Monday, July 14, 2014

Monday Potpourri

TexasGunLover is not happy about the GOP 2016 convention venue.
Have family out the Chagrin way, and I can assure you, Cleveland is barely as step above Detroit or Oakland. It’s a hell hole.
Enchante posts an article on the conflict in Iraq, is told to quit with the thoughtfulness, and agrees.
Quit with the deep analysis nonsense. You are dealing with a culture that thinks it's fine to sell your nine year old daughter to some 60 year old goat humper that lives in a tent in the dessert as long as he provides you with a few goats he has not actually diddled himself. Sharia actually has laws against eating goats you have had sexual intercourse with. Apparently that's what even these barbarians consider "Over the Top"

Good points!

What a cesspool....
nikos1121 thinks what America needs is another 9-11.
Let this be a lesson to some of the morons on this forum who want to completely gut the NSA. We need all the resources feasible to deal with Muslims, Democrats, illegals, and liberals. Without the surveillance the French government did, they could kiss several hundred lives and tourism to Paris good-bye.

I think it’s clear that we will need a whole new set of martyrs, as the one’s from both 911s are just a memory.

What will it take? The bombing of the Eiffel Tower? The Hoover Dam? The San Francisco Bridge? The Empire State Building? Some American GIs in Iraq hijacked and tortured before out eyes?

It will eventually come, and it will unleash fury like you’ve never seen in this country. What we’re seeing here in the years of Obama, is an aftermath that will resonate for many many years.
Presumed woman CatherineofAragon uses woman as an insult:
It’s my personal opinion that Beck feels the need to do this kind of thing to try & atone for his past. It makes him feel better about himself.

He’s as emotional as a woman, always has been.
SisterK is evading taxes for America!
Yes ma’am. Quit paying feral taxes six years ago. It is my duty to starve the beast.
As the Bush Presidency tribalism recedes, newer Freepers like VerySadAmerican include him in their conspiracies.
Please keep your wacko conspiracy theory crap off of FR. It makes us all look as loony as you.

Nice Pollyanna response? Ya been asleep?

Ya didn't hear the the fed gov was caught exposed spying on, hacking and monitoring law abiding innocent America while at the same time aiding and abetting a lawless country killing invasion of tens of millions?

Ya think this is all an accident? Just happenstance?

You and middle America being intentionally incrementally replaced, robbed and economically gang banged by those who are supposed to represent you. Ya think this is just incompetence?

Ya think Bush bringing in more Muslims into the U.S., AFTER 911 than entered in the previous two decades was a fluke?

Ya think government looting the tax payers and bailing out corrupt bankers was an accident?

Ya think all this is just tin foil conspiracy BS do ya?

People will believe with all their hearts that Obama is out to destroy America. But anyone who questions the Bushes is considered a wacko. And that is the reason we’re in the shape we’re in. Way too many people trust people who haven’t earned their trust.
zeestephen's racism undercuts pro-life sloganeering:
The most dangerous place in all the United States for a young black male is his mother’s womb. The most dangerous place for the rest of us is any neighborhood where lots of young Black males are out of the womb.
dalereed bravely volunteers to call Obama a nigger on the Internet, except he won't write out the word...
conservative calls Obama the N word.

He can use me, I’l poroudly call him that in public or to his face.
SamuraiScot wants to end all food regulations, because they're Communist:
Abolish the FDA. Like all Progressive inventions, it's unnecessary, unconstitutional, and the impetus for its creation was a set of feverish lies. The FDA owes its nanny-state beginnings to the Pure Food and Drugs Act of 1906—which was inspired, no joke, by a novel—a work of fiction in every sense.

