Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Potpourri

GraceG has an elaborate and inspired plan to deal with federal officials:
And civil disobedience comes in many forms.

Someone needs to take the “Anarchists cookbook” and make a new one called the “Patriot’s Cookbook” with some plans for this sort of thing.

One idea that has come up for civil disobedience of dealing with federal government agents is called “drunking”. When a federal agent comes to enforce some sort of draconian unconstitutional measure they are “detained” and made to drink copious amounts of alcohol, they are then taken out a remote stretch of highway with their car and thier car is driven off the road and into something like a tree or light pole at a slow speed (enough to dsiable the car) by someone dressed in protective crash gear then the drunken SOB is then placed behind the wheel and left in their car. A call is made to local law enforcement authorities on a burner phone that there is crashed car on route XYZ and the local cops now have a federal tyrant drunken and behind the wheel.

But that is one example of non-violent way of dealing with a federal “beer-o-crat” that is non-violent short of good old tar and feathering.
ABN 505 wants the illegal children to be put to work for no pay. Also, he yearns for the days of child labor:
It's going to be tobacco picking season soon in Connecticut, let them stay as migrant workers till all the Weed is picked and then send them back home with them paying the tab with the money they earned.

By the way when I was 14 and 15 years old I worked harvesting Tobacco for 65 cents an hour and I was happy to earn it. I suppose that would be considered "child abuse" nowadays!
Jabba the Nutt was too patriotic for his fellow Democrats:
I was a Democrat once and they attacked me, because I am a patriot and they are not patriots.
appalachian_dweller is real mature:
Poop francis can kiss my ass
EBH is still expecting Obama's secretly trained civilian army of blacks and Mexicans and Occupyers and liberals to reveal itself anytime:
Training camps for the civilian army.

I am telling you folks that this is what is happening here. All these illegal children and young adults are being put into training camps! This is a giant recruiting operation.

I sincerely hope they trash the place and these closet Marxists fail at this deadly game.
MasterGunner01 heard about a resort being converted to house illegals, and knows what it will become:
This $50 million luxury resort, the Palm Aire Holtel and Suites, will be staffed by male pedophile sex offenders. If there are enough girls, a group of lusty lesbians is salivating for their chance. These workers will all be federal government civil service employees — you can't fire them and can't make them work, but they can molest all the children they want.
driftless2 explains how awesome colonialism was:
The truth is western countries not only extracted resources from those third world countries they couldn't have extracted by themselves, they brought western civilization to those places. Some of those countries were able to adapt western civilization practices immediately improving their lot. And some are quite unable to adapt to modern civilization. That is not the fault of the western countries.
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper starts out putting racist thoughts into a liberal's head, but kinda gets off track and becomes sincere for a bit:
How “white” of Gov. Malloy (a totally insane Democrat).

Gotta keep them “darkies” from Central America from polluting our lovely white state of Connecticut. Besides, we have enough of their “kind” here already. Bridgeport, New Haven, etc. are already 3rd World shitholes thanks to them.

Vote Malloy. He’ll keep Connecticut White, or at last Pale.

Brought to you by “We tell the truth the speaker would actually like to say but can’t because he needs illegal immigrant votes and money to stay in power”.
gaijin has yet another hitherto unknown fact about Obama:
Used 2b a “Constitutional Law Prof”, right..? Well he was actually REJECTED by his peers in the interview, initially.

It was only after the oh-so-mysterious intervention of the (much) higher-ups that he was hired at all.

Low and behold what was his eventual appraisal by his work colleagues?


And he IS.
dagogo redux knows there is no such thing as a hot Arab.
No matter how disgusting this thread gets, please, please PLEASE!!! don’t anyone post a libido-destroying photo of Bagdad hookers!

Oh the huge manatee!!!
ApplegateRanch's theology seems rather outcome-oriented.
Over the years I’ve heard various theories about the anti Christ. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not organized religion.

No, but it is one of his four hidden dynasties: government, finance, education, religion.
Tigerized - nothing says civilization like horsewhips!
It’s time to purge these assclowns from the once proud Republican party, and replace them with principled conservatives who still believe in principals championed by our founding documents.

In a more civilized time, they would be frog marched out of their offices and horsewhipped.
alstewartfan is already preparing for the consequences of Freepers' purity crusade.
I predict that thanks to the cretinous leadership of the GOP, we will only gain 2 or 3 seats.
Cletus.D.Yokel seems to think blacks hate Obama now, but they're still tools of LBJ!
Most black voters (and the “gibsmedat” generation) would never-ever, never-ever vote for Obamugabe again but...
Those same voters WILL NOT vote any-other than Democrat in our lifetime.

What was it that LBJ said about “those” voters?
As prescient as Kruschev and his shoe at the UN...
dfwgator argues over which secret agenda is the true motivation for liberals' embrace of gay marriage
I really think the left loves faggotry because of their deep belief in depopulation. Homosexuals not only die young, but can’t reproduce. They’re a twofer. The left loves baby murder for the same reason.

Many/most of them believe the planet should have no more than 100 million people, all as “enlightened” as they are, of course. Without that “enlightenment,” leftists kill in a wholesale way, by the millions, when given the power to do so.

The real reason the Anti-Christian Left latched onto the gay movement is because, they know the more homosexuality gets legitimized, the less legitimized Christianity becomes in the eyes of the masses.
Gen.Blather explains that even when he seems to screw up, Netanyahu is actually a genius.
Netanyahu is playing a difficult and complex game. He has proven himself a master making many hits and few errors. He needs the latitude to play it as he sees fit. Now, if he coordinates with other government officials to give the appearance of internal strife, that’s one thing. For example he might ask a former general to bring certain facts to light and those facts may or may not seem critical of Netanyahu’s position. But they send a message to the other players. If, however, he has a loose cannon on the deck then that cannon has to go.
Even after Israel arrested the perpetrators, MrB can't believe there are any bad Israelis.
I’m still skeptical and/or surprised that this “retaliation” wasn’t done by the Palis themselves in order to frame the Israelis as the bad guys.
ROCKLOBSTER is really excited about Israel killing Muslims:
Israel simply needs to enlarge their target area..."The People" elected Hamass.

The Palies will just make more rockets and launch them again.

The only thing the murdering-moslem outcasts are good at making is babies.

BTW, I'm enjoying the videos of buildings exploding, Yesssss!
ClearBlueSky is sounding just like Hitler.
Sitting here, watching the world under attack by Islam I really don’t give a damn why, or how, a Muslim dies. I don’t care about ‘humanely’ stomping on cockroaches either. Any way you get’em is ok by me. Don’t start none- won’t be none.
SamuraiScot believes every seeming Muslim civilian casualty is a hoax:
Having researched and followed many, many tragic stories about Moslem victims of Israeli violence and indifference, I discovered that in each case, the story was false. Sometimes the "victim" wasn't really dead, and turned up walking around and joking later on the same video that seemed to show him being killed. Sometimes I'd find that it was the same old woman wailing in front of every blown-up house in the area over a period of years, claiming to Western reporters that her children had been inside each one. Sometimes it was Moslem photographers putting children's toys into wreckage of any kind and selling the photo to gullible wire services. (And somehow, even after the "blast" and dust, the toys always showed up in the picture clean and sparkly.)

And sometimes, the victim really was killed—by other Moslems—on some other occasion, and the body was brought in and dumped where the Western reporters were instructed to "find" it.
Objective Scrutator is strongly "no true Scotsman"
Conservatives, by definition, do not commit identity fraud. Liberal RINOs might, though.

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