Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Freeper Amnesty

Via both Me2 and Anonymous.

For whatever reason, Free Republic has been un-zotting folks that were zotted long ago, circa the anti-Romney or even the Giuliani purges. Is it for fundraising, a tonic for the troops before the election, a mistake? Who knows?

All that's clear is you'd better toe the line, probie!

Yo-Yo does not like how the OP isn't keeping his head down:
Was there a general amnesty or something? I was banned (apparently) for my stubborn backing of the the eventual 2012 GOP Presidential nominee.

Trying to get banned again?
Viennacon explains the rules:
As long as you now realize that Romney was McCain 2.0 and you pledge never to support Krispy Kreme or Jeb Bush, welcome back :D
Jim Robinson then explicitly lays down today's doctrine - we've always hated Romney!

1. Free Republic is a pro-life, pro-family, pro-gun, pro-borders, pro-liberty, pro-small government conservative site.

2, We do not support abortionist/homosexualist, gun-grabbing, amnesty-pushing, statist, big government mandate loving liberals, especially in a primary election.

3. Romney was proven to be all of number 2.

4. I do not order anyone to vote for particular candidates.

5. I do, however, reserve the right not to allow others to promote pro-abortion, pro-homosexual agenda, pro-big government health care candidates on this pro-life, pro-family, pro-liberty site.

6. The pre-primary record proves Romney was an abortionist/homosexualist/gun-grabbing amnesty-pushing, big government liberal and therefore would be a sure loser (as a Republican) in the general election.

7. The post-election record now also proves without a doubt that RINO Romney lied all throughout the campaign (about being a conservative) and is now reverting to his natural liberal state and is now working with the GOP-e against US!!.

8. Our effort to block Romney in the primary was the absolute 100% correct thing to do. Unfortunately, we failed in that mission.
gaijin will not let bygones be:
You liked Romney?

Eh….stay away.
Delta 21 knows life is cheap here in Freeptown:
I think they were reviving Laz and flicked the switch on you instead. You will probly be banned again when they bring Laz back, so dont get used to it.
TigersEye gets challenged on his loyalty:
You have a point about a joke that I made?

I can't believe I'm being challenged on how much I donate to FR. It's really none of your damned business. But I'll lay it out for your dumb arse anyway. I make a monthly donation of about twice what I can afford and I have more than enough reason to give nothing at all for the unwarranted crap I've gotten from the mods.

So here's what I'll do. I'll stop posting and pull my donations and you can make up the difference. That make you happy, jerk?
wardaddy - ya gotta keep an eye out on the regime's current positions to keep ahead of the zot!
Things here are pretty fluid

Newbies are hopelessly ignorant of our history

The attitude on amnesty itself is 180 degrees from pre 2008
kevao's complicated story kinda emblemizes the capricious regime that Freepers post under:
JimRob did issue a General Announcement regarding supporters of Mitt in the 2012 election cycle - specifically citing his past support of abortion-on-demand. In light of our current troubles, I regret that Romney was not elected in either of the past two elections. But Jim did lay down the law in advance.

You must have missed the JR Amnesty. I was for Cain. Then I was for Newt. Then, when only Romney was left, and the choice was Romney or Obama, I was for Romney (or, much more accurately, against Obama). Even at that late hour, people were being disappeared daily for being pro-Romney (or, more accurately, anti-Obama).

I was expecting to be banned at any moment, as I was arguing the case that better to elect a RINO who would damage the Republic as opposed to a Marxist who would destroy it.

Then, out of nowhere, JR issued the amnesty, and it was OK to be for Romney (read: against Obama). So I never got banned.


  1. JimRob is such a fucking grifter. I seem to recall that before the 2012 election, he swore that if Romney were the nominee, FR would turn into a ghost town and that he would be running full time video ads that would expose Romney's abortionist/statist story in Romney's own words.

    Yup, here it is right here.

    1. Odd how the video ads never materialized. Apparently, they cost money to produce. /sarc

      Then suddenly in October 2012 you had the "I'm voting for Romney" post, which pretty much set the place on it's ear. The anti Mormon crap stopped instantly.

      I did check, my old account hasn't been unzotted - but then again that was for calling Elsie out as a hatefully repetitive and unchristian troll rather than for supporting Romney (I preferred Perry, then Newt - track record and ideas, respectively - then didn't much care either way. Romney seemed a decent enough choice, Santorum would have been a total nightmare.)

