Thursday, July 24, 2014

Sarah Palin caught speeding

She said "I wasn't speeding, I was qualifying." Ugh, the cutsiness! Well, if you ever doubted Freepers were still all up on her, set your mind at ease. Freepers have fallen out of love with everyone from Ann Coulter to Glenn Beck, but never Our Sarah.

WVNan thinks *ahem* "our divine sarah" making TMZ means she's still got clout.
LOL, so, it’s national news when Sarah gets a ticket for speeding? Nobody has had more press attention than our divine Sarah. How I wish she would shake things up by forming a third party. We’re going to lose anyway, so why not go for the whole pie? Keep speeding Sarah.
NonValueAdded loves how Palin handled the situation - another masterstroke!
I love her responses to situations, they are always apt. The article was not clear, however, on whether those were her responses to TMZ or what she said to the officer. I suspect it was the former and that she was most respectful with the patrolman.
MAexile has inside info that the speeding is no big deal:
Believe it or not, I went through Wasilla last week on our way to Denali. I even caught a glimpse of her house.

The roads are very straight and very long. I’m surprised she wasn’t going faster.
LoneRangerMassachusetts is pretty sure Sarah is being persecuted by the Alaska police:
Have the police figured out who tried to burn her church down yet? Or, are they too busy following her around to catch her doing something the everyone does.
Objective Scrutator has decided speed limits are a bad idea - for conservatives.
Why do speed limits even exist, other than to serve the Marxist Environmentalist agenda? Where I live, most people go 70 in a 55, and we are better for it; in fact, the people who refuse to speed up past 55 are driving hazards. You occasionally get the liberal teenager who thinks that 110 is an acceptable speed, but conservative drivers are better at determining reasonable speed than government is.
camle just decides this didn't happen.
funny, but i don’t believe this story. a story about an alaskan speeding ticket in a florida paper?

sounds made up to me. note the lack of real specifics.
Oliviaforever tries:
She should have been simply escorted by the police to her destination.
PapaNew shows Freepers are beyond parody here:
What the freak. Why didn’t that cop let Alaska’s Favorite Daughter off with a wave & good wishes?
Alas, melsec is also a bit...creepy.
Why didn’t that cop let Alaska’s Favorite Daughter off with a wave & good wishes?

She would only have to smile at me and I would be an incoherent pool of drool on the ground (as opposed to my normal state of just incoherent) - unable to write or speak - i.e. She would have got off!
Not to cast aspersions, but it kinda seems like there's an easy way to get a good grade in gop4lyf's class.
I live in Texas and I teach. Last year I had a girl that had moved here with her family from Wasilla about 5 years ago. The girl’s parents both knew Sarah Palin and spoke highly of her. That girl was the best student that I’ve ever had, and I told her parents so.
john mirse just yells about Obama.
Obama got a ticket in Hawaii as a teenager.
1. He got the ticket for driving without a license.

2. He told the policeman that he wanted to get a license, but his mother could not find his birth certificate for some reason.

3. Palin got a ticket for going 10 miles over the speed limit?

4. That was terribly wrong on her part. She should be tarred and feathered and forced to write 1000 times:''Obamacare is wonderful!"

5. Myself, I like to drive the speed limit. But when I drive, say, the 55 mph limit on the highway, people pass me by as if I was standing still. Oh, well.


  1. It really bugs me that they call her "Sarah," instead of "Palin," like they would if she were a man. They have to look down on and patronize a woman, even if they adore her.

    1. They do call Nancy Pelosi by her last name.

      And after all, Micheal is the only Palin that matters!

    2. It's not coming from a place of patronizing her. It's coming from a place of worship and adoration. These people feel like they really know her. It does get disgusting when the male freepers drool over Sarah and the female freepers drool over Todd. I think it's disrespectful to them as a married couple. That's always been a pet peeve of mine though. Not even a partisan one.

  2. Who the hell cares about speeding? As long as no one gets hurt, all is well. But if someone gets hurt, throw the book.

    The Germans have at least got one thing right.

    1. I do.

      Not because of the speeding aspect, got a bit of a lead foot myself, but because of the "broken windows" aspect. Any law that is not enforced or respected weakens all the others.

    2. Haharingur, if you're not on one of the remaining few autobahns where there are no speed limits, other than the requirement to drive at a speed safe for conditions and not drive like an idiot, Speeding on any of thebother roads and kotorways will cost you a fortune in Germany when you get caught. The amount of time and money required to get a licence in Germany produces some of the safest, most courteous drivers in the world. The tourists and eastern Europeans driving to thru Germany on the other hand. ...

    3. Yeah, I know the boundariy is shrinking. But free speed sets demands on your vehicle that normal use just don't, so I guess it's understandable.

  3. I won't lie, I actually laughed at Sarah's joke. I bet Freepers wouldn't be willing to say the same thing if it was a liberal that had been caught speeding.

    1. Exactly. Common sense is what is lacking all over the place.

  4. I have some "Poe" suspicions about Objective Scrutator.
    A perusal of his comments offers a few subtle laughs.

    1. I was just about to ask that question. He posts the idea that liberals created the speed limit, yet only they speed too much. Conservatives speed the correct amount. C'mon, he's not fooling anyone there.