Thursday, July 3, 2014

Glenn Beck asks for compassion for illegal children.

Wow, this is a crapstorm.

This influx of children on the border is causing a humanitarian problem. They're overcrowding facilities, which are running low on food, water, toiletries, blankets, etc. From what I can tell, no one is quite sure why this spike is happening - some cite the Obama Administration's DREAM Act-esque policies, but this apparently predates that.

Regardless, Glenn Beck is asking for individual charity, in the name of Christianity.

So, let us review our mix:

  • Illegal immigrants 
  • Children 
  • Humanitarian crisis 
  • Christian charity 
  • Glenn Beck

Yeah, it gets good. And by good, I mean Freepers hate children.

Viennacon is pretty angry, and also lots of other things:
What is this crap? More proof of insanity? I bet these kids parents are laughing their heads off right now. We have to pay for THEIR kids, and in a few years, they get to come and leech of the taxpayer too!


American families are suffering in the Obamaconomy and now we have to support all the children of the third world? No. You want to get these kids the things they need, send them back to their countries, back to their parents. It may not be the Ritz, but it has toilets, it has food, that's life.

This entire thing is a ponzi scheme to bring in and breastfeed more potential rat voters, America bailing out the third world.

I am sick of this!
Viennacon avoids being angry at the kids by being angry at the smug parent he made up in his head:
Here’s an idea. Before you get a dime from me, I want these kids parents back in El Salvador to have EVERYTHING they own sold to pay for junior. Their cars, their houses, their TV sets, their fruit bowls, their mopeds.

Does anyone wanna bet the parents of these kids are right now sitting watching the World Cup without a care in the world. Astounding.
Viennacon thinks that if someone else caused a problem, God says it's totally fine to ignore it:
What really ticks me off is the liberal style guilt trip. It is our ‘divine duty’. Well, do the parents have any duty? Is there any commupance for mama and papa El NiƱo??
CatherineofAragon's Jesus thinks an unjust law had betteer be followed or you deserve no compassion, ya lawbreaker!
the Bible instructs us to obey the law. Those people are lawbreakers. Beck and patsies like him are part of the reason they know they can come here in the first place.
Olog-hai reminds Beck that all humanitarian workers are total liars:
I am told by people who have toured and work at this facility …

IOW, he is taking the biased word of liberals as gospel. And then has the nerve to chide people whom he alleges make the US Constitution (a document designed for a “moral and religious people”) into a god, while distorting what God actually instructed us to do.
sand88 - these aren't innocent children, they are criminals!
These criminal scum are purposely out to destroy our Republic. These aren't innocent souls. They are criminals.

We need to completely seal our Southern border.

We need a new Operation Wetback. We need to find and deport every single illegal -- even if it takes us 50 years -- Never stop.

If these illegal scum are not stopped, they will absolutely destroy our Republic and turn it into a decaying third world sewer.
sand88 takes his lack of empathy towards the children into a sociopathic direction.
We can do both - take care of them now... make sure they’re fed, clean and safe... AND send them back when it can be done without hurting anyone.

I disagree. We need to make their time here very, very uncomfortable.

Put them in the dessert in tents and feed them bread and water.We need to throw them back over the boarder as quickly as they come.

We need to end ALL aid to any country that has anything over 100 of their citizens illegally crossing our border.

We need to completely seal our Southern border.
Jane Long laments the loss of Beck.
All the good he did is....lost
E. Pluribus Unum knows you can't be too dramatic about these kids. Or Beck:
The USA is under attack. The border surge needs to fail. Aiding and abetting it in any way increases the probability that every single one of them will be admitted to the country as citizens, and more will follow.

I was a Beck fan for a while. The last couple of years I haven't supported him, but I haven't been against him.

Now I'm against him.
acapesket seems to be making crap up. Google turns up nothing except this thread about the details he's turned up:
WHY are they all arriving with headphones, new Nikes, matching Jeans, electronic devices…And them all back.
Zero started it.. he can finish it.
Most of them are male, 16 and over.
Malva Saltrucha… anyone?
Cato in PA has suddenly decided Back is a conspiracy-monger.
“He too often sounds like a crazed cult leader proclaiming the end of the world is just around the corner.”

Ha! That’s EXACTLY it! I couldn’t quite put my finger on the description.

I remember when I used to get excited about those hyped stories of his. Yeah, they turned out to be as groundbreaking as Hannity’s supreme announcement that Lynyrd Skynyrd would be at his stupid Freedom Concert. (Can’t believe I still remember that...)

Say what you will about Doc Savage, but he’s the only one on talk radio I can stand to listen to. I’ve tuned out the golfer, the wallbanger, and the hemorrhoid with eyes :P
CodeToad - Beck is a Democrat, and the kids are Obama's hostages!
Beck is a Democrat stooge. These kids have always come across the border and mostly because their parents are already here. They are not homeless. They are actually kidnap victims of Zero who is holding them hostage for the cameras.
Sans-Culotte straight up calls someone quoting the Bible a Democrat:
I doubt that the God that says,

“The earth is the LORD’s and everything in it, the world and all who live in it...” (Psalm 24)

cares much about borders and laws created by temporary kingdoms and empires.

He does says over and over and over that he has compassion for the widow, the orphan, and the alien.

You may as well come out of the closet as a democrat.
CatherineofAragon is really intolerant of anyone showing compassion.
Why am I angry, you ask? Well, let’s see.

Queers are taking over the country.

There’s a wicked, Godless Marxist in the White House who is trying his absolute best to collapse the country, via Cloward-Piven methods.

Said Marxist has orchestrated this onslaught of illegal invaders, knowing that the load will be too much for the nation to bear. And once he gets them dispersed throughout the states, it will be too hard to track them. They’ll get their amnesty, their free education and healthcare, they’ll take jobs from Americans, and they will vote for Democrats. You will never seen another Republican, much less conservative, in the White House again.

I’d pretty much have to be an idiot to not be angry, don’t you think?

And here comes a Freeper who sounds more like a liberal than anything else, who clearly doesn’t believe in borders, but does believe in social justice, and who is bleeding all over the place for these invaders and trying to tell the rest of us we don’t care enough about them.

A Freeper who is right in step with the leftwing media talking points-—they’re all innocent kids, it’s not true there are tattooed gang members, etc.

You expect patience and forbearance? Seriously?


  1. Good thing Republican Jesus said to ignore the little children.

  2. CatherineofAragon has been a harpy wannabe for ages now, always hanging around the fringes of the grifter girls on the 'thon threads and always ready with a "woo-hoo" when someone gets the zot.

    Now, once again, she's playing "conservativer-than-thou" and trying to get a zot going.

    She's pathetic, a grown wrinkle bag groveling and sucking up trying to get in with the cool wrinkle bags.

  3. Put them in the dessert in tents and feed them bread and water.We need to throw them back over the boarder as quickly as they come.

    The underlined misspellings put funny images in my brain.

    Also, bexardave seems to be headed for a zot. A Freeper with compassion for illegal aliens?

    1. I tried to underline "dessert" and "boarder". Guess it didn't work like I thought it would.