The author, Upton Sinclair, was a Communist writing about the plight of poor immigrants working in filthy conditions in the meat-packing industry. The conditions, like the characters, were invented for the purpose. The novel's title was The Jungle. (As so often happens with Communists, what is politically correct yesterday is treason next week. Surely today, the title would have to be The Rainforest.)
OneWingedShark explicitly prefers violence to deportation.
Dealing with the invaders (and their allies)
  • Issue rewards of $100,000, after taxes, for the Mayors, City Council (or equivalent) members, Sheriffs, and Poliece chiefs of all sanctuary cities. 
  • Issue orders for the army to siege, one at a time, sanctuary cities (this includes shutting off water and electricity) – allowing the citizens to leave, apprehending ununiformed invaders.
  •  Try these collaborators with Treason — publicly hang them when they are found guilty.
  •  Treat the apprehended invaders as POWs until their trial -- sentence them to death by public hanging if they are found guilty. Continue the above until the illegals flee in terror.

Yeah, I'm not 100% deportation… because I consider violence an acceptable solution.
RaveOn is pretty sure Michelle Obama's food advocacy proves she's a black nationalist.
One day soon I have to dig up some internet references to black nationalism and diet. Their ideology eschews any kind of food that they believe plantation owners fed to slaves, which are therefore considered to be “slave food”.

On top of that, black nationalist mythology insists that the white devils fed certain types of food to blacks and Native Americans to make them lazy, fat, slow, and submissive. In other words, more docile and easy to control.

Something tells me Moochelle’s compulsive nitpicking about diet and school menus comes from those ideological roots of white hatred.
gaijin smugly points out that blacks don't give to charity as much as rich whites and Jews.
It’s super rich liberal Jews and delusional goyim who give to historically black colleges and keep them afloat.

Ditto for organ donation —Leroy keepin’ it real (and keeping his organs).
Whites are now known as Jews and goyim.

PieterCasparzen on the secret circle of powerful pedophiles who run Europe:
European leadership (elites of politics, business, etc.) for years has been embroiled in a child snuff film conspiracy investigation that never goes anywhere.

What’s alleged is horrific, beyond horrific, beyond, beyond.

Witness reports sound credible, IMHO, but with what’s being alleged (including torture, murder, films, etc.), with powerful people involved, the investigation is unable to yield anything.

If there only could be a real investigation something could be resolved.

Nightmare if true, IMHO.

Europe has, IMHO, massive paedophelia problem.
GeronL kills Mr. Rodgers:
If Mr Rodgers lived in Chicago.... he would come through the door and lock the 18 locks and start taking off his ballistic vest while singing. The fish tank would have a hole in it. You can hear people fighting and banging things upstairs.... then a shot rang out and he falls to the floor.

“You don’t want to be my neighbor” he would then say.
P-Marlowe - approving of gay marriage is the Mark of the Beast!
It is beginning to look like support for the LGBT movement and Homosexual Marriage is the Mark of the Beast.

Unless you put that mark on your forehead, you can’t do business in Israel, Canada, America and soon most of the world.
riri has an anecdote that explains why you need to shoot these illegal children:
Look at the picture. They are not children. We are at war with these invaders, whether or not you yourself understand the situation. Eliminate them before they arrive at your door.

Literally. My front door was kicked in last fall, broad daylight, by four of these little darlings.
All with names that make "Juan Gomez" look like a founding father name.
Tantalizing lack of detail! After my door is kicked in, I always learn the name of the kicker.

What makes Castigar's anti-Obama description stand out is how its mostly just digs on Obama's appearance.
Perry agrees to meet limp wristed, big-eared, childishly petulant, mom-jeans wearing, marxist, thin-skinned, entitled, community organising, muslim pothead.
I'm still a bit shocked when Freepers like veracious pray for Obama's death. I did not think that was allowed.
YHVH, shut the mouth of this WH spox who does violence against your peoples and your land.
Busko on the EPA's Naziism:
More out of control Nazism.

Right!! The goose steppers are running wild.
MadMax, the Grinning Reaper is clearly smart - he makes some careful distinctions between different liberals, except he clearly does not think the two words are different.
Previous EPA administrators such as Carol Browner and Lisa Jackson (her protege’) were hardcore marxists. McCarthy is a fascist thug, much like Virginia’s Gov. Terry McAuliffe was for the Democrat Party.

Even I’m shocked at her blood-colded administrative manners and it takes a lot to shock me these days.
Alas, I can't find it now, but I remember back in the day Freepers saying Obama was a Lenninst while Hillary was a Stalinist.

