Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Potpourri Pt. II

wardaddy on bicycling, and White people:
It attracts folks with cardio but no brawn

Like soccer...a sport for men with less threatening toughness

Indicative of how far the free testosterone of western Caucasian men has fallen

I prefer polo if one must...
exit82 - Obama is simultaneously loyal both to Russia and to the Caliphate.
Obama is a Muslim.

Sure seems like he is also a stooge of Russia, an actual agent of the Kremlin.

Obama never gets the best of Putin, and there is a reason for that.

Obama was countered by Putin in Syria, in the Ukraine, and now Iraq. And let’s not forget handling Iran, Putin’s buddies, with kid gloves since 2009.

We are seeing what “having more flexibility after the election” is all about now.

A real American President would be striking ISIS now, not because we care about Iraq, but because they are a terrorist entity that needs to be exterminated before they harm us.

But we trained them and armed them, as Obama wants to facilitate the Caliphate being re-born.

It’s not “dithering” on Iraq, it is deliberate stalling to buy time for ISIS to cement their gains.

And now, he is handing control of the skies over Irag to his taskmaster, skies that cost us 5,000 dead and one trillion dollars to liberate from Saddam Hussein.
MaxMax on the true definition of Communism, which has little to do with economics:
What is Bad is Good, what is good is bad.

That my fellow Freepers is Communism in it's purest form of thought meant to confuse and also distract to small issues, while the larger issues are killing us from behind closed doors and Friday nights and Sundays when nobody is paying attention.

They are killing the Constitution by Using the Constitution and ignorance.
PATRIOT1876 on the true definition of rightwing, which has little to do with politics:
If you are moral, love freedom, and are on the side of what is right, then you are rightwing. The Left tries to make that a dirty word.

This was spoken in that area of the world hundreds of years ago:

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil”
Gaffer is still thinking about the OJ Simpson trial.
Frankly, I’m beginning to think that the OJ Jury thing wasn’t just a fluke of jury packing and nullification.

I think this country is infested with rabid ideologues who either are just oppressive meddlers, entitlement leeches (both fiscally and ideologically), America-haters bolstered by a massive increase in third/fourth world immigrants, and politicians who just crave raw unaccountable power. This whole country is the OJ jury it seems.
tumblindice - when is the last time an immigrant did something for you?
Absolute moratoriums on spending and immigration, excepting only payroll payments to troops and pending citizenship applications by bona fide immigrants.
Of course the critters would complain that dogs would soon be sleeping with cats, End of Days, etc.

But when was the last time you got a check from the feds or an immigrant did something for you?
Big News - txhurl is about ready to turn off the Ten Commandments and start killing Muslims overseas!
Our religion has kept us from running down your inbred troops like dogs (thou shall not Kill)... but if you insist on invoking yet another Crusade....our Ten Commandments are Off, and you will lose your newest and best leaders yet again.
Bushbacker1 didn't get the memo about how awesome Vietnam was, 'cept for liberal traitors:
This is just how Viet Nam started. We're already in a quagmire!
VerySadAmerican advises Congress get super duper petty:
All they have to do is close the checkbook. Kill funding for the white house, the secret service, Michelle’s travel, AF One, etc. Simply shut it down. Let Obama cry and whine and shut everything else down. Then all the gope has to say is “Everything else is funded. All other government employees should go to work. We’ll make sure you’re paid.”
Gasshog explains how gay marriage doesn't really count:
Homo marriage isnt recognized by God. homos are married only in the eyes of man and.the devil. Since God instituted Marriage His will is irrefutable. tough sh!t homos u aint married in Gods eyes and Gods people!
alstewartfan thinks Obama can't speak well:
I heard the nauseating, stuttering jackass punk. I’m still waiting for the eloquence the left talks about. He sounds like Al Sharpton to me. Hateful and stupid.
muir_redwoods explains how Social Security benefits aren't really benefits.
To call Social Security, a mandated theft of part of my lifetime earnings, a benefit is like calling an orange jumpsuit a benefit of being in jail.
Kennard is still fighting the New Deal.
Scaife and Joseph Coors, the beer magnate, were the leading financiers of the conservative crusade of the 1970s and ’80s, seeking to reverse the liberal traditions failures of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal and Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society.

Fixed it.

socialist failures, not liberal failures

no caving to that theft of language
duffee has decided a racist Cochran phone call heckler was a false flag:
SURPRISE!! SURPRISE!! SURPRISE!! an unknown caller, had to be a McDaniel supporter calls in with a “racist” remark and that ends the conference. As I see it this was just another “DIRTY TRICK” by the barbours.
itssme will keep bravely posting on the Internet about the latest Freeper cause - trying to start Civil War 2 on the border.
Thank you, Jim! Go, California, GO! We're going to have to be the Texas Rangers for our time, the freedom fighters who will go to the assistance of other patriots as they fight the enemy. I agree with you....this is the beginning, the germination of We the People in the defense of our country. Thank you, Lord...people have awakened and are stepping up and fighting for the Constitution, our liberty and freedom.

I'm over 70 and disabled, but as long as I have my 10 fingers and my keyboard, I will fight along side you all. May God bless us all, and may God bless AMERICA!
More on the border craziness tomorrow afternoon.


  1. wardaddy needs a reality check.

    Football (I won't call it soccer, full stop) is a sport for men of less threatening toughness. Right.

    While it's not exactly rugby levels, where tearing off ears is considered a reasonable play, you have people running the pitch and being tackled for 90 minutes, without wearing a suit of armor and getting a break seemingly every 5 seconds. Hardly masculine.

    1. What you have to remember, for the fat and stupids who post at FR, the last physical exertion they ever made were 50 years ago playing second string high school football.
      In four years, most of them probably spent less than 20 minutes total on the field.

    2. Playing time doesn't correlate with knowledge of football. Plenty of talking heads that played in college and/or the NFL are complete idiots when they give STRONG TAEKS about football.