Thursday, July 17, 2014

Senate Bill to Nullify Hobby Lobby Decision Fails

In a largely symbolic move, Democrats in the Senate attempted to amend the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to foreclose the Hobby Lobby result. It was filibustered. Freepers reactions are at best ignorant and at worst amazingly hypocritical:

smoothsailing is not kind to the Republicans who voted 'aye.'
Three Republicans supported the bill: Sens. Susan Collins of Maine, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Mark Kirk of Illinois.

AKA, Evil Supporters of the Democrat Death Cult.
I want the USA back has no idea what the Hobby Lobby decision did:
So there were 56 fascists who wanted to force people to choose between their beliefs and their jobs.
KoRn's incandescent wrongness is suspicious.?
All of these women are screaming for “free” contraceptives.

Where are guys supposed to go for free Viagra, ect? Unlike birth control, those ED medicines cost a small fortune - so I’ve heard. (cough)
SunkenCiv thinks this was a Constitutional decision:
they were wasting the taxpayers’ and their colleagues’ time — the SCOTUS has spoken, the Demagogic Party has lost, and the only way to “reinstate” what the court has struck down is to amend the Constitution.

Remember, they tried to do that too, in the past couple of weeks.
Clump has never heard of Scalia-penned Employment Division v. Smith, which RFRA was made to limit:
Even if passed I’m pretty sure SCOTUS would have done the same thing, except this time on 1st Amendment grounds.
No one tell fatnotlazy about the 50 attempts to repeal the ACA:
So glad the senate has so much time to spend on frivolous legislation that obviously wasn’t going anywhere. I guess such matters as dealing with the invasion of illegals don’t matter.
molson209 also seems to have hilariously forgotten the House's Obamacare antics:
Don’t worry Harry The Reid will bring it up over and over and over again until he gets his way

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  1. These comments are utterly disgusting.
    Tell me, Freepers, are you pro-life, pro-child, pro-woman, or pro-rape? They do know that St. George the Lesser signed the law they're complaining so bitterly about now to curb human trafficking, right? But it's the BIRTH CONTROL and not the RAPE they're upset about? I am...speechless.