Responsibility2nd is getting ready to go renegade!
When the Obama-fascists take my retirement account, when they take my hopes and dreams of providing for me and my family, when they take whatever freedoms I have left, especially my freedom to speak freely and worship; then I’ll feel that way. And more.

Then I’ll go renegade. Then I’ll join the masses in fighting against the enemies of the state, which is - of course - the State itself.
At first, I thought Roman_War_Criminal was being sarcastic with his Holocaust-esque recommendation. But then the rest of the comment is deadly serious...
Let’s just make them all wear little green sombrero hat badges on their shirts instead of a yellow star. That way, we’ll know WHO THEY ARE!!!

Honestly, they will be the largest welfare class ever in the history of the world. Some of you may think “they are such hard workers” (and some are), but in reality their children are the laziest pieces of humanity to ever sit on a couch since Fat Bastard in Austin Powers.

They live with their parents until they marry (if they marry) and leach off of them throughout their 20s and 30s. My wife’s cousins are worthless parasites living off of their almost invalid grandma’s SS Checks. They are 29 & 27 respectively. No jobs, but with kids. Go figure!
dware demands all true conservatives stop obeying laws or using money:
"Governments derive their just powers from the CONSENT of the governed..." (emphasis added).

And yet, we consent to a corrupt financial system each time we hand over or accept a FRN.

We consent to and support said fascism every time we file taxes.

We consent to the destruction of our 2A rights every time we walk into a federally licensed gun dealer and submit to a background check.

WE are the problem, not the government.
FRNs are Federal Reserve Notes, or as we call them, dollar bills.

Bryanw92 makes one more soccer dig:
Letting go of the outdated American Dream of work, reproduce, consume, retire, die is hard. We score our life based on that paradigm. I guess we should use soccer as a lesson and that lesson is that a 0-0 score is ok as long as we had fun.
1rudeboy's eagle eye can spot EBT cards everywhere - even for random dudes he buys drinks for.
I nearly reached the tipping point when a guy I bought a couple drinks for opened his wallet to pay for his tab and his EBT card fell out. I thought to myself, “Great. I’m paying him to have drinks with me.”
Mrs. Don-o hates how having children is voluntary these days.
Medicine's Noble Goal: to disable your favorite female's physiological function!

We're already way below ZPG: believe me, there's not future in this.


  1. I don;t post here much anymore but need to post this. Post yesterday about American men desiring oriental women and the American women haters came out in force.

    Poster Mark17 married a very young woman in the orient. He was in the Vietnam war in 1970 so I would say he is 62 +. Scroll down to the bottom of his profile page photos of him and his wife he is an old grandpa with what appear his 20 something wife.
    sick sick sick..

    1. Glad you're still around.

      May-December relationships happen all across the spectrum, but the specifically Asian wife thing seems mostly on the right.

    2. Someone got themselves a mail-order bride.

    3. Anon1 - good to see you again. Hope that lack of posting time is for good reasons!

  2. Doesn't seem like a particularly big gap to me. But I remember, back before I even got my toes wet at FR, there were rumors about JR and the mailorder bride trade. And of course looking at Coyote, NormaJean and Vetscor all the FR screaming about human trafficking seem quite sinister.

  3. I can't help but kind of chuckle over the fantasies of violence freepers think are going to happen once we get another republican in the white house.
    The old ladies and old men of FR go through at least two cases of Depends every day.

  4. I wonder how Mrs. Don-o would like to enforce mandatory pregnancies. Maybe she's a Roman Catholic :).

    1. I take back my earlier praise of her sanity. It's tempered by this stuff. She's a mixed bag (of nuts).

  5. Just saw this today...Is cloudmountain actually saying this girl was asking for it to be shot? Jesus Christ, some of these guys are dangerously bitter about women. None of them should be allowed within 1/4 mile of a firearm.
    Also...what is it with shooters and the name "Jared," anyway? This makes about four now, that I've read about.

    1. Then what else would they bitterly cling onto? A baby needs its pacifier like a freeper needs there guns

  6. Mixed bag of freeper reactions to the Shark's fans not wanting "ice girls"