Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Conservative Women Are Sexier

Freepers childlike association of morality and appearance is always good for some fun, especially when it's mixed with their puritanical sexism. Here, some liberal writes a story saying he finds conservative women more attractive. Some Freepers discuss how women who know their place are sexy, but tellingly most prefer to focus on why liberals are ugly.

2harddrive explains the deal with liberal women:
Conservative women know how to appeal to a MAN. Liberal women are usually LESBIANS.
C. Edmund Wright:
In other words, these good looking airhead lib chicks are bitter old hags by the time they reach prominence in the liberal movement.

This is not the case with conservative women….many of whom are full of hotness well into their days of prominence.
Thatcher was full of hotness?

IronJack has deep insight into liberal women's desire to be as ugly as possible.
Of course conservative women are sexier than lefties. Conservatives women don’t consider men the enemy and they don’t think being desireable to the opposite sex is in any way demeaning. So they work at it a little bit, and it pays off.

Lib women, whose gender is sometimes dubious to begin with, establish their feminist credentials by making themselves as unappealing to men as possible. And it usually works.
Son-Joshua - liberals wear cloth sacks and are afraid of men.
A conservative woman smiles a liberal frowns. A conservative woman dresses in elegance a liberal wears a cloth sack. A conservative woman likes the presence of a man, the liberal sees him as a predator. A conservative woman looks up and sees a benevolent Father, the liberal looks up and sees global warming. I can go on for days, but you get the point.
Interestingly, newnhdad does not mention conservatives, but contrasts "sexy women" and "liberal women"
Sexy women don’t have to prove they are attractive, liberal women work real hard at it. Sexy women exude confidence not in a masculine way, but in a very passive way, if that makes sense. Liberal women think they need to behave like men to be their equal which is why we see so many emotionally detached and bitter women out there.
grania - conservatives have been this silly for ages.
I remember having being in this discussion way back in the 1980s. Even back then the conclusion was healthier lifestyle.
stanne explains that women evolved to hate the toilet seat being up.
At the risk of starting a line I don’t want to continue, women prepare food. Regardless of time of day, they are not just silly and frail for not wanting to dwell in slime and muck, they don’t want to touch and risk spreading bacteria and viruses and the like.

So, they’re just never going to acquiesce to messing around with a toilet seat. It’s not going to happen. It’s primal. And, yes, babies and toddlers have an excuse
VanDeKoik - hate makes you not look like a model:
Liberalism just makes you ugly inside and out.

The hate and demonic habits will eat up through a person until the exterior gives way.

[Pic of Lena Dunham]

Back to the loch with you, Nessie!
cuban leaf is all man, guys! Really, all manly. So manly!
And what about conservative men in the eyes of liberal women ( the ones that are not totally anti-man, I mean).

When my wife wants to reach her masculine side, she reaches out for me. When I want to reach my feminine side, I reach out for her.

Liberal men are “womyn/men” and liberal womyn are “men/womyn”.
Objective Scrutator finds a contradiction in the simple Freep reality, which he chalks up to 'irony.'
It is ironic that in a world in which conservatives are more attractive than liberals, conservatives are more likely to succeed based on their ideas and work, while liberals are more likely to succeed based on their looks and how many other liberals they sleep with.
qam1 also thinks two mutually contradictory bad things about liberals at once.
It is the emptyness in their eyes that creeps me out the most...

Yep, it's one of the contradictions / symptom of mental disease that is Liberalism.

That is Liberals base their beliefs and policies on pure emotion, yet Liberals themselves are the most emotionless and soulless people on the planet.


  1. Depends on the subject ...
    on other threads, many many freepers (much greater than the population in general) cop to being divorced, never married, alone, and generally unwanted by anyone of the opposite sex in their communities.

    Every once in awhile, someone posts a group pic of freepers at some function or another ...
    nothing abnormal but no one would claim they are better looking than any random group.

    1. Heh. Well, Thatcher *was* full of hotness. As a real person.

      But anyone who has seen the pics of Logos, Dan and Sitrep out on pistol and cannon training knows that Freepers are more given to hanging butts than hanging breasts. And of course there can't be a Maureen Dowd column without the freeps plastering the walls with pictures to the point where FR is all wet ;).

  2. Remember back in '06 how they'd moon over that picture of Katherine Harris on a horse?

  3. For a nice big dose of anti-hispanic racism, check out
    DJMacWoW's comment thread.

    If you ever wondered what was the very worst and dishonest filth a racist old wrinklebag could come up with, look no further than our friend DJ.

  4. I also find it sexy to hear an attractive woman say the word "Conservative".