Friday, July 11, 2014

Friday Spotlight: Old Sarge

An Iraqi vet, Old Sarge used to be one of those Freepers whose craziness stood out. He had a post about telling his fellow soldiers women shouldn't vote that I still recall as one of the crazier posts ever. Nowadays, he mostly posts memes telling approving of particularly cynical Freepers. He'll also turn up on prepper threads to doomsay, and also takes any excuse to post pics of hot viking women (who I presume he also doesn't want to vote).

That being said, he still hates women after Hobby Lobby, boasts of a "FReepers Who Can Kiss My Ass" List on his profile, which is a doozy - did you know Loki from the Avengers movie was basically Obama?

Amazingly, he is married.

From his profile - America used to be cool, now he's gonna revolt to keep it that way.
For twenty-six years, I wore my pride in my home and people like a second skin beneath my uniform. I stood on foreign soil defending her ideals, as a shield between my loved ones and the war's desolation. I spoke the words, walked the path, wielded the weapons, and endured the scorn of those who would tear my country down because they seemingly had nothing better to do.

But today, four years after donning that uniform for the last time, I have seen those same people - contemptuous agents of an ideology alien to these shores - slowly erect, then slowly impose, the mechanisms of the engine of tyranny upon my land. Even now, that engine is sputtering and coughing into life. And there is no end to the number of willing hands to bring that engine roaring down upon the hapless folk who unwittingly allowed it to take shape.

But there are a growing number of strong voices, strong hands and able backs who will once again shoulder the load of true patriot love of this land of ours. Those voices sound off in the dry corners of the digital wilderness, gaining strength and forming a mighty chorus. Many willing hands demand guidance and direction and purpose. These things I have done, with my brothers and sisters in arms and God willing, I shall again.

Because the forces of chaos in this land do not realize the monster they created when they cut me loose from service.
His anti-Obama bona fides:
My loathing of the illegitimate, bisexual, Marxist Kenyan Muslim Usurper requires medication.
Some since-deleted tin foil on Obama's grandmother's death:
I call into question the timing of the announcement.

How long was Gramma dead before The One (piss be upon him) announced it?
Yeah, he was pretty into "piss be upon him" for about a year back in 2008ish
What would happen if roving gunmen infiltrated U.S. cities and started shooting? Absolutely nothing - to the shooters.

The Sheep will cry in great voices to the One (piss be upon him), and demand that those nasty guns be taken away.
And The One (his name be pissed) will spread His hands, and all shall be made good.
Meanwhile, the funerals will be held...
The Navy Yard Shooting might be the start of the long-awaited race war:
First major salvo in the CWII Race War? I want to know if all the victims are white. Waiting..

Dude, if you confirm or deny that, ping me?
The best post:
Once long ago, I was in a barracks bull-session that turned political. So, I decided to mess with the minds of these beer-swilling, NASCAR-obsessed brother NCO’s of mine.

I put forth the question, “Which amendment to the Constitution has caused the most damage to America?”

One jackass said “The Second!” Another said the First. One said the Fourth.

I deadpanned to the group, “You’re all wrong. It’s the Nineteenth.”

You cannot believe the blank stares I got from the crowd; none of them knew the Constitution. So, I explained it:

“All of our problems in modern times can be traced to the day we gave women the right to vote.”

And there were silent, sage nods from the group.
Smiling and nodding working as intended - mistaken for thoughtful agreement by a lunatic.

And, as of July 5, 2014, he still hates women who vote:
Women will still vote with their vaginas and She Who Must Not Be Named will have a third term as co-President.
I expect when Hillary runs he'll become more active:
She Who Must Not Be Named is the most ruthless and incompetent woman ever to stalk the halls of power. Never forget that she is a student and disciple of Saul Alinsky. She has used the Rules for Radicals extensively in clawing her way to the top.

Her ultimate goal has always been the Oval Office. Her boast of being “Co-President” was not idle hubris. When her legal career was thwarted after Watergate, she married into power, using William the Impeached as a stepping stone.

She then used the NY Senate seat as another springboard to power but was foiled again, this time by the Chicago Machine, who had already chosen Odinga to carry the party banner.

