Monday, July 21, 2014

Confusion over flight MH17

Ukrainian separatists, who just about everyone knows are supplied and supported by Putin, shot down a passenger plane last week. The short term fallout seems frustratingly muted, and the long term fallout remains to be seen. But it puts Freepers in a bind between their authoritarian crush on Putin and their nostalgia for the Cold War. As is often the case when their monomania causes dissonance, they take refuge in unrelated spite.

Mount Athos is one of the few Putin first.
If the crash is the result of someone knowingly targeting a civilian passenger plane then sure.

But in this case there is some evidence the shooters thought they were hitting a military transport plane in a warzone.

So if hitting an civilian airliner was accident, then publishing gory pics might only serve to increase tension and escalate conflict. Or is that the goal?
angry elephant blames Obama for shooting down the plane with socialism and abortion.
Why is it all on Putin’s conscience? Why did our country elect a lip flapper just for the purpose of gay rights, baby killing, medical system destruction, energy destruction, erosion of freedoms, handouts to all, bigotry and other assaults against us?

Why is the so-called leader of the free world a crusader for a bunch of sheyt and not a true leader of this country?
Gaffer doesn't care about anything except the illeagals.
Needless death like this in any country from any event is tragic and should be condemned.

In that vein, I call on the authors to publish the pictures of the dead children washed up on the banks of the Rio Grande and to further “damn you to hell for centuries” on Mr. Obama.
Alberta's Child can't dislike any leaders when Obama is there.
Sorry, dude — but I just burst out laughing at the notion of anyone here in the U.S. criticizing a foreign leader for “incompetence.” LMAO.
Tucker39 brings up the inevitable abortion.
Too bad we aren’t able to publish photos of the 55 million babies WE have slaughtered on the altar of DEMOCRAT progressive abortion.
As is often the case with pro life posters, Tucker39 shortly follows up with fire and brimstone.
“...damn you to hell for centuries...” doesn’t begin to cover what awaits the Putins, Herods, Obungas, Clintons, Hitlers, Ahmadinajabs, Pelosis, Alreds, Blackmuns, et al of this world. Neither does “ages” or “eons”. I have no means of emphasizing it enough. ETERNITY has NO END.....EVER!
Then the crazy Putin defenders like MikeinMotley shows up.
this is one big pile of framing and lies coming from all directions! the stories are continually changing from every side! how in the he!! did that stack of perfectly undamaged mint condition passports come out of that pile of mess on the ground?? there are many problems with this already! nobody is blocking anything from the crash site..if all those news agencies can go to the front lines and take close up pics without issue, then anyone can! they DO NOT want to access the site..SOMEBODY WANTS WAR WITH RUSSIA! BAD! imo
GladesGuru also heard about some Encyclopedia Brown-like details that don't fit.
What (or who) removed the wrist watches, the non-broken binoculars, cameras, other valuables?
CharleysPride seems far too pragmatic for Free Republic. How long will he last?
Hay, Putin can shoot down all the planes he wants as long as he makes O’Bama and the gays mad

—average ‘Publican voter who doesnt understand why the Dimms always seem to win...


  1. " in the he!! did that stack of perfectly undamaged mint condition passports come out of that pile of mess on the ground??"
    I wonder if MikeinMotley has the same question about the 9/11 hijackers' passports. The ones that survived a fire that vaporized all the bodies and melted steel.

    1. Nobody said consistency was a freeper's forte

    2. Nor is basic physics.

  2. There is a devoted Pooty crew on FR ...
    he really is their idea of an ideal leader, anti-muslim (at least within Russia's borders), anti-gay, at least gives lip service to orthodox theocratic ideals, generally anti-environmental regulations.

    1. Plus he's as white as snow

  3. ... and here's some more from the double standard/Bush amnesia files.
    Golly. How annoying. Let's review, shall we?
    - Bush kept reading on 9/11 because, his stated excuse was, he didn't want to alarm anybody.
    - Bush continued on to fund raisers during and after Hurricane Katrina.
    - Bush golfed pretty much whenever the fuck he felt like it.
    Those things now all indicate THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT.

    1. But Bush loves freedom, and 0BUMMER is a commie socialist!

    2. Sorry, I forgot.

  4. Reagan remained on vacation for days after the Soviets shot down KAL 007. Then all he did was make one slightly damning speech, and nothing else. No sanctions, no nothing. Hell, there was a US Congressman, albeit a loony right wing nutjob, on KAL 007.