Tuesday, July 8, 2014

And Now This Word From Outer Space

Dehumanizing half the country edition:
What it involves is a frank admission that about half of the population of this country - the slightly more than half that voted for Obama in 2012 - are not Americans in the sense that you and I define the word.

In fact, it involves a frank admission that anybody who thinks that two guys having at it is the same thing as the fecund marriage bed of a man and a woman and that murdering children through abortion is a positive good. That is, people who do not accept the Natural Law. These are C.S. Lewis's "men without chests." Such creatures have moved beyond the boundaries of what has always been considered simply human.

We don't want to accept that Democrats are not only no longer Americans, but they have also lost their humanity. These people celebrate late-term abortion as the vindication of a "human right" and even as a "feminist sacrament."

We have to accept that. We conservatives are in total denial about this. We need to break through the denial about just how bad the situation is. We need to confront the fact that the Democrat half of the former United States of America have abandoned for all time both Nature and Nature's God and are therefore longer Americans but indeed no longer fully human.

Pitchforks and tar and feathers are nice as far as they go. But that's still just tactics. The much more pertinent question is what our strategic goal is. And I respectfully submit that the only goal that makes any sense at this point is the complete geographical, political, cultural and economic rupture with all Democrats. And this on all levels.

Once we accept that, then it becomes pretty clear that schism has already taken place de facto, and that in order to restore peace we must establish the schism de jure.

It becomes inescapable that secession of the Red Counties - is the only option left.

Look, Jim, it's either we get real about this now and begin the process of secession or we risk the loss of any future for our children and perhaps even forfeit our own souls.

We must boot out the Deep Blue Areas along either coast. We must rid ourselves of them. That's it. But we will do this only when we give up on any thought that this thing can be saved as it was. It can't. The idea must be smashed utterly. Half the people have been corrupted beyond recall. We must cut them adrift or without doubt lose our freedom.

What say you?
Taking your ball and going home brought to you by Gluteus Maximus


  1. Yep, because no harm has ever come from trying to enforce a single ideology on an entire population.

    Dumbass idea.

  2. Just for fun, substitute the word "Jews" for "Democrats" in the above.

  3. Just for fun, substitute ISIS for "freepers" or "real americans," and then you'll get an idea of where radical purity tests will lead you.