      A lot of people got hit by the anti Mormon clique - most of them decent people and good friends now.

      Been thinking about JimRob - I wonder how much of the decline at FR in the last few years was down to a combination of constant pain and the pain meds. I know - it's a generous interpretation, but it certainly must have had an effect of some sort.
      Even if it's total grift, handing the keys over to unbalanced mods is like a McDonalds hiring people who randomly shoot customers. No sensible person would do it.

    2. calling Elsie out as a hatefully repetitive and unchristian troll

      Now that I'd love to see. Got a link?

      handing the keys over to unbalanced mods is like a McDonalds hiring people who randomly shoot customers

      Which would only slightly increase the death toll from actually eating their food. ;)

    3. God knows - I don't have access to the mails any more. It started out innocently enough on the truce thread: and I TRIED to stay polite in public.

      Then it went to freepmail and got nasty fast. And yeah - I did my share or more of the nasty. He just rubbed me the wrong way, same with Colifornian. Smug ass SOB, he is. Went whining to Jim and bang - account was gone.

      I don't get Mormons. Never met a nasty one, a spiteful one, or a covetous one though. I think about the worst you can say about them - in general - is they are slightly canny with their cash and have a couple of very odd beliefs (from a Catholic perspective). They can also be a bit over earnest. Not much of a sense of humor.

      They certainly beat some of the dingbats who wave bibles and threaten me with Hell in the supermarket on Sundays because they can't count to 6 and confuse the Star of David pin I wear constantly (it's in memorium, belonged to an old friend who is long since dust) with a Pentagram.

      Still - that water is so far under the bridge that you can't even see the bridge now. *shrug*

    4. Man, Elsie really is a hateful bitch, isn't she? If I was related to her, I might consider converting to Mormonism just to spite her, but I think my current beliefs would be enough. I think she probably deserves a spotlight. I couldn't discern which Freeper you were. Do you mind sharing? I thought maybe you were eastforker, but he's still current. If you don't want to, no big deal.

      We used to have a rotation of kooks come on campus every so often to preach at us back when I was in college. They would stand in the middle of campus close to the music building (go figure!) and tell us how we were all going to hell for anything from smoking to gay sex. People would stop to listen and argue with them. One gay guy told one of them off so good, he got him to drop his Bible. Ah, good times.

    5. @euphgeek, elsie is a man. ~L. C.~ Thought he was damned clever, he did. Not so much.

    6. I did not know that. The name threw me, as well as the fact that he sounds like a church lady when he posts.

  2. @EC - Jimrob has been a total scumbag forever, and probably already while serving in the navy as a youngster. I've know, and watched, the creep since 1998 and he was never anything but a villain. I was off FR for a long while but came back on request (not from JR :), and I had sort of thought that he had mellowed out and shed the festering madness. Btw, did you happen to know Tony Cavanagh?

    1. Only Tony Cavanagh I know by that name (and no idea of the spelling, the yearbook is long gone) was a guy I went to school with decades ago. No idea if he's alive or dead now. He had a brother, Keith, a year older than him and twin sisters about 5 years younger, so same age as my kid sister. We hung out for a couple years, were pretty good friends, then Dad got transferred again so we had to move. Probably not the same one you are thinking of.

      I sort of live in hope that Jimrob has, shall we say "higher feelings" than just the grift. You know the expression - Pessimists are more often right, but optimists have more fun. Too old to be a pessimist now. Where is the fun in that?


      Sensible guy, but he dropped off FR in 2008.

  3. Ozy, it looks as if Lazamataz has gone missing from FR. Looks to me like another possible lockout. When jimgod banned him outright, people started withdrawing their monthly contributions so he let Laz back early. On the 25th, the mods started deleting his posts and he disappeared. Haven't seen him since...but his profile page is still up li
    ke others jim has locked out but who cannot post or freepmail or anything. Password is rejected and that is that.
    And it's freepathon time.
    On this thread:
    Laz is being taunted over and over and over with not a single response. Something is up.

    1. Heya Me! Hope all is going well with you.

      Laz has been known to take time off before without being banned - it is summer, and a week is not a massive break, though it does smell a tad. You got the better nose for something odd going on.

  4. Obama's Nasty Amnesty

    Don't worry about amnesty. Obama only wants to replace the Declaration's "unalienable rights" with a Proclamation of "ALIENable rights" !