Examine her personality. She has the need to dominate. It’s not enough that people obey her commands; they must be forced to obey against their will, or the needed gratification is not derived.

She is a compulsive liar. She is a consummate fraud. She is a lesbian with a deep-seeded hatred of the men who, in her mind, deny her her rightful place in history. Never again must she be allowed to approach the levers of authority, for that day will spell the doom of the Republic.
Ruthless and incompetent!

Yet Hillary conceded in 2008 because of fear of Obama's assassins:
The reason She wasn’t nominated in 2008 was the message she got from the Obama camp and the Chicago Machine, in the form of two super-delegates who were found dead.

Throw the nomination to Odinga - or else.
Christianity persecution hoping
I can well forsee the day where church meetings will be spread by text messages, like flash mobs. It’d be the only way to get around the Thought Police.

But yet that disgusting warbling “call to prayer” will be heard in every community, becuase we mustn’t offend our new Muslim masters.
Liberals have declared war, since 1969, man!
We the people are not the enemy!

According to DHS, we are.

According to Odinga himself, we are.

According to William the Impeached, we are.

According to every Leftist since the Days of Rage, we are.
Oh no, he found the pamphlets!
The Left has told you in their pamphlets, their lecture halls, their protest marches, and their blogs.

They have told you what they want for fifty years.

They. Want. You. Dead.
A great conspiracy theory:
Red Nancy meets with Bush and tells him, 'You have 48 hours to fire Rummy or the impeachment starts', and Rumsfeld is gone in 24 hours.
quoting a Freeper prepper novel as proof Obama is plotting against us:
I imagine there are several re-education camps reserved just for Freepers.

I said something offhandedly to Dennis. “I just wish we could get rid of those bastards, once and for all.”

He stared at me for a long time, chewing on his second BLT sandwich until the Navy steward retreated from range, and then he said, “Actually, Jacinda, there is sort of a plan for that.”


I told him that removing a few dozen of the worst reactionaries wouldn’t change anything. Other fast-talking right-wingers would just take their places. Except they would be angrier than ever.

“Not dozens.” He paused. “Around two thousand, actually.”

The new number shocked me. “That’s not possible.”


“Here’s how we came up with two thousand. I was given a copy of a new law enforcement software program, one that Justice had for testing and evaluation. A refinement of the social networking analysis stuff. Data-mining, all of that. We put it on a clean computer, adjusted it for our own parameters, and made the list. We tried it at different levels from ten up to ten thousand. The optimal number for the greatest effect with the least initial disruption came in at about two thousand.”


“We could both be facing prison time just for talking like this.”

“Not as long as we’re in power. You know how I know? Operation Fast and Furious. At least four hundred dead and there was no blowback that we couldn’t handle. Our media stuck right with us all the way through. For me, that was the final test. We can do almost anything if we get the timing right, and most of the media stays with us.”

~ Matt Bracken, “What I Saw At The Coup”
Yep, the military will totally shoot civilians for Obama.
Dot-mil protects Dot-gov. Never forget that. These troops WILL obey Odinga's orders to fire.
One of the Obama hates whitey crowd:
“We say no to whites owning our land and they should go”

Coming to a White House Presser soon....
Civil Rights martyrs are basically mindless Obama voters
What would Goodman, Schwerner and Chaney say?

"O-bah-mah, O-bah-mah, O-bah-mah..."

That's what they'd say.
Blacks will never code because computer code is in English, not ebonics:
A few observations:

1) There is no coding language in Ebonics;
2) To code, English must be read;
3) At least they won’t hack or write malware - that would be called a code “cracker”...
get it? Cracker? Haw haw

Urban Dictionary is totes legit:
Etymology Lesson:
From Urban Dictionary:

“Gibs-Me-Dat” (Ebonics) (n.) 1. Annuities, in the form of goods, services, or material (usually welfare checks) given predominately to blacks, in exchange for their tacit agreement to reciprocate by not burning down America’s cities.


“Yo Trayvon, who you be votin' fo'?”
“I gots to go wit Obama, baby. The democrats be givin out moe betta gibsmedat.”

2. (n) One who accepts said annuities.

Synonymous with: tribute, baksheesh, Danegeld, reparations
A Muslim Republican? Nope.
If she’s a practicing Muslim, that also means she practices Taqqiyah.

