Monday, February 1, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

Not much to add to Original Lurker's excursion from American reality:
There’s a reason that fag Abe Lincoln is in every government indoctrination center, AKA, a public school.

Government is your god.
People who send their kids to public schools are lower than pond scum..
wagglebee cites a piece of unproven conservative dogma that's just
Whether it was her intent or not, Rachel Carson is behind one of the biggest eugenics movements in history.
It's not looking good for certrtwngnut:
Please, please, please. No more Trump stories.
nascarnation's dad was a Freeper in the 1960s:
Like my Dad (RIP) used to always say....

A liberal (actually he usually said Kennedy) is someone who wants to give your money to the poor and get credit for doing it.
It's actually just a narrow band of enthusiastic Freepers, but 2harddrive is convinced that there's a conspiracy over that Oregan insurrection fail:
With ALL the time the Feds had setting up the ambush site, and with ALL the hullabaloo lately from blacks about body cams for cops, and ALL the advance warning and planning time in Oregon, the Feds should have NO trouble turning over video of the so-called, one-way shoot-out that supports their narrative. If they DO NOT (or CANNOT) produce the video, that constitutes PRIMA FACIE evidence of Federal culpability in murder. Q.E.D. HABEAS VIDEO!!!
Jim Robinson is on board with the idea that the FBI decided to execute this one guy for no well-defined reason:
Looks like they set a trap, ambushed and shot him in the back.
justa-hairyape is still on about Obama's race:
Why do they continue to call him black when he crawled out of a white womb ? It is as if reality has no meaning any more.
Now that Nate Silver thinks Trump will be the nominee, Red Steel flips and decides he's totally a good pollster:
Silver is now putting his bull aside. I suppose he wants to get it right in the end. He’s always known, and hoped Trump would go away, and as a liberal, he doesn’t want the Dems to face Trump in the general.

Ping you South since you told me months ago how you thought Silver was sooo good at prognostication. Well he’s flipped it now and not to your liking.
A lot of Freeper women clearly have the hots for trump. grey_whiskers kinda does as well...
Prediction: After the way tonight turned out, Melania is going to jump The Donald's bones so hard tonight, he will be the now who has trouble walking tomorrow...
Unsurprisingly, LottieDah loves her some clothes from that era all Freepers adore:
Soooooooo true. I always gravitated toward ‘40s and 50s attire. They were made for a real woman. I love that vintage stuff.
Hilariously, GSWarrior is playing the race card against Trump supporters:
With some of Trumps supporters it’s racial, I think. Can’t have a president with a Hispanic surname, you know. How else can you explain it?
Cannoneer thinks Hillary's e-mail thing could bring down the US government:
There are a lot of careers circling the drain here. This could be so massive it could bring the government down. Not a minute too soon. Clean house and start over. At least rookies can commit fewer crimes than the career felons. Chaos to follow.

However, this may be too big to fail. Not good.
faithhopecharity on how obvious Obama is being with his hatred of America:
he seems unable to contain his hatred of USA even when some circumspection would aid his ( destruction) program
TontoKowalski does not much like it when Freepers do to him what they do to all non-Freepers:
I resent, and I mean resent deep deep deep in my bones the occasional implication that I am not conservative, unAmerican... and worst of all, Un-Christian, for supporting a political candidate that someone else may not like.
PUGACHEV's totally alive and real Democratic friends totally secretly told him they were all voting Trump:
A lot of my friends are democrats, even of the yellow dog variety, and yet many support Trump. They won't say it openly, and usually not in front of each other, but they tell me so. Especially the men have a very hard time swallowing Hillary.
In a natural progression, Will88 is now too American to consider himself Conservative:
Pro-conservative does not mean pro-American. Most of these so called conservatives are Globalists first. They always want to ignore that little fact.


  1. I haven't kept track of all the posts, but on several occasions in the past few months JimRob has alluded to his hands and arms now having the same circulation problems that took his legs in the last couple years.

