Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

TraditionalMerica has found another stealth Muslim!
at least Bernie isn’t a Muslim, but the again, being a socialist with a lot of SJW’s Islam/Palestine lovers behind him, he might be a stealth-Muslim; aids/abets their agenda, and even more than Hussein.
That name...may have to bear watching.

NorthMountain really hates sociologists, for some reason?
My lack of positive attributes is undeniable. As wretched as I am, though, the mountebanks, scalawags, and fraudsters known collectively as “sociologists” are far worse. I make things, build things, design things that people actually want. They string together words and numbers into books and articles that don’t even rise to the level of worthlessness. The output of the entire ‘profession’ of sociology has negative value: it is actively damaging to the body politic.
ShivaFan demands a neurologist do an autopsy of Scalia, because Scalia belongs to Freepers:
Thus means that something fishy is going on!

I DEMAND Doctor Ben Carson perform the autopsy! He is the most trusted Doctor in America! And for yuu Cruz supporters, in Canada! And for you Italians, in Italy. Mexico... in case there are any Bush supporters.

Scalia belongs to us, the Republican base, not the GOPe or the Dem-Socialist-Islamatics. His family might be under duress, we really don’t know how bad this is. Get Ben on a plane to Texas right now. Is the body still in Texas?
M Kehoe insists on some gratefulness for his generation:
Dear Gene Marks:

If it wasn’t for us, you would be speaking Russian today.

Lockbox does not seem to like his wife much:
My wife would spend, spend, spend except for my efforts to limit her spending. Of course we cannot print money and borrow unlimited funds.
Da Coyote wonders if God made Jews liberal to counteract how great they were in all other respects:
A liberal Jew is one of the most confusing things in the world.

Perhaps this bit of insanity was placed there by God to make up for all the brilliance. After all, a “little bit of liberalism will make the bullish*t go down....” to paraphrase something sung somewhere......
OneVike is pretty sure the Holocaust was sent by God because Jews weren't Christians:
God used the Egyptian, the Assyrians, the Babylonians, Rome, and YES most likely even Hitler and Stalin to punish His 1st chosen people, why is it so strange to think He will not do so again if they continue to reject Him, and now their Messiah?
Zionist Conspirator tells of the return of Freeper Nazis:
When I joined this forum in '99, it was crawling with Nazis. Many posters even used the names of notorious Nazis as their screen names.

There have been purges over the years, mostly after 9/11, but apparently many have been lying low, just waiting for the opportunity to seize an opportunity to attack Jews and Israel.

Unfortunately, since most "conservatism" is based on local/national tradition rather than the One True G-d, I don't see this changing until Mashiach comes.
It would be an interesting observation, of ZP weren't pretty kooky about God and the Jews himself.

Mark17 thinks another Freeper doesn't go far enough hating Senator Graham:
Graham = Establishment = Globalist

You forgot, an egg sucking dog liberal.
BlueStateRightist makes some bold predictions:
Obama isn’t interested in “consensus”. He will pick a hardcore leftist. Graham will rationalize that choice as “consensus”. Another 15 GOP senators will agree and the nominee will be confirmed.

This will elect Trump.
JLAGRAYFOX is sure Trump will come in, tell separation of powers to get stuffed, and reform Senate procedures!
A side bar.....Have you all ever witnessed the House & Senate voting on a bill? I am talking about the actual vote...not the discussions, pro & con. The House has limits on the times for voting, fifteen or five minutes....the Senate is unrestricted!!!

A House vote always goes way past the time limits by as much as an hour, and the can get a one to two hour nap before all the Deadbeat Representatives & Senators cast their vote!!! In a private business board meeting a vote take about three minute, if that long!!!

Now...this is a small item...but it the way our government employees drag everything out. When Donald J.Trump is elected POTUS....I know he will not stand for this gig, in a New York minute. Just imagine the amount of waste of time and money POTUS Trump could save the American taxpayer as he amkes government operations more efficent and cost effective....a word these elected buffoons, know nothing about!!!
Yeesh. Tell us about the train timings next, JLAGRAYFOX...

Obama complains about the White House wi-fi being slow. DoughtyOne reads this as Obama giving away secrets to unspecified 'enemies.'
What a foolproof way of getting classified information into the hands of our enemies.
These scum sucking dirt bags, can figure out numerous ways to screw the country.