Which means she’s a liar.
I think I'll be revisiting that thread in full later...

A taste of Old Sarge's current posting style:

Is The Cloward-Piven Strategy Being Used To Destroy America?

Posts this after every piece of news Freepers would consider good, from Supreme Court rulings to success overseas:

What difference, at this point, does it make?
Stop hoping America still exists! All that remains is to stock up and wait for Obama's thugs to come for you!

Weirdly, had some liberal friends until Hobby Lobby
The great social media dustoff has had one positive benefit for me personally...

Closet Leftists masquerading as my friends have outed themselves, their hate visible for all to see.

No invites to the mead hall will be forthcoming.
Speaking of mead,the promised viking women outta nowhere, this time on a thread about transsexuals:

He also has some ren-faire elven girls he posts after zots when he can.


  1. A US flag pin on a US flag shirt? Does the pin have pin on it?

    1. That's a little extra America for ya!

    2. He needs to wear more flair.

  2. "My loathing of the illegitimate, bisexual, Marxist Kenyan Muslim Usurper requires medication"

    Maybe if the healthcare system was better, his loathing might be treated? Maybe...if there was reform...hmm...

  3. "There's a man who leads a life of danger
    To everyone he meets he stays a stranger
    With every move he makes
    Another chance he takes
    Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow
    Secret Agent Man
    Secret Agent Man
    They've given you a number and taken away your name"

    lyrics by Johnny Rivers

  4. "The reason She wasn’t nominated in 2008 was the message she got from the Obama camp and the Chicago Machine, in the form of two super-delegates who were found dead.

    Throw the nomination to Odinga - or else."

    I'm the Romney campaign guy; I've posted here before.

    The last Democrat campaign I worked on was Hillary's and it was in Florida (at least until we moved the Florida primary ahead of others and was sanctioned by Howard Dean who outlawed campaigning in our state). This is stupid. This guy is stupid. That never happened. Hillary basically knew there was no way to right the ship and chose to save face by essentially dropping out. Obama had nothing to do with it himself. She wasn't getting support and was being routed in states that were once safe. The only states she would win were states Democrats had zero chance of winning. Mrs. Clinton isn't stupid; she knew her own campaign was having difficulty.

    This guy just makes shit up as he goes along. Not that he's the only FReeper who does this of course.

    1. Yeah - it's far fetched as a theory. After all, Hillary had Vince Foster whacked - she probably still had the guy on speed dial and could have dealt with a small Senator with minimal name recognition at the time. (sarcasm, obviously)

      A more personal question, if you will - and feel zero obligation to answer it if you don't wish to:

      You worked on both Hillary's and Romney's campaigns? How did that happen? Did you decide to work for the person closest to your beliefs, or is it contract work?

    2. Lol. I've been asked that a lot!

      I've always been somewhat moderate, but I'm a registered least since about 2008. I voted for Obama over McCain, mostly because I feared what would happen if McCain passed away and Palin became president!

      That's exactly the way I choose to work with people. I liked Hillary more than Obama, so I worked on her camp during the primary. My first campaign was Bill Clinton's in 1992, so some of my decision was likely based on nostalgia. I don't dislike Obama (like many Republicans and obviously every single person on FR), I just felt Romney would have been better able to correct the economic condition of America. He was also the only "moderate" Republican of the 2012 primary! I started working on his campaign during the primary in April of 2011.

      I'm typically under contract, but I've worked closely with the Republican Party of Florida (RPOF). They've got a mixture of moderates and conservatives...sometimes- as in the case of Gov. Rick Scott- they're a little too conservative for my taste.

      My last campaign- before I finally quit the business after 18 years- was a Democrat congressional race against a Tea Partier in central Florida.

    3. Thank you!

      Seems to me you tend to go for "best person for the job." Not going to diss that.

  5. "If she’s a practicing Muslim, that also means she practices Taqqiyah.

    Which means she’s a liar."

    Taqqiyah is (sometimes) practiced Shi'ite Muslims against Sunnis. I guess it happened during the Spanish Inquisition too, but that was very different: it was under penalty of an excruciatingly-painful death.