    1. Sounds expensive...

    2. He's on Medicare, and has VA insurance, or so I hear.

    3. He's on Medicare, and has VA insurance, or so I hear.

    4. I'm pretty sure both legs were amputated due to not healing almost festering wounds

    5. Clearly divine retribution for his racism, bigotry, firearms fetishism, paper idolatry (Constitution) and relentless grifting. That's how these things work according to FR.

  2. After the way tonight turned out, Melania is going to jump The Donald's bones so hard tonight,

    So, so gross.

  3. Coming up on 3000 posts ...

    Tons and tons of delicious Trump-hate, Cruz-hate, and especially Rubio-hate!
    Enjoy the feast!

    1. ...and odd flashes of grudging Bernie tolerance on the grounds that "at least he's honest" (about being a raging Communist).

  4. It's far too late to even get started on that thread tonight, but this one gave me such a chuckle:

    Dude...chill out and take the weenie out of your rear. Its just Iowa. Trump and Cruz did fine. Go take your midol.

    1. brain bleach, anyone ... ?

      doldrumsforgop: "Palin showed to be fake conservative as she endorsed a fake conservative. Too bad, as she had my conservative juices flowing."

  5. From the live caucus thread, simply too magnificent not to put here in its entirety immediately. Guess the author!

    "Serious questions;

    1.) Do you believe that we are a conservative country in the same way we were when Reagan was elected to office?

    I ask this in light of the fact that after 43 years of Roe Wade, and an uncountable number of murdered children, nothing has substantially changed - even with the notorious revelations from Planned Barrenhood ...

    I ask this in light of the fact that, following the demonically possessed jurists of SCOTUS gave us both Obamacare and sodomite “marriage,” neither the people nor their representatives rose up in armed rebellion - as they rightly should have; or, at the very least, committed themselves to a national tax strike and work stoppage ...

    I ask this for reason that, in spite of those two demonic happenings and the ongoing assault on our liberties - which is being perpetrated by Marxist thugs and their PC enablers - yet the American people have not risen up against these fascist traitors with hell’s fury ...

    Add to this the fraudulent banking bailouts, the destruction of our currency, the mathematically irreversible accumulation of debt, etc, etc ...

    2.) Within the zeitgeist that clearly defines our post-Christian culture (and I don’t know how any could deny that to be true), do you honestly believe that a man such as Senator Ted Cruz has even a fair chance at winning the presidency (assuming he wins the GOP nomination)?

    My point is this: The one sure sign that God is totally disgusted and pissed with his people is when he allows them to fall into the hands of corrupt and evil leaders - both in the ecclesiastical and secular realm ... To be totally honest - in that we get the leaders we deserve - I would not be surprise that we will find ourselves under the boot heel of direct communism - via Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders ... In truth, I believe we have been living under such for a very long time now ... Moreover, if I should be so bold as to completely reveal my thoughts on the matter, the very fact that individuals such as Clinton and Sanders hold any position of power is the most damning verdict against our culture."

    1. I love the setup for a big reveal at the end ("...if I may be so bold as to completely reveal my thoughts...") followed by a limp nothingburger with subtly wrong wording (fact / verdict equivalency)

    2. Ah, WTFOVR. Too bad there are no replies. I guess Freepers don't do introspection.

    3. Well Freepers fancy themselves to be modern-day Patrick Henrys, hence the dramatic, flowery language you see from people like WTFOVR. Of course, they completely fail in their attempt to seem much more influential than they really are.

    4. And while I'm on the subject, WTFOVR chastises the American people for not "rising up in armed rebellion," but what did he do about it? If he's so serious then why didn't he grab one of his many, many firearms that Freepers brag about having in their massive Arsenals and form a rebellion himself? What's the excuse? Introspection, indeed.

      Just to clarify, I am certainly not advocating for armed rebellion whatsoever. I just like to point out the Freepers' collective hypocrisy on such subjects.


  6. And the sad first-time-poster-long-time-donor just noticing vitriol on FR "these past few weeks":