Saturday, July 5, 2014

Saturday Pix

"Obama is a tranny and so is Michelle (I mean Michael)...".
I think they hate smiling Obama more than angry Obama.
Manliness is good, even in women, except when they're lesbian.

Other than the lies, nothing there seems to be true. Also, note the evil condoms.
When Freepers' desires to disagree with Obama make them sound like liberals they called treasonous in 2002...
Still birthin!
Hehe. November is gonna be a good time.


  1. The picture of Maddow is actually not a photoshop, weirdly enough. She did get her chest out on a T.V. show.

    1. Har, har. Let's see Rush's double Ds.

    2. B - I know it's early your time, but I just ate ....

    3. Maybe Maddow could borrow them? She definitely needs a pair.

    4. @Anon - that could be applied to every politician. :P

    5. Sorry, no more moob talk.

    6. Even though that was a photoshop of Maddow, more than a few of the fat and stupid freeper cat ladies moistened their granny panties when they saw it. I guess that make them lesbians.

      And more than a few of the fat and stupid freeper guy closet cases got the vapors too.

  2. Golly -- they're willing to speculate all day and night about how the gubmint is out to get them about this and that, read their email, bus in guatemalan child voters, and force them to eat broccoli and learn science, but they're not willing to believe anything to do with this, because it's already been banished from their hive mind.
    "It'll make us look stupid and crazy." Way too late for that, FRiends...