Thursday, July 3, 2014

More Freepers on immigrant nonpersons.

Via anonymousB, Freepers react to a dead 11-year-old immigrant found dead in brush. He's probably illegal, which means Freepers at best do not care, and at worst are happy about it.

GeronL blames Obama.
Obama should be charged with manslaughter in the case
jocon307 is sure Obama actively planned on killing the child:
Bush’s fault, or, brush’s fault.

Sorry, don’t mean to make fun, I’m sorry this child’s parents care so little for him that they were willing to let him wander the world on his own.

This is just another Obama disaster, planned and executed.

I’d like to see the emails on this fiasco.

How many people have died because of President Cloward-Piven. We survived for years, but thanks American voters, I don’t know if we’ll survive 8.
mrsmel is inspired to politicize this:
conservatives need to start referring to this as Hussein’s Children’s Crusade. Those children were used as tools also and massacred.
Like so many things that are politically uncomfortable, Post5203 has decided this is made up:
Made up story.
Go back to your own f’ed up country.
exit82 is already weaving a conspiracy:
Reminds of a dropped gun by the police at a crime scene.

The kid could have been killed elsewhere or for other reasons, dropped, and “found” to make a splash.

It furthers the agenda.

Gentlemen we must DO something!

WE don’t have to do anything except shut down the border.

If we had done that 7 years ago when they promised us the wall, this kid would be alive today.
Greetings_Puny_Humans wonders why people care more about kids dying than all the people who deserve to die in the desert:
How many dead bodies are out there and they’re doing a press conference for the 11 year old? What? The corpses of drug dealers or people carrying packs of Marijuana aren’t a tear jerker? The pot heads might disagree.
Ezekiel is really unhappy about vocab, and blames Obama.
11-year-old immigrant alien interloper found dead in brush Marriage

Words go in the obama language pulverizer, and come out with strange, debased meanings.
lee martell is just racist.
Sequoyah101 - this kid was in invader!
Comment is a waste of time but I’ll waste my time.

Too bad but I’m not sorry. Obama is responsible. The kid was not an immigrant though, he was an invader. An illegal alien who violated the unprotected and unenforced sovereignty of this country.

He should have stayed where he came from. Either way his death saved the working people of this country who pay taxes millions.
mrsmel knows loving children is how liberals get you, so she decides not to.
You know what, I daren’t be as bold as you, but my heart is hardened also. Everytime, “the children” are the left’s hole in the dam. Except when it comes to murdering them in the womb in America, and teaching them (as globally as they can manage) to embrace perversion and snitch on their parents.
dalereed is as pithy and awful as he always is:
Need more of them, saves the cost of detention and deporting.
HiTech RedNeck thinks God used this dead child to send a message about liberal immigration policies:
Well, this looks to me like a typical way the Lord would operate to see if the people who have been beguiled by liberals would actually begin to show a heart. Liberals claim to have bleeding hearts but they end up making everybody ELSE’s heart bleed while standing there so smugly themselves.


  1. Conservatives love long as they're still in the womb.

  2. Conservatives hate children fleeing dangerous, oppressive countries south of the border. Unless they're Elian Gonzales, in which case they become the poster boy for freedom.

  3. Nope. Some scumbags hate children. It's not a conservative or a liberal thing, you know plenty of examples of both. Though I hope you know way more of the ones who take protecting kids as a serious obligation.

    I feel sorry for the little sods. Rather save my ire for the parents and the scum who traffic the kids though. You know damned well what happens to the kids who make it through without being caught. They get used. Their parents have a massive bill to pay the coyotes and someone has to front the money. Not always used for prostitution, though that happens. They get used as runners for drug distributors because they are under the radar. When was the last time you took much notice of a few kids running around?

    1. The boy who was found dead was trying to meet up with his brother in Chicago. His mother lived in the mountains of Guatemala and had epilepsy, and he left home to find a way to get money to help her. Against her wishes, I might add. Much of what you say, EC, is totally true, and I deplore human trafficking, especially of kids. But I deplore Freepers' horribly inconsistent views of children and the sanctity of life, and how they spit on Mexican and Central Americans in particular (see above re: Elian Gonzales, who was only "cool" because he escaped a commie regime).

