Friday, July 4, 2014

Spotlight Friday - Viennacon

This Freeper has been raging post after post for a while, though he's stepped up this past month. Indeed, I thought I'd already spotlighted him, but I think I'd mixed him up with Venturer, who is a bit more focused on race.

Viennacon just yells about everything Freepers yell about. I can't call him special in any particular way, except for volume and breadth of crazy (though illegals are his special bugaboo). His profile is as much a hodge-podge as his posts, going from some anti-Islam battle of yore to Christian soldier yammering to "I have zero tolerance for leftists. ZERO. When I see them face justice, my heart warms." to " I AM NOT A DAMN REPUKELICAN!"

His crazy is as deep as it is wide, so this is gonna be a big post.

The Founders gave us guns, to better shoot the media for badly reporting on the Hobby Lobby case.
News outlets openly calling for the constitution to be overturned now, and the left’s disgusting beliefs IMPOSED on everyone or else.

This is why we have guns, because the Founders knew that a few hundred years after the ink dried, you would have people like the writer of this article. Just sayin
re: single, white women:
80% of these women are parasites looking for a sugar daddy
Romney's winning strategy:
It’s Romney’s strategy, and Obama’s handlers failed to see it coming even when Romney has done it over and over again before. He waits until a few weeks before the election, then carpet bombs his opponent. It’s how he destroyed Newt, then Santorum. Obama has spent all his money. He has a couple hundred million left in his account after spending most of it and getting no movement. No perceived “gaffes” or supposedly embarrassing recordings are going to change the race. The only place Romney can trip up is the debates, which is why he chose Ryan, so that he could demolish Biden and set a good tone.
Maybe the GOP should become exclusively a Confederacy party:
What if we stopped running presidential races, knowing the demographics now bar us from victory, put everything we had into filling state senates and houses (in red states) with our guys, along with the governship, and judiciary. Divide the states from the government as much as we can.
He hates Jimmy Fallon:
Fallon is a six year old in a man’s body. He also has New Black Panther band ‘The Roots’ backing him up. A degenerate group of freaks, led by Fallon who is the god of cruddy jokes for the young, funyun munching morons taking degrees in ‘Directing’ and ‘Human Sexuality’.
re: the Boston Bombers:
I bet they were Democraps. Won’t be mentioned.
Kids these days:
No problem. When the economy crashes under Barry, many of these kids will just kill themselves.
We are living in every movie dystopia:
I’m amazed that people come out of films like ‘Minority Report’ and other such autocratopic movies, and they say “wow, I would hate to live in a world like that”... then they just sigh as it happens.

We are fulfilling these cinema prophecies. Who knows what the Mengele proteges under Kathleen Scabelius could cook up in generations to come. The government has no right to my DNA unless I’m convicted of something serious. Child predators, rapists, murderers, etc. should be the only ones who waive their right to some form of genetic privacy.

Could the government bust me for some trumped up charge, take my DNA, then use it against me in the future horrors of public medicine? You bet they could, and they will.
We need to hate RINOS as much as the Democrats:
The RINO Establishment is not as weak as we like to tell ourselves they are.

These people are as cutthroat as the Rats. The mask slipped when Peter King used the progressive rhetoric, calling Ted Cruz a ‘terrorist’.

This is an insidious collective of ‘managers’. They buy the Weekly Standard in bulk, and take their lead from Karl Rove and various billionaire donors who want a corporatist government giving them a leg up. These people will shoot you in the back without thinking twice, and worse. You only have to read the pure venom from people like Steven Law and Fox ‘strategists’. They mock conservatives. They despise conservatives. And if we become a threat, they will try to eliminate us by any means necessary.
More on GOP purity:
I want EVERY Repuke to pass this smell test. Do you support militarizing the border? If they answer no, eject them. We need artillery on our southern border now
So...what Republican does support massive carnage on the border?

His family are all brainwashed liberals who don't hate all Muslims:
I had just such a confrontation two weeks ago over Islam. Some relatives called opposition to Islam in the wake of the London beheading, “fascist” and “racist”. I pointed out neither of these terms could apply logically to opposition to Islam.

Backlash against Islam was then called a “hate crime”... But the decapitation was just a few bad apples.

I know, most of my family are ignorant and beyond brainwashed. They actually believed several Muslims has been stabbed as a result.

I wonder if they ever bothered To check that. Unlikely.

I try to avoid subjects such as this around my family.
Forget Kentucky and Mississippi, the VA Governor's race was stolen
This was fraud. Look at the numbers, and how long Fairfax took. This is close enough to demand the absentee votes be counted, and then a total recount!
Christianity gives the solace of those you disagree with going to Hell.
Our lives are but a blink in the eye of eternity. This judge is going to hell.
End marriage, because gay Justice Kennedy is gonna make it gay:
Look, the SCOTUS IS going to rule against the family, regardless of what Kennedy specifically wrote in the DOMA decision. He is all gay all day and is going to try and force this upon the country.

