Monday, July 7, 2014

Civil War 2 at last!

The recent lull, anti-GOP sentiment and infighting on Free Republic has come to a close. The old cause of anti-immigrant anger has a new narrative - the anti-illegal protests in Murrieta California. Freepers are really excited to hope for some clarifying violence to shake out who the Real Americans are at last.
Most from the safety of their keyboards, but head Freeper Jim Robinson is heading down there now to join the crowds.

Breitbart posts that the Feds might bring in a riot squad, based on the angry crowds we're seeing on both sides of the issue. Where I see shades of school integration, Freepers see a new, bloody Revolution.

Eleutheria5 knows it when she sees it:
CW2. This is it.
Peter W. Kessler feels like a Minuteman at his computer:
Obama is really ramping things up.

Prayers for each and every Patriot in, near, or on their way to Lexington-Concord.

God Speed
Political Junkie Too has a clever name for the coming bloodshed he's clearly eager for:
The Murrieta Massacre.

That's how the first revolution began.
Lurkina.n.Learnin goes with a rather strained Nazi analogy:
The Reichstag she’s a burnin
Erm, The Toll thinks Americans are the new Native Americans...
What the Feds actually want to do is March the Americans along a trail of tears onto some Reservation in Utah. When I say Feds, I mean the Democrats and Republicans.
The more I think of this comment, the more amusing I find the amazing irony.

After many false starts, Finny once again says that the President is going to become a dictator, this time for sure!
For the past decade at least, I've been hearing ominous warnings that, "There won't be an election in [fill in the year]!" The same was said when Clinton was in office. "There won't be an election next time, that liberal Marxist will see to it!"

It was hokum in 2012 and all times prior. But 2016 -- I will be happily surprised if we will be voting and coming here to post about it as we've been doing for the past 10, 15 years some of us.

Finny takes solace that Freepers' profound insanity will ride them to victory in this war taking place in her imagination.
They’re not afraid of elections any longer. That is all in the bag now. If they had any fear of a conservative executive they would never have allowed so much power to be transferred to the office. They already have that blocked. That’s why they are fine with “borrowing power”.

SO FAR ON THIS THREAD, one of THREE observations that I have a hunch hold keys that will help Freedom-loving Americans WIN THIS WAR.

1. -- Toll's point above.

2. Virgil's observation that It’s almost like they’re using these immigrants as human shields. THAT is profound.

3. SERE DOC's crystal clear summation: The feds and police are acting out with treasonous intent.

Something tells me that those three truths in particular about what's happening in Murietta are BEACONS to victory for freedom in the struggles ahead.
caww is pretty sure all the immigrant kids are secretly criminals anyhow.
Wouldn‘t be surprised if these teenagers coming in are more than just gangster type....likely Guatamala is sending all their mentally challenged and mentally disturbed teens as well. Imagine how that will affect our nation!
ducttape45 hates to say it, but he wants some martyrs.
As much as I hate to say it, it might take innocent blood from immigration protestors being spilled to finally turn the nation totally against Obama and his Nazi cronies.
jim999 - there are some violent White People out there who have been holding back until now.
While the feds think all middle aged white guys are terrorists, there ARE some people in this country who may be more prone to anti-social behavior than most; many who won’t fit into Dick Holder’s racial profiling. (The AG’s name is Richard, right? ;-))

That they haven’t completely gone off the rails yet is amazing, given the intensive provocations that the left has been staging for decades.
If they roll in the SS to protect these sacrificial goats, Ol Hussein Soebarkah may get the flashpoint he’s been pushing so hard for.
Uh, oh...demshateGod is angry!
If they want to make people like me angry beyond repair, this is what they should do.
Moreover, demshateGod demands action! From someone...other than him - he's on keyboard duty.
Now what? Cruz, Lee, et el, no more condemnations or brilliantly exposing the left’s hypocrisy. This is war. No more lawsuits or elections. That time has passed. The GOP made sure those would be ineffective. We need action.
blam has a plan:
Everyone stop paying federal taxes, NOW!!
WTFOVR on how to kill American soldiers.
An MRAP is easily defeated with a bucket of latex paint dropped on its windshield ... They cannot drive the thing if they cannot see out the bullet proof plexiglass. Similar use of “paint bombs” against the side windows ... And the crew of thugs inside is totally useless ... If they venture out of their steel box ... well, I should not need to tell you what you do next.
TigerClaws on the Bill Clinton false flag attack (OKC, I presume?)
Setting the stage for a false flag attack here soon.

It’s what kept Clinton in office for a second 4 years.
OneWingedShark - Obama is cleverly setting Americans who don't want to shoot immigrant children against those who do.
This, however, is an interesting twist — it allows them to rally those who don't believe that illegals should be shot [essentially the majority] and paint those against the invasion (and this treason) as being out for blood and irrational.
Dubh_Ghlase is ready to go down in a hail of gunfire:
Crowd control tactics have come a long way since WWII. It's going to end up being guerrilla warfare in the end, and a dirty one too. If people can keep an eye on attrition, meaning "Sell yourself dearly", the one with the greater numbers wins (unless Mr. Death-Cult-Sock-Puppet pulls the pins on nukes or biological/chemical weapons, "for the children")...

Right about now, I wouldn't put it past him and his handlers to do such a thing. We are on the edge. Just hope he remembers what happened to Saddam's judge when the tide turns...
...Did he just site the actions of ISIS approvingly? Wow.


  1. Looks like the jimcompoop went to Murietta for about a half hour, didn't find any right wing celebrities to cozy up to, and went back to the hotel for cocktails and air-conditioning.


    I guess all his talk about camping out and waving his dick, err ... I mean, his guns, didn't pan out.

    No links but do a search on "jimrobinson" for his weak sauce updates.

    And ... ha ha, it doesn't appear the jimcompoop was able to shake out too many shekels from the rubes either.

  2. Freeper Syncro got on TV

  3. Yeah, poor jim's revolutionary patriotic protest was over before he even got there. No riot squad, no militia, and most of the protesters have already left. That'll put a crimp in how he plans to frame the freepathon. I'm sure jim was hoping to play this for weeks.

    1. He did some crowing about moving on to Texas to join "protests" there with some other California militia groups (including the "Bolinas Border Patrol", which is a joke group).
      I'm betting after today he'll just pack it up and go back to Fresno.

      This quarter's 'thon is really sucking wind ... the vaunted 40+ additional monthly donors from last quarter never materialized; the count at the start of this quarter was below the start of last quarter.
      Expect alot more play-act shenanigans from the old boy and his wrinkle bag team as the 'thon withers even further.

    2. How do they ever manage to get ANY new donors, when the minute someone new signs up for this fucked-up website they ridicule and shit all over him out of smugness and paranoia?

    3. The ones who fall for the pretense that FR is actually a "conservative discussion site" get shit on.
      The crazy kook bags like Viennacon (who is relatively new) get to stay because the vile filth they spew fits right in.

      But to the jimcompoop's dismay, the vile filth spewers tend to also be cheap asses who aren't going to send a penny.

    4. Viennacon is only vaguely controversial. Have you even seen Butterdezillion's posts? Now there's kooksville.

  4. Yes! A crowd of angry conservatives shooting illegal immigrants on sight will surely win Hispanics over to their side.


    1. Hispanic children, no less. It's a two-fer: pro-Hispanic AND pro-life.