Wednesday, July 2, 2014

"Losing a few will reform the party"

I think this may be happening. Freepers seem really committed to not voting GOP in the general election, at least in Mississippi and Kentucky. Freepers are not known for their ideological consistency, but their self-image is very important to them. And they're not really giving themselves a way out on this thread on a poll that shows McConnell down against the Democrat in Kentucky.

Either we're going to have some amazing rationalization acrobatics, or we'll have some highly amusing electoral fallout come November.

Or, Freepers have no power at all and lose despite going hard against the GOP, which is also hilarious.

First, inevitably, DestroyLiberalism unskews the poll:
Public Policy Polling (PPP) is a left-wing Democrat outfit and skew all their polls favorably toward left-wing Democrats. Therefore, they have no credibility and I put no stock in their polling results.
cotton1706 wants revenge for McConnell's treachery and vile oligarchosity:
McConnell is an insidious and vile oligarch who should be removed from office, no matter what his party.

To reward him with reelection and with the Majority Leader position would be granting amnesty for all his treachery.
Yeah, cotton1706 is not a fan:

He is a very dangerous man. He has ceded enormous power to the position of Majority Leader in numerous “handshake agreements” with Harry Reid. He thought he would be Majority Leader by now but all the Establishment’s worthless nominees (including Mitt Romney) went down in flames in November, 2012. He lusts after power and such a man should never be granted it.

There are a number of seats that can be gained to make up for McConnell’s loss.
boycott is done with the GOP...e.

To Hell with the damn GOP.

I am there with you now. After what mitch and the GOPe did in Mississippi, they have lost me for good.
ChildOfThe60s found the primary's bad blood has not yet faded. Also everyone in Jefferson County seems to be a LIBERAL CORRUPTSTER:
No, it won’t make me happy. It is what it is. McConnell is 100% responsible for his own fate.

I am still washing off the stink of the crap that bastard has dropped on us here during the primary campaign. The fact that we have no palatable alternative doesn’t mean I will voluntarily be his butt boy.

McConnell used to be a judge advocate in Jefferson County back when. Jefferson County is spelled LIBERAL CORRUPTION.
relictele hopes the GOP runs out of money:
Wondering (hoping) if Cochran’s narrow escape might wake up any fence-sitters to the desperate skulduggery of the Haley Barbour GOP Establishment Propaganda Wing.

In other words, McConnell browbeat his RINO colleagues into spending money if not sweat on Cochran. Did they burn most/all of their powder up on that race to leave McConnell exposed?
rottndog wonders if McConnell might be a sociopath:
If McConnell loses, he will have only himself to blame.

You can’t continuously spit in the faces of your base, and then expect the base to turn around and vote for you. Unless you are a sociopath.
INVAR also joins in:
GOOD. Better Grimes than McConnell. At least we will know who the enemy really is.

What are you going to do about it?

Declare war on the TEA Party like your idol McConnell did?

The Agent of the MarxoFascist Democrats IS McCONNELL!!!!!

Go pound sand.
DesertRhino knows McConnell has done nothing but constantly work with Democrats:
Tell us when Mitch has EVER stood up to the dems and it wasn’t a fa├žade for a prearranged deal. For bonus points, tell us how to “put the heat” on an elected official besides unseating them. Make a phone call? Send a letter?

The ONLY heat they understand is money and votes. They get their money from the big guys and their lobbyists, not 20 dollar checks from ma and pa. That leaves us exactly one way to apply heat, election day.

By voting out Mitch, we apply heat to all the others. And even possibly teach an honest lesson to the dem we put there in his place. Mitch has lead one thing and one thing only,,, the war against TEA. Screw him.
JRandomFreeper is really taking the rhetoric of a mad bomber:
Considering that McConnell provided the critical cloture votes to further Reid's agenda, you bet I'll be happy to see a liberal republican Senate leader politically destroyed.

Every single liberal republican needs to be politically destroyed at either the primary or in the general election.
tennmountainman, too.
Ditch Mitch in KY.
Ditch Cochran in MS.

That will send a strong message to the GOPe’s.
Don’t piss on us. Don’t $hit on us. Don’t call us racist against members
of your own party, or you will pay a heavy price.
ilgipper doesn't care who runs the Senate.
It’s too late to save the DC insiders. Losing a few will reform the party. With Obama in the White House for two more years, what impact with a Republican Senate have? We’re going to end up with 48-50 seat this year at a minimum, so nothing will get through the Senate. If there are 51-52 Republicans, we still have 2-3 turncoats who vote for Obama nominees. Going in to 2016, I really don’t care who runs the Senate, frankly. Boehner/McConnell are such pathetic leaders, they’ll probably do more harm than good, like they did in 2011 and 2012.

If I was in KY, I’d probably end up voting for McConnell, but I would cast my vote for the Dem in MS. The conduct of the party there is not forgivable. Calling your own voters racists is below the pale.
My favorite might be chris37 just sees enemies everywhere.
The friend of my enemy is also my enemy.

I can’t support a democrat, which also means I cannot support a republican.
dware has no time for political pragmatists:
Nothing in life is perfect, LEAST of all politics.

