Wednesday, July 9, 2014


"Can Sweden avert ‘Nordic Japan’ fate?" This somewhat opaque headline opened up a thread with only 16 comments, but with almost half being crazy enough for to post. The Freeper neo-eugenic demographic crusaders are on the case!

FreedomPoster is sad 9-11 didn't start anti-Muslim purges.
I like to think there will be an event that will wake people up such that we will send all the blissninny multiculturalists and cultural Marxists packing. That said, 9/11 wasn’t enough, clearly.
I can't even tell if Dagnabitt is talking about Sweden or Japan. The nice thing about knee-jerk politics is that he may not be sure either.
Suicidal country run by self-hating women. What could go wrong?
BenLurkin has priorities.
They need to take care of removing the Muslims before they do anything else.
LongWayHome is not optimistic about 2064.
It’s not just are watching the death of the West. In 50 years there will be nothing left of the West, anywhere.
Nowhere Man knows anyone who wants to stay alive can't stop thinking about mowing down random Muslims he sees on the street.
Jens is committing a slow version of suicide by favoring the muzzies These people escape reason, I mean the first instinct an animal has is to survive and until recently, almost all humans had the desire and instinct too.

I have more respect for any animal more than these lefties who have somehow succumbed to some sort of brain eating bug.

Heck, I see a lot of muzzies (I remember my mother always called them "Mohammedans") in my local area.

When I see their women, I have to hold my tongue, but I always say under breath or in my mind, "they treat their women like sh--."

They have large families too and I see them drag 4 or 5 kids around.

I keep thinking that as I go deeper into middle age and go into my golden years as time goes on, I wonder if there will be a dark day where I would have to "cap them" with an M1 Garand before they "cap me" when they grow up. B-P I'm sure there are a small handful of peaceful muzzies who are more secular, maybe like a few million out of a billion but in my mind, the burden of proof is on them.

Even so, the ones who want to change our society, I would say we must screen and deport them for our own good.
gaijin has the best post I've seen in a long time.
Japan’s problem is no babies.

Sweden’s problem is replacing tolerant, smart babies who love modernism with screaming, beareded criminal babies who yearn for the 7th century.


  1. Ah well ... Something tells me Nowhere Man is going to be on the news someday soon for capping some old Italian woman in a scarf during a spell of old age dementia.

    In other news, butterdezillion is now receiving messages from God himself regarding the righteousness of her cause.

    1. The voices in butterdezillion's head just get louder and louder.

      Oh, and I love the picture right above her post, a picture of Sarah Palin's shoes with a tiny Obama, McCain and Biden near her feet with the words "executive experience" printed on them. As if the half-wit half governor's executive experience amounts to any more than a hill of beans.

    2. Hey! She had two whole mayoral terms in Wasilla! Sure her two and a half years as governor of Alaska was wright with ethical issues, but she WAS Mayor of Wasilla! What did McCain or Obama ever do like that?

    3. Yeah, the Mayor of Wasilla has so many responsibilities! Why she has so many, she couldn't even name any.

  2. "Sweden’s problem is replacing tolerant, smart babies who love modernism with screaming, beareded criminal babies." So all of the sudden he's learning to appreciate liberal nordic people? Also, what's with the contempt for religious people with large numbers of kids all of a sudden? Do these people ever stop to compare themselves to the people they fear and see the similarities?

  3. And speaking of "beareded criminal babies," I suddenly wish this blog allowed Photoshop images. :) I'm tempted to submit one.