    These guys don't understand Islam at all. They're not bright people.

  6. Freepers' Benghazi theory is destroyed. Cue the fact denial, the accusations of lying, and loudly proclaiming that Trey Gowdy will soon uncover "the troof".

    1. I know I've mentioned it before, so sorry if I repeat myself. But why are they so determined to make Benghazi and birtherism into a thing worth of millions of words/articles, but 9/11 truthers are considered nuts? Is it some sort of defense mechanism because they supported the Iraq War so heavily?

    2. 9/11 Truthers ARE nuts?

      Benghazi is a thing that needs to be settled. 4 people were murdered and there are no answers. You'd not accept that in your town, why in your country?
      So far the answers are pretty dusty. Col. Gibson testified back in March and he did say there was no stand down order for the Tripoli contingent. They were told to stay in Tripoli. That's a stand down, but phrased more politely - you have to assume CentCom know what they are doing, and a stay in plce is for a damned good reason. Poor sods got really caught between a rock and a hard place.

      Birtherism - to borrow a Hillary: "What difference, at this point, does it make?" Guy's been President for 6 years. The time for that crap about if he is an NBC is long past. I know the legal arguments for and against - can hardly avoid them, and they give me brain freezes - but what is done is done.

    3. They're desperate for their next Rathergate, the last time they were proved right about something.

    4. @euph Reminds me - Look up Ethan Uslam. Figure you'll get a kick out of him.

      Have a solid weekend.

    5. Nice. That made me think of Victor Borge.

    6. So: They're upset that nobody swooped in to save the people in Benghazi, but they're perfectly fine that the Pentagon got attacked with the array of air defense around it, two hours after the attacks began. Got it! Seems legit.

    7. There was no stand down order given to the military BY the military. The ACTUAL stand down orders were issued to the ex spec-op contractors who were already inside the compound by whoever was running them. After being told to stand down TWICE, they disobeyed orders and went to assist. Had they NOT disobeyed orders, there would not have been a single American left alive.
      I am going to blog it again from the gitgo until SOMEONE gets it straight.
      obama never gave the military cross-border authority so their hands were tied and to this minute, no one knows where obama was during the thick of it or WHY he never authorized a cross border rescue attempt that was entirely possible.

    8. I'd like to see evidence from a reliable source on this cross-border authority issue. It's an issue I've never heard of, and a Google search only turns up a right-wing circle-jerk, each one quoting the other.

    9. It is international law. Crossing an international border with a military force, without permission of the nation invaded, is ONLY up to the President. Always, and every time. It would otherwise be an act of war.

    10. I'm still waiting for a reliable source on this. I'm not just going to take your word for it. Where is the law written? What form must the authorization take, written or verbal? Are there provisions for exceptions, for example in emergencies? What proof is there that Obama never gave the authority if, indeed, it was needed?

    11. @euph - Me2 has the right of it, there is an entire section on it in the Geneva conventions. There is a very strict hierarchy of who can authorize cross border runs without permission of the nation who's territory you are heading into.

      In the US it is the CinC. If he is incapacitated, the VP. If the VP is incapacitated, it's the SecDef (Not SecState, they are totally out of the loop). The three top civilians monitoring the military. After that - I have no idea.

      There are work around's but they would need some creativity. Col. Gibson's unit was already in Tripoli and had both implicit and explicit permission to operate on Libyan territory. They were told to stand in place - which is not an order given lightly, ever. His team would have to assume incoming at the minimum, trusting that CentCom knows what the hell they are doing. The four he testified could have been sent were not combat soldiers (A medic, a gen office type and a couple others) and 4 would have made zero difference, though the Osprey they had on station might have.

      If the Libyan government had requested assistance, Africom could have crossed the border. Whoever OK'd it would be looking down the barrel of a court martial, but it's technically legal to go to the aid of an ally without authorization in times of need. It's how aid flights get to where they are going so quickly - "Give us a hand and we'll sort out the paperwork later."

    12. I would think that an emergency like this would excuse using some creativity. But it's a fact that no stand down or stand in place orders were ever given. Fox News repeated it over and over like it was a fact, but it never was. Col. Gibson testified that there was never such an order. (source:

      Also, as I told you before, General Carter Ham was the one who made the decision to not send Africom in. He was not given a stand down order, either. (source:

      So again, I am asking for a reliable source that says that the authorization was needed and that President Obama did not give it if it was.