With this guy, anything is on the table.

I hate looking at it that way, but he is so problematic.
SauronOfMordor explains that whenever Return of Kings seems offensive, they're really just lying to tweak liberals. The same weak argument they use about Limbaugh:
They’re not Muslims. They’re politically incorrect guys who enjoy driving feminists and leftists into hysterics, and so you have activists lying about them to try to disrupt.

I’m speaking as somebody who actually visits “Return of Kings” website from time to time.
rmlew explains that anyone avoiding drama will see the coming Holocaust:
What is wrong with someone wanting to convert Jews? I'm not offended.

Looking at the growing antisemitism of the Western Left, and Muslim violent antisemitism, I don't find concentration camps or death camps crazy. We have an active genocide of Yazidi in the Middle East today.

Stop the hysterics and be logical, people.
Jim 0216 explains how the national parks are tyranny that will soon kill us all:
The National Parks that Teddy Roosevelt started could be called "feel-good tyranny." Sooner or later, as here, tyranny will not feel good but will feel deadly.
There was an end to that Oregon standoff. I may post later, but in the meantime dware seems to realize that Freepers, including himself, will never actually start shooting:
For those awaiting some “trigger event”, this is it. Unfortunately, there are no real patriots in America today.
Mrs. Don-o defends Israel as marginally better than ISIS:
IDF does indeed blow up terrorist’s extended family’s houses.

Leaves nothing for muzzies to salvage, not even rebar.

IDF does not, however, massacre their families. IDF is civilized. That’s how you can tell.
GrandJediMasterYoda explains that Obama is the worst President of all time, in a plan to make all blacks sad:
Please inform us of the President who was worse than this guy, he doesn't exist. Hands down, no argument, Barry is THE worst of all time. He is the first black President and the worst President. Leave it to the party of the KKK and the socialist holocaust to smash down yet again the pride of the black community, this was absolutely deliberate on their part, they deliberately picked the worst possible candidate just like they are doing now.
Gasshog is masterstrokin' Trump.
IF Trump really said that he was for PP, but against abortion. Scary smart.

Genius. Trump is one.
No explanation, alas.

I don't think 9-11 was easily preventable, but sauropod takes it out of mortal hands entirely:
I have to admit Trump’s blaming Bush for the WTC falling “on his watch” bothered me. Satan should be blamed for that.
Jim Noble is full-on hating Bush now.
although I doubt anyone cares much that Bush was enforcing U.N. resolutions

Oh, I care, all right.

Anyone who would use the US armed forces to "enforce UN resolutions" is unfit for office.
kiryandil thinks the government tries out their legal arguments on a secret Federal Judge Focus Groups!
Looks like it took them TWO YEARS testing various "Federal felony charges" in front of Federal judge focus groups before they found one that wouldn't make most of the esteemed jurists burst out laughing.
uncitizen is connecting the dots!
Wonder if Scalias death was intended to be a threat to Trump.


  1. I agree about TraditionalMerica ... who signed up just a few weeks ago.
    Either he(she?) is a Trump/Cruz/Bush/Rubio plant, or a fake-a-rooni ala OliviaForever.

    Ahhh, Olivia, my sweet troll, where ever did you go?

  2. Don't know why M Kehoe had to put the size of his dick in that comment.

    Thanks, I'll be here all week.

    1. Dicks are what insecure men use to compensate for their inadequate guns.

  3. "being a socialist with a lot of SJW’s Islam/Palestine lovers behind him, [Bernie] might be a stealth-Muslim"

    There's no stealth Muslim like a Jewish stealth Muslim.

    1. Hey Dr!

      Compared to VC, I find this an embarrassing piece of slumming, but it is certainly entertaining - especially these days!

    2. I agree about the entertaining. As for the slumming, with what VC comment threads have become, I think you can hold your head high.

  4. Open note to all Freep fans, on this site and others ...

    Please keep up with butterdezillion.
    The death of Scalia has completely sent her down the rabbit hole into crazy-land.
    Ninja frogmen in the south Texas desert!

    1. in the spirit of the oscars, i nominate butter for this year's irony award:

      "if you knew half of what i know about what this regime has done you would go absolutely nuts, because you would never believe it."

      fortunately for butter's sanity, she's a believer.