Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday Pix

Allow Freepers to redefine Islam, since they prefer to hate strawmen.
Like Stormfront before it, MRA is rising on Free Republic.
They hate Rubio even more than they hated Romney pre-2012 election. To the weird conspiracy level... 
And they resent 2012 so much. I legit don't think they'll come out for Rubio in the general this time.
That clever, lazy mastermind Obama!
Aristocrat? Someone feels inadequate whenever they watch Anderson Cooper...


  1. in honor of yesterday's national prayer breakfast, quote of the day:

    zerosix: "One thing we know for certain, only Christians will populate heaven."

  2. Romney guy here...

    Does anyone else think the "FR Caucus" is ridiculous? I mean, when you ban anyone with a difference of opinion, what are you going to show with that data?! That they're split almost perfectly down the middle between Trump and Cruz? Cool story bro! Absolutely useless information. I don't know what they think they're doing with that data, but it's tremendously skewed in favor of only two candidates because anyone supporting another candidate is bounced from the site!!!

    Lol. Stupid.

    1. Truly stupid ... Trump and Cruz are eventually going to cancel each other out (because, as much as I hate to admit it, even most republicans are reasonable), and FR is going to become Rubio country, or Bush country (again), or Kasich country, or whatever according to to Stumpy Robinson and the Wrinkle-bag crew.

  3. Maybe the Donald will turn torture into a reality TV show.