    13. Gen. Ham had no authority to give such an order. It MUST come from the president. Ham would have been court martialled had he even dared.
      The proof is there were nearly 40 Americans at that compound who were under attack by terrorists and it WAS needed. The Libyans who were hired to guard the compound had run away and they were defenseless. The Libyan government, such as it was, was in chaos amd knew exactly what was going on but were helpless. Had obama given the order, Africom would have moved heaven and earth to get there. They were ready, on alert, awaiting the order that never came. obama never gave it. He was prepared to let every American there be killed.
      THAT should give you cold chills.

    14. The only thing that comes close to giving me cold chills is that you actually believe this bullshit with no proof. The fact remains that there were no stand down orders, either explicit or implicit. Gen. Ham made the decision that sending Africom in was not a good idea. If he thought it was, then he could have called the president, told him they were waiting on his orders, and Obama would have given the OK. You seem to think that Obama should have told Gen. Ham that he didn't care if it's a bad idea and could cause more deaths, just go anyway. What ever happened to listening to your generals on the ground?

      Your version of events seems to paint Obama as some America-hating sociopath who revels in the deaths of Americans. That just does not match up with reality. You're going to need much more evidence if you want to convince me that the testimony given by military commanders is just one big conspiracy to cover up for Obama.

    15. euphgeek, didn't you read my first post about this? The stand down orders were explicitly given to the HIRED EX special ops CONTRACTORS who were already onsite, NOT the military or BY the military

    16. So what gives these contractors the authority to tell a general to stand down? And why are you blaming Obama for not giving an order to send these other forces in? Why were you telling me that Obama was prepared to let everyone in there be killed, implying that he was going to enjoy it? I'm still waiting for your sources on this. I gave you mine.

    17. "Gen. Ham made the decision that sending Africom in was not a good idea."
      Show me.

    18. That was given in the Snopes link. It refers to Gen. Ham's June 2013 testimony (starting at the bottom of page 45) that it was his decision.

    19. "So what gives these contractors the authority to tell a general to stand down?"

      You are confused, euph. It's late. I'll blog it and you can read it from the jump. Didn't mean to upset you. Just trying to set out the facts without the parses... .

    20. If I'm confused, it's only due to your inability to communicate your thoughts well. You're far from upsetting me, I just want to know the facts, even if they're inconvenient for my side. But so far, I haven't seen any sources from you, reliable or otherwise.

    21. You have to dig a bit - but parts of the rules are in the NDAA, 2009 (and 2012), the War Powers Resolution (1973 and which ironically was aimed at reducing the President's powers to commit acts of war) and the roots of it all are in the Posse Comitatus Act (1878). I hope your tolerance for legalese is way higher than mine! I glaze over with that stuff! It's the usual jumbled mess that different lawmakers who want to piss in the soup to improve the flavor seem to create.

      No sides here - not on this. This is one time where everyone is on the same side, just wanting the truth. A timeline, a reason for the initial BS excuse, and a reason why they weren't rescued during a 4 to 7 hour firefight with a drone on station when Sigonella is only two hours away if the pilot were in a bit of a hurry. Why were the rescued ones (40 or so of them) sequestered for months?

      The political side of it - who gives a crap right now? That's not important.

      As for Col. Gibson's testimony - his exact words were: "It was not a stand down order," he testified in March. "It was not, 'Hey, time for everybody to go to bed.' It was, you know, 'Don't go. Don't get on that plane. Remain in place.'"

      "Initially, I was angry," Gibson said. "A tactical commander doesn't like to have those decisions taken away from him. But then once I digested it a little bit, then I realized, OK, maybe there was something else that was going on. Maybe I'm needed here for something else."

      It were a stay in place order to the only people who could legally, and without further authorization, act. Not technically a stand down, no. Practically, yes.

      "You stay where you are and do not go galloping off to the rescue." Like I say - rock and a hard place for them. Got to have been rough, especially in the following days.

      We know each other well enough by now to know that while we can honestly disagree - sometimes with humor - we both try to tell the world as we see it.

