Monday, February 16, 2015

3 Muslim students shot to death in apartment near UNC Chapel Hill

This story started as Freepers approving of the death of three strangers because they were Muslims. I found this a bit shocking, actually, since Freepers usually enjoy keeping their hatred either intensely personal or completely impersonal. Three random Muslims who had done nothing wrong was a new one.

Then it came out that the shooter was Atheist. This was before the whole parking rage angle came to light, so now you have 2 hateful groups talking over each other in true Freeper tradition, the ones gloating about the deaths and the ones trying to pin it on a liberal.

bert has a complicating rumor:
the victims were thought to be queer
Jacquerie blames the lack on Muslim purges:
I place blame on national/state governments that have done not only nothing to deal with the virus of islam, they have encouraged and abetted it.

It was only a matter of time until a nutcase committed murder.

Americans grow very weary of being told we must allow unhindered invasion by the third world and barbarian cultures.
wayoverontheright also finds the shooter both crazy and completely understandable:
People are angry. Kayla Mueller's death at the hands of these beasts may have angered more than one who feels frustrated that our leader(s) seem not to be angered one whit.

In his interrogation, I bet her name comes up.
Stentor thinks this was a fine execution-style tripple shoot of women and children:
anyone see my bag of “give a shi’ite?

I think the sheepdogs will be on lunch break.
Man, that smug bullcrap about sheep, wolves and sheepdogs is even more irritating than when Team America did it with dicks pussies and assholes.

Tupelo also approves:
I assume Craig Stephen Hicks is a white man or CNN would not have identified his victims.
In my opinion, Hicks was just taking a pre-emptive defensive action and probably deserves a medal.
Based on his history, I suspect muir_redwoods is actually sarcastic
I sure hope no one says “That’s a good start”. That would be so wrong
Sincere or not, SunkenCiv steps up:
It’s a start. Hopefully they were “student leaders”.
lavaroise considers the implications for Holy War:
Frankly religious wars have a different nature, more like a honest duel between equals.

However here we see Obama insitgating the feelings of inferiority to Christianity in Islam, just as he instigate the race card - or Stalin instigating Hitler in a pact of revenge for the humiliation of WWI.

Interestingly in this case they instigate the feelings of inferiority of depraved homosexual atheists against muslims, muslims being a sort of higher class of homosexuals.
Terry L Smith asks questions:
1. Were these ‘students’ American citizens?
2. Could these ‘students’ have been part of a ‘sleeper cell’?
3. The shooter declared, by inference, that mohammedanism is the spark of his actions.
GOPJ knows Freepers are boasters, not doers:
We don't shoot people because of their religion.

If anyone wants to kill ISIS muslim fighters they need to join the US Army and volunteer for ME action. Tea Party people don't kill their innocent neighbors because they happen to be Muslim... or Jewish... or Christian. It's NOT our way. The man who did the killings is a liberal progressive... and he's evil.
WayneS concentrates on making the shooter a liberal:
Chalk up three more under the “Killed by Atheists” column.
piasa is sure atheists can't hate Muslims extra:
He could just as easily shot up a synagogue or church as a mosque.

This is the sort of thing the Weather Underground was trying to spawn over race.
MrB thinks all Atheists are actually targeting him:
Another aspect of atheists and anti-religion zealots is that they really aren’t anti-religion, they’re anti-Christian.

This guy was a rare exception.
keats5 expects a coverup:
If the alleged killer was homosexual and the victims Muslim

we won’t hear anything else about this.
So much for that theory, after Obama released a statement. But Freepers have already moved on.

GOPJ has the real takeaway:
Liberals are nuts. Have you ever met one that wasn’t a liar?


  1. It’s a start. Hopefully they were “student leaders”.

    All you need to know about FR. Hopefully they will keep this up in public as well so you can safely hate everyone talking about Mooslime (in any other context then cow salvia).

    I feel dirty about that pun now.

  2. "Free Republic is the premier online gathering place for independent, grass-roots conservatism on the web."

    From the top of the front page. Other than Klan members and associated nut balls, I would bet that there isn't one candidate out there would would want a FR endorsement from the premier online racist sewer.

  3. That whole tragedy is odd ...
    I mean, there's no reason that muslims cannot be the victims of a lone psychotic murderer, anymore than anyone else.

    But this is how mentally sick freepers are ... even though the murderer has "nut case" written all over him, they desperately have to find some reason, any reason, to blame the victims.

  4. Except the killer was a liberal. His Facebook page bears that out.

    1. The killer was a nut, as are just about every multiple shooter that isn't a terrorist.

      It's as silly to try to make this crazy dude a liberal as it is to make other shooters tea-party types.

  5. 50 Shades of Wimpy Men: Feminism Leave Women Longing for More

    Freepers are as confused about sex as they are about religion and politics. I am no fan of "50 Shades" the book or the movie, but I'm amused at how they can simultaneously (1) blame Hollywood for making a movie out of a book that millions of *straight* women bought and read (2) decry modern men for being too wimpy while making fun of a fictitious billionaire who's too dominant to be wholesome (3) somehow blame gays for the lame mainstreaming of bdsm for straight housewives who want to be dominated by someone other than their paunchy, surly NASCAR husbands. It's always teh gays and Hollywood's fault, no matter what the American public wants...