The way we can actually win against the Gaystapo is threefold.

A) This gets rid of any state recognition of their union whatsoever. No getting sworn into the state senate with your butt-buddy etc.

B) It heads off future attempts to mandate churches to perform such unions

C) It strips out the benefits they crave. You can get any kind of marriage benefits you want to families without mentioning marriage directly, linking it to biological child-rearing for example.

We should get behind this effort before the Feds rule through the judges and force us to cave. Remember, this is only temporary. Once we take over the country, or parts secede (one of which is almost inevitable at this point). Once that happens, we can do as we wish.
Despite just saying it was inevitable, if gay marriage passes hes moving to Armenia:
I have to say this and it pains me to, but if this is forced upon the states by the courts, I will declare our rights dead and a new era of dictatorship in effect. I won’t remain in a dictatorship. I’ll have to carefully fold my flag and constitution, and make travel plans to Armenia.
Unless there is an indication that in an impending cataclysm, we can seize power at least in the red states and outlaw liberalism and arrest these judges pending public trials for sedition.
Immigrants used to be cool, now they suck.
I absolutely agree. This idea of the ‘melting pot’ needs to be done away with. The facts are these. European immigrants designed America. They laid the foundations of the country. African Americans were essentially assimilated over periods of hundreds of years (a large amount of it against their will, but it happened), and the Europeans who came in the 1900s were all of similar cultures and belief systems to the people already here.

Bringing in immigrants by the truckload now, from Mexico, and Somalia, and every other hellhole on the planet? Culture is not something people pick up in a generation. It just isn’t. It takes a long time, and when the government actively helps these communities in segregating themselves, it is virtually impossible.

Quotas were not racist. Quotas recognized that cultures are very distinct and more often than not are like oil and water. They don’t mix well. Lee Rigby in London experience this oil and water contrast when his head was hacked off by a Nigerian Muslim.
The coming Obama stormtroopers, soon to be shot by him:
Some of them are now being trained by FEMA as an Obama ‘civil police force’. Got a mom & pop shop? these f&&& will be there to smash it and redistribute your wealth. However in the event they try it on a fellow Freeper i am willing to come down there and ‘handle’ them, and im sure many will join me.
America is done:
Too late. He’s already destroyed the country
On Hillary, for the record:
For the record: I hate her
Immigrant kids? Gonna rape and kill.
Democrips want murderers and rapists on the streets. These are the ‘dreamers’. They dream of raping and killing your children while Obama and co smile approvingly.

If you protest, you’re a racist.
Liberals infiltrating Free Republic!
My friend, just look at some of the other threads here tonight. MASSIVE surge of pro-Karl Rove, anti-conservative sentiment. Not sure if these poindexters were sent over specifically from DU or if they are just the more insane McCain section of FreeRepublic rearing their ugly heads.

One thing is for sure, JimRob needs to get out the Zot, and set it to kill.
These poindexters!

Liberals love abortion!
Does anyone know what happens to our miscarried and aborted babies in USA?

the parts become trophies for liberals
Not a fan of the Pope:
Disgusting. He will destroy the church with this.
He is coy about wanting to kill gay Star Trek actor George Takei
Take note of this, its another occasion on which the mask slips, and at this point, the mask is practically falling off. I’d say what I think should be done with anti-constitutional traitors like this faggot, but since he’s just a washed up never-was actor who takes it up the ass, I won’t bother
Eric Holder was sick once:
Not an ounce of sympathy. Maybe Barry gave him AIDS. The fact is, this man is an enemy of the Constitution.
Screw the First Amendment:
Is pornography also a fundamental freedom, because I’d have to check with the Founders on that one.
America is about to crash, as of yesterday:
This entire thing is about to come crashing down
The peril of Indonesia:
Indonesian in America a rising star in terrorist group
I'm going to act like a crazy asshole, because Immigrants!!
This is a form of biological warfare. If they succeed in flooding the entire nation with this filth, I am going to be pi$$ing them off daily by putting a gas mask on every time I see one within a 5 block radius.
That biological warfare point was so good I'ma make it again:
This is biological warfare with the diseases being brought in. It reminds me of when Muzztards would haul plagued bodies over the walls of crusader castles, except we have no walls.
Fortress America, to fight headlice:
I want the border MILITARIZED, with machine guns at every 5 feet interval, and landmines carpeted throughout.

Then deport the diseased, terroristic illegals BACK to whatever hellhole they swam out of with a ceremonial BOOT to their collective asses.

Then cancel ALL foreign aid to these countries that invaded us.

This is compassionate conservatism. Its compassionate toward Americans! Americans who don’t want headlice the size of tennis shoes crawling into their ear the next time they board a Greyhound bus!