    22. "The senior military officer who issued the instruction to 'remain in place' and the detachment leader who received it said it was the right decision and has been widely mischaracterized. The order was to remain in Tripoli and protect some three dozen embassy personnel rather than fly to Benghazi some 600 miles away after all Americans there would have been evacuated." Source

      So it sounds like this order was given not by any civilian commander (like the President), but by a military commander who made the calculation that going there wouldn't have done a bit of good. Was it the wrong decision? I'm not a military commander, so I don't know. Col. Gibson seems to accept that it was not the wrong decision.

      It's true, I want to know all the facts. But the Republicans have turned this all into a dog and pony show where they are desperately trying to pin blame on the President in order to score political points and win back some relevance instead of developing their own policies and doing their fucking jobs. This is no longer about getting to the truth for them, it's about a partisan witch hunt. The Benghazi hearings have become a joke. Surely you can at least agree with that?

    23. It's more a Greek Tragedy to me.

      The inquiry should have been started September 12th, and the investigation the same day. Despite some of their methods being less than savory, the CIA and FBI are rather good at their jobs. Give them a hot trail to follow and you tend to get answers fast. Instead, the trail was allowed to go cold. The people who knew what happened were sequestered from being questioned for months - 40 people were extracted and not one of them has gone for their 15 minutes of fame? They were taken to Germany (a completely normal thing to do, all injured are) but they could have been interviewed at their bedsides and the interviews streamed live to the committee.

      I agree about the partisan sniping. It is completely unacceptable and gets in the way of the more important stuff. Have risk assessment policies been changed in light of what happened? Has a thorough review of Embassy and Consulte security standards in high risk areas been carried out and the recommendations implemented? (That is a particular peeve of mine - the US Embassy in London has better protection than the one in Baghdad.). Is the policy of using local forces as consulate security still in place and if so why?

      It also adds false trails - the next idiot who decides to take pot shots at Hillary instead of sticking to getting the facts should be booted out.

      As to the stand down order issue - I suddenly get where the confusion about the President's role is coming from here.
      Col.Gibson's team were already on Libyan soil. They would not need a Presidential order to go, only their superior officer's word. The decision to stand in place, well, I'd have probably made the same call, to be honest. Tripoli is a more important asset and it was also tense.

      Where the President comes in is with other forces outside of Libya. Sigonella, in Sicily, is a short flight, and a few overpasses by a single fighter (maybe trailing a sonic boom just for fun) would have set the attackers running. The extensive Marine presence at Sig could have made the trip in a few hours. Probably not fast enough to save the Ambassador but certainly fast enough to secure the area, get people out and start putting pieces together. Using those forces though, requires a direct Presidential order to enter foreign airspace.

    24. Sigonella is actually farther away than Tripoli. So that may not have made a difference, either. Besides, the president never makes a decision without considering the advice of his advisers. And that includes the military leaders on the ground. Maybe there was a bad decision made somewhere. But I feel like we'll never know, because of the partisanship that happened during a presidential election. We've had attacks on consulates before, but never has the investigation been so screwed up like this one has.

    25. Tripoli only had an Osprey on station. An odd machine and highly effective, but not terribly fast. Sig has F-16s - - old but reliable - rated at MACH 2, but you can push them a bit, according to the lunatics that get in them voluntarily.

      I agree about we'll never know the full details. Well you might, you are enough younger than me to still be aware of the world when the 50 year seal comes off a lot of the reports held by other countries.
      It's a mess.

      I said before though - a lot of the people pushing for hearings have been veterans. It did and still does look like their asses were left to swing in the wind, and that is not a comforting thought. Two things done would have defused it completely:

      The President demanding an investigation immediately and admitting there were problems. Vets are pragmatists - they have to be - and a simple admission along the lines of "We fucked up. Lets find out how." would have gone a long way. Fuck ups happen.

      Still - hindsight is 20:20, right?

      On a brass band kick tonight. Finding some good stuff.

