Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Using rape to score political points.

This little blip of horror would have passed most by, but not AnonymousB!

Freepers dehumanization of illegals continues to the point that they have only one reaction to a report about immigrant girls being given birth control so they do not become pregnant when they're raped - how can we use this to score cheap points?

virgin tries the "Democrats are the real war on women."
Seems to me that the Democrats enable the abuse of the fairer sex, worldwide. However, that never reaches the virgin ears of our media, nor their electorate.
Tammy8 seems to think having compassion for immigrants is about the same as enslaving them.
It has disturbed me for a long time that those that support illegal immigration are encouraging people to make a journey that will in many cases be horrific. Many face rape, hardship of travel, not enough food, water, violence of every kind, kidnapping, and death for many. I fooled myself into thinking those encouraging illegals were not aware, were ignorant of what they were doing. Now I know those people do know and do not care and are doing it for political reasons.

Illegal immigration is modern day slavery, and the trip North is very much like the ordeal slaves went through on their voyages. It is sick and depraved and those that support it claim compassion.
Jim Robinson chimes in.
Obama, the Coyote-in-Chief, lovingly approves.
He really likes "Coyote-in-Chief" these days.

Ten minutes later, Jim Robinson doubles down on callous partisanship.
Obama: What’s a little rape among friends? It’s all for the cause (total destruction of America).
Doomonyou just gets in a cheap shot about abortion
I’m sure planned parenthood will be pissed at all the abortions they will miss out on.
Cowgirl of Justice focuses on the petty bullshit.
Democratic US Rep, Henry Cuellar stated that over a third of them are raped by the time they get here.

You mean DEMOCRAT... not Democratic.
longfellow is still working the Bill Clinton rapist angle.
somewhere bj clinton is saying, “WHY DIDN”T I THINK OF THAT”?
dennisw explains that these women are primitives who don't know better.
Bear in mind that they start young in Guatemala. The yoofs flooding in here are indigenous (Indians) and semi-indigenous.. They follow basic instincts as in how old were Romeo and Juliet? 14 and 15?

Many speak Indian dialects not Spanish
Good lord, it's not 1920 anymore.

MinuteGal is so focused on white people being outbreeded she seems to have completely neglected the rape.
...and when the birth control items don't work or are fake, we'll have thousands of additional citizens nine months from now...and the little ninos y ninas don't even have to do a thing but be born on U.S. soil.


  1. The pro-life position can be so confusing . . .

  2. Hey MinuteGal - you didn't do a friggin thing to be a US citizen other than be born here too!

    1. Um, she went to the trouble of being born white. In Obama's America, that's a brave stance, what with all the knockout games and such.

  3. Re: JimRob's "Coyote-n-chief" ...

    Every once in a awhile, the jimcompoop comes up with some little phrase that he pushes incessantly for weeks on end, that he hopes will become an internet meme.
    So far he's batting zero.