    2. EC, anonymousB
      This reminds me of Operation Pedro Pan run by the See Eye Ay although on a much smaller scale...and parents sent their children to attain the FREEDOM they could never have had in Cuba. U am torn by this dilemma. My heart wants to save the children and my common sense says that many of these OLDER 'children' are already hardened crimonals. There needs to be a vetting system in place to separate them and protect the innocent and protect us as well..

    3. Forgive the typos...
      Dang. That doesn't sound right. LOL

    4. I agree, mostly.

      The kid tried his best and showed more guts than a good 99% of people could show. Catch me blaming him? Not a fucking chance. I will skin the asshole who let him die though.

      Catch me listening to the whiners - not just in FR, you find them anywhere - again, not a chance, unless they can answer one simple question.

      What have they, personally, done.

      There are good freepers, a hell of a lot of them. They work, without praise, raise money, send real aid - you know, stuff you can touch and use at once, foster kids who are confused as hell by a new culture, devote their time to decent and honorable organizations (big brothers and big sisters seems to be hugely popular, maybe because most of them are old enough to be able to deal with it.) closely followed by VA and active military organizations.

      They never make a noise about it. There is a saying - it were originally jewish - the empty vessel makes the most noise.

      I knew some (mostly former) freepers for years before finding out they were doing food drives. Making up and sending out care packages to soldiers. Being Den mothers for foster kids to go to camp and play. Running reading programs, and spending the time to learn another language so they could do it better. Volunteering for a time out with vets suffering severe PTSD just to take them fishing and let them relax.

      There are evil fucks out there. There are also fucking good people. Just wanted to get that off my chest - blame it on lack of sleep.

    5. That's all fine and good, EC, and I applaud all that effort. They don't have to sing about it if they're doing it behind the scenes. I just ask -- is that just for the little white cubbie scouts, or for all children? Because their obscene hatred for all children once they exit the fallopian tubes, especially if they speak a different language, is disgusting.

    6. B - I can only speak of the that people I know do these things, kk? And I know damned well that there are an equal amount of people on the opposite side of the fence doing the same.

      Color doesn't seem to come into it in the slightest. Big brothers and big sisters work in inner cities mostly, for example, and they tend to work with kids that have the odd strike against them in the juve courts. So, disproportionately shades of brown, you might say. Not right, but it is what it is. The other things - toys for tots, the care packages to soldiers - you've got zero idea of the color of the recipient anyway.
      Food banks don't care about color or language, full stop, whether they are run by churches or private individuals.

      Language - that has an effect. Not everyone can sling a second language well enough to teach English at more than a basic level.

      I get your hatred idea - but it's no more real than "All liberals want everyone to abort." Don't bring no straw man to a guy with a lighter :P

      It's easy to pick out the worst of people - Reddit would be a case in point, or pretty much any youtube channel that shows original content. Most people are simply not like that.

    7. Fair enough, but I don't know these people personally, and I don't read Reddit. I'm judging the freepers' attitudes specifically and solely by their comments on the immigrant children debacle. If there's something good about what they're saying, I don't see it.

  4. I'm sorry EC, but you can't whitewash Freep that easily. There are too many hateful vindictive scumbags posting hateful vindictive posts over and over, and too many people allowing them to do so without any semblance of a challenge. It is a circle jerk of fear and hatred.

    At the risk of Godwinning the thread, I'm sure there were nice individuals in the Nazi party back in 1930s Germany, but I am still comfortable condemning them as a collective. Same with Freep.

    1. I wouldn't even try. The hateful one should be called out, no question. The bailing of the more sensible posters over the yers has been pretty much down to the hate. Look at the people who would post - pick any thread from a specific year (say 2000 - nothing major was going on then.) Look at the reasonable posters. See how many haven't logging in for years.