    26. I have a lot of respect for veterans. They do things that I am not willing to do at all. But they are just as susceptible to propaganda as the rest of us. Until I see real evidence that someone made a critical mistake that could have meant more lives were saved, I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt. Everyone who has testified (that I've seen, anyway), has all agreed that they did the best they could with the resources they had available. And maybe the deaths were unavoidable and they did what they could to minimize them. That makes more sense to me than the President being either incompetent or a sociopath.

      I love brass band stuff, but it's been a while since I've listened to any. I used to listen to The Canadian Brass, and was in a Tuba and Euphonium ensemble in college (yes, I know, not a proper brass band, but it's a brass ensemble anyway).

    27. Problem is, you can sometimes not see the critical mistake for years. Eventually, there is something that comes out and you can point to. Then historians haggle over it and most everyone else skims the book and puts it back on the shelf.

      Take Pearl Harbor for example: The US had advance notice of the attack - or they would have if the cable had been translated when it were received, not a day after the attack. Oddly, that saved a lot of lives, something that rarely gets mentioned. It took years for that to come out, and can you imagine if it were modern day? There were Pearl Harbor truthers even back then, now it would be a billion times worse. All because some guy decided to leave work early.

      We can expect it to take years to get sense from the situation and there may never be a smoking gun in the classical sense. It's war - asymmetric, but war none the less. Never neat and tidy.

      I'm not one for calling Obama a sociopath - but incompetent is a different story - make it cowardly asshole and you might get to 1% of my estimation of him!

      Yet enough people I respect a lot are saying that something smells. My nose says something smells. The explanations were as flimsy as those for invading Iraq - which also should have been looked at hard. The UK had the "dodgy dossier" investigation - which did exactly nothing - but I don't recall a similar inquiry in the US.

      Anyway - it's a place we are going to disagree on. Not a problem.

      It's a problem with music - there are so many talented artists and groups getting their stuff out now, it's impossible to keep up. Hear a piece you like, you listen to it a few times - it chews up the hours, especially once you fall in to the related links section.

    28. I agree there may be things we don't know about Benghazi until much later. But "cowardly asshole" seems to be so far removed from reality as to not describe the President at all. This is the president who rescued Captain Phillips from the Somali pirates and who killed Osama bin Laden. I'd say that "cowardly asshole" would more aptly apply to Bush, the man who let OBL live because he wanted Iraq's oil. Or perhaps to Dick Cheney who let his fear of 9/11 take over his mind, which turned him from an admittedly good military strategist (or at least someone who was able to make good, rational decisions) into a babbling, self-contradicting idiot.

      My point is, I believe Obama did everything in his power to rescue everyone in Benghazi. It just makes sense, given everything observable about him. I don't believe any other president could have done it better. I understand people you respect don't feel that way, but as I said, they can be wrong, too. If I find evidence that I was wrong about Obama, I'll admit it. But right now the only evidence of any mistakes on his part is people's personal feelings, which, as I'm sure you know, is not really evidence at all. I'll continue to give Obama the benefit of the doubt until I see hard evidence that contradicts that.

  7. OldSarge can maintain a friendship for about a week before the other person grows to despise him. That goes for family members too.

  8. Why do I get the feeling Jim is adding a zero to each amount he posts. Who would sent $1000.00?

    1. I figure he's not adding a zero to every amount he posts, but he's already faking in a few donations to "prime the pump" so to speak.

      Every time they post the scoreboard, touting the "new monthly donors", his own scoreboard shows a DECREASE in monthly donors, and a marked decrease in the total amount given by as monthlies.

      Note "onyx" is absent from FR lately ...
      the jimcompoop tried to put the bite on her for a big donation this quarter from her late husband's estate and she told him where to he could shove it.

    2. onyx last posted on the 7th...but The Old Lady is back.

    3. I worry about onyx. She may be a figure of fun to some, but she did love her husband very much indeed and losing him has got to be hard as hell on her.

    4. Poor Onyx. Sure she's obnoxious, but I feel bad for her for her loss.

  9. Please tell me that is speculation. Please tell me that Jim didn't try to squeeze money out of a grieving widow. Maybe now she will wake up and see the monster FR has become. It is a difficult time for her and I hope she is staying strong.

    1. Yeah, links or it didn't happen. Although I wouldn't put it past him...

    2. I too would like to see the link please, if possible.

      Though I have no doubt that it could happen.