And once started, it will be hard to stop.
Yeah...I'm not believing Lazamataz here.
Since the ENTIRE COUNTRY has been faggified, understand the (potential) enemy has been as well.

They may bluster; they certainly attack BUT ONLY WITH OVERWHELMING NUMBERS — but they are mostly also faggified.

Strong resolve and steely, calm confidence, combined with metallic backup, has served me well when I have had to.... er.... stand my ground. LOL
Mastador1 loves Death Wish.
They could sure use Paul Kersey down there!
Ouderkirk continues to be proudly racist:
Listen up’s needs to gibs me dats.

Black lives don’t matter, not to me anyway.


  1. America in 50 years thread. Ozy, you can make 3 days of material of this one thread.

  2. The freepers like to accuse abortion of killing off the African American community, they shouldn't complain, I guess, because by their reasoning African Americans would be the majority in America.

    Could you imagine a freeper trying to survive in A south Africa type nation? I'd give em a week.

  3. Laz can't even stand his ground against a bottle of Jim Beam.

  4. Yo Ozy, check out evilC when you get a chance. I thought wardaddy was stormfront material but this guy takes the cake.