  1. "I want the border MILITARIZED, with machine guns at every 5 feet interval, and landmines carpeted throughout. "

    And there you have an ignoramus in a nutshell. I assume he's talking M240's or equivalent. Stick them 5 foot apart and the term friendly fire takes on a whole new meaning. Lead coming at you is one thing. Red hot brass coming at you from the side is fucking painful.

    And land mines? Lay aside the fact that minefields are considered an atrocity under the Geneva convention. Lay aside that they are none directional. Lay aside even the fact that most of the border is ranching country and people are going to get pissed fast at prime steers randomly turning into hamburger. It's still a bad idea, especially for the poor sods who have to maintain them. The mines move. Constantly.

    Dude is a dick.

    1. I think he's played too much Company of Heroes.

    2. I doubt it. He sounds the sort that rage quits.

    3. Lol. Even the old AG3 had the ability to lodge ejected brass in nearby wood :).

    4. Want a real giggle? Think of the aggrieved howls if someone has an (admittedly rare) left handed variant. Some poor sod has brass heading at him from both sides! :)

      I heard about the AG3 - never used one. Supposed to be a total pain to maintain, worse than the politician. (L85 - now that thing was a total bitch to use. You could field strip it in under 10 seconds, then spend half an hour looking for the missing bits. :) )

  2. Viennacon ... another freeper loud mouth nobody, but at least he still has the self-righteous fire burning inside that so many of the old timer freepers seem to have lost.

    Speaking of loud mouth nobodies ... here the jimcompoop claims to be going to Texas with a California contingent to help them block the border, camping out and roughing it with his guns at the ready:

    California citizen militia units joining forces with Texas units to defend the border.

    In reality, if he goes at all (doubtful), he'll be mooching off Texas freepers while desperately searching for a press camera and a right wing celeb to get close to.

    Ah well, at least today's jimcompoop performance might cadge a few dimes from his rapidly dwindling flock.

    1. What sad, useless lives these people lead. The only thing that excites them is the possibility of shooting somebody to make them feel like legends. With all that spare time, there are so many other things they could be doing besides pretending to be soldiers. Are they planning to shoot the kids if they step over the line? If so, on what authority?

  3. Black people are stereotypical bad tippers:

    1. I am curious if this is actually true. Do black people tip less?

      I know full well that people here have experience in bussing tables and food service - it's pretty much a rite of passage to do that, and is an admirable thing. Anyone want to comment?

    2. Whoever does comment, one thing is for sure -- the poll will be totally scientific!

    3. Consider it for my own amusement. I worked restaurants, but doing kitchen prep and some odd bits of cooking, not doing tables or front of house. I never heard it mentioned. Only things we heard in the kitchen was "Table three is bitching again" as a plate were returned to be creatively modified.

      Been out to dinner a load of times with mixed crews, or times when I was the spot on the domino, and they weren't pikers in terms of tipping. So where the hell did this idea come from?

      Is it a general thing or just a city thing? What sort of areas? Are we looking at a small number of people/families who wanted to go out and celebrate but who simply don't have much money to spare after paying for the meal? Or is it a more general trend?

    4. Can't help ya. I'm not black, nor have I ever waited tables.

    5. Like a lot of things that Freeper peeps love to blame the urban ferals for, I'm pretty sure it usually boils down to a class/income thing more than a racial thing. People with less money or those that come from more impoverished backgrounds are going to be less likely to tip, combine that with freepers selective memories of that one time they were at Olive Garden and saw "a large group of feral Amish hooting and hollering!" and you get this lumpy stew of stereotyping.

      And athletes of all stripes and races are equally as likely to either be super-generous or awful tippers, but again, the majority of football and basketball players are black, and the media will always love contrasting the "bling" culture of those sports with cheap athletes who don't tip service people.

      There's a fun list of good/bad celebrity tippers here - - but I think these are all based on write-in accounts, so I wouldn't take it as gospel (amusingly, Warren Sapp, who the Freep article is about, is listed on the "good tippers" part)

    6. Infographic from survey of waitrons here (under "11 other interesting findings..."):

      Nickel summary: waitrons think racial minorities, foreigners, Christians, the elderly, teenagers, and coupon users are bad tippers. (Also, waitrons don't think the size of the tip has anything to do with service, pretty much.)

    7. @Anon 9:20

      Thank you. it's an interesting read,though, like all things internet, it needs to be taken with a fistful of salt.

      Answers maybe one of the questions I had - most of the time I'm eating with a nearly all male group (it's usually hitting up a place when someone gets a promotion), and they tend to be on the high end of the tipping scale according to the chart.

      That sort of fits.If there are 6 of you and the bill comes to $300, you each lay down $70/$80 - except for the one guy who has $55 in his wallet and only had bread and water. You know the sort.

    8. Black people are notorious bad tippers. Ask any group of servers who don't have a lib bias.