Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Who cares about the Zika virus?

There's a massive outbreaks of a virus across Latin America. It mostly causes simple flu-like symptoms, but in pregnant mothers it causes microcephaly in the baby, which is a gruesome and deadly birth defect.

Babies under threat? Pandemics? Both of these are in Freepers' wheelhouses, but anything outside of America that Freepers can't use for partisan gain is not. So they meet this horror with complete disregard.

Opinionated Blowhard is pretty sure this is faked:
If it means having a chance of adding a couple billion to the WHO budget, they will find it to be a crisis.
DH takes this massive human tragedy as an excuse to dunk on some libs:
The claim is that the disease will cause babies to have tiny heads. That statement is simply WRONG!

Babies with tiny heads are caused by a different disease that their parent carried while they were in the womb....it’s called LIBERALISM.

The tiny head is not capable of containing the “common sense” gene due to its tiny size. A normal brain must exist to be able to carry enough brain cells to have common sense and reasoning.
allendale found a narrative, old and busted though it may be:
Unless governments ditch the pseudoscience and start using DDT extensively, this Zika outbreak will worsen. It will devastate the economies of Central and South America, worsen the world recession and ruin the 2016 Olympics in Brazil.

This virus however probably has crazy environmentalists cheering. It discourages and makes human procreation ineffective. They would do anything to limit human population especially in the Third world.
BenLurkin is really bad at correlations:
Epidemics and pandemics have only gotten worse since WHO became active.

It is obviously doing something very wrong.
i_robot73 is worried about Muslims breeding:
Must have built up an immunity; those in the M.E. seem to breed like cockroaches. So much so, they’re flooding Europe again.

/I 1/2 /s
No amount of ignorance regarding the deadliness of disease and Muslims BitWielder1 from his clever slogan!
I'm more worried about mosque-borne threats than mosquito-borne diseases.

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