Perhaps I am suffering from blue state traumatic stress syndrome, but after putting up for more than twenty years of the likes of Boxer and Feinstein, McConnell and even Cochran look very good in comparison.

Enjoy getting stabbed in the back, huh? How'd 2000-2006 work out for ya? If memory serves, we had a R controlled House, Senate AND WH. We got the Patriot Act. No thanks. I'm done voting for the lesser of evil.
ifinnegan goes the other extreme - this thread is full of non-conservatives!
Yes. Those who want the Democrat to win are not conservative.

They are nihilists to the point they are sincere, not believing in anything and being broken by fear and cynicism.

But they are also just liberals who favor the Democrats.
COBOL2Java is all for purging anyone who will vote for McConnell:
Lastly, it is almost sad logging in here now sometimes. Post after post, thread after thread of people rooting for Democrats to defeat Republicans.

You've been here since 2002 and you haven't yet figured out that this is NOT a Republican forum? This is a CONSERVATIVE forum. Conservatives of all stripes are welcome here, whether they be Republican, Democrat, Libertarian, or other. If you are a Republican and a McConnell/Boehner-supporting Liberal, you really are in the wrong place, Kemosabe...
Political Junkie Too does not like analogies:
Where do you keep your hay after you burn your barn down?

It's not a barn. I don't care about hay. Talk about the Senate, not useless analogies.

We can frustrate the Senate if we hold the House. The only issue is Supreme Court nominees.
Cboldt is pretty confident his side (the Democrats) will win, and is flippant about it.
Have you ever considered “...sending a strong message...” to the DEMOCRATS?

I’m sorry but I can’t see how electing, or “helping” to elect, DEMOCRATS will “save” America.

I don’t see how your “my way or the highway” ultimatums work in a real democracy or a real republic.

And I don’t see how the damage done to America by allowing Obama to replace one or more of our “Originalist” Supreme Court Justices with new “Evolving Constitution” Supreme Court Justices can be permitted.

So, I’m sorry if Mitch McConnell once upon a time did something that hurt your feelings...

...but I think that preserving America from a perverse application of Obama’s appointment power is a far, far more important issue than making YOU “feel good”....

Nice screed. And, you get one vote!


  1. McConnell has to be defeated for anything to change. It is the most powerful wake up call that can be sent to the establishment.

    1. I ain't saying you're wrong, but if conservatives go that rout it's gonna get worse before it gets better, absent some Reagenesque situation.

      Its gonna be an interesting next 2 elections!

    2. Not really. Objectively, Obama's presidency is imploding, which is natural for a two term incumbent except in a few cases. If the relatively good candidates Republicans have selected win in the competitive red state Democrat races, they can actually afford to lose Kentucky.

      As for Mississippi, you may have misjudged this. It is actually looking like there was fraud. They now say they have 5000 illegal crossover votes. Remember, a big mayoral race was overturned there last year.

    3. Allowing KY to go Dem carries a risk of failing to take control of the Senate, not a certainty - though in general more Senators is better than less for your side.

      As for Mississippi, the reporting at the moment is a lot more heat than light, but voter fraud is not outside of the realm of possibility we'll have to wait on the litigation.
      If fraud is proven, that could do more to kick the GOP into reform than any single election would.

    4. The current rules of the senate will make control by one senator either way meaningless. The senators at the top are what's important. McConnell is only working for himself and the establishment. Need a shake up at the top to get the message across.

    5. The Cochran campaign is in damage control mode. They just had a frankly disastrous press conference. Guess what... no Cochran... just one of Barbour's kids, and I mean JUST him.

    6. Oh, I had not heard how the presser went. Hehe - better check Free Republic!

    7. The presser "went badly" because a Tea Partier kept referencing black "picking cotton"...not sure how that hurts Cochran or helps the Tea Party.

    8. Not entirely. The man who busted the conference call was apparently some local crackpot identified by the Clarion Ledger (a sort of local internet news site run by Gannett). He's apparently well known for burning flags.

      More the issue is that it was handled incredibly unprofessionally by Henry Barbour or whoever that guy was.

  2. Look at McConnell's campaign. It's all about him becoming majority leader. He will be further emboldened to do things as usual. If change will ever happen then remove the ring leader. Otherwise the establishment will not listen unless you have money.

    1. No question - McConnell's campaign is that of a lifetime, professional politician, with all the BS that goes with it.

      There would be benefits to getting someone more of the people and less of Washington into office - if you get enough of them.
      But there are costs and risks too.

  3. Replies
    1. Yeah, but it's not like Kentucky's ever minded corruption- from anyone, of either party- as long as it's done competently, and especially if someone local gets a cut.

      Mitch's sin, and the reason he's in more electoral trouble than usual, simply boils down to being the face of the big-government wing of the party in a state that's scared shitless of the Fed.

    2. No one ever minded corruption? That's ludicrous.

  4. Freepers voting for Democrats? That makes me smile.

  5. "Either we're going to have some amazing rationalization acrobatics"

    You should have stopped right here. This is the answer.