Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bin Laden Trutherism. Also Still happening

Via anon. Freepers do love their conspiracies, especially when they make a Democrat look bad. Indeed, almost exclusively when there's a partisan angle. Unlike a lot of conspiracy theorists, Freepers for the most part don't seem indulge in conspiracies to feel like one of the enlightened elect, but rather to hate Democrats in more and better ways. It's like Freeper racism - it was always kinda there, and for the usual reasons, but it's been ramped up to better hate Obama. Same with gay marriage - one of the reasons Freepers will die on that hill is because Obama wants it. And their reaction to Hillary Clinton's potential run shows even the most fringe and quickly dropped rumors are saved on Free Republic to bring up decades later.

So Freepers take a Michael Savage rant that Seal Team 6's helicopter accident was murdered by the Administration, and it's almost exclusively crazy theories.

Telepathic Intruder lays out the thesis.
I think Obama wasn’t too happy about OBL being taken out, so he organized a hit along with the Taliban.
Noted conspiracy nut LyinLibs, of course, is on board.
OBL mission was BS theatrics.

Bin Laden was never at that compound.

Extortion 17 was betrayed/murdered to shut up those SEALS and threaten remaining SEALS to keep quiet about the fake OBL mission.
griswold3 demands a body, or it Bin Laden wasn't killed:
I’m from Missouri. If OBL is dead, Show Me. Otherwise, something’s afoot.
Dead men tell no tales.
Engedi repeats some Internet rumors:
I believe that part of the story is at the last minute, 6 afghan soldiers jumped out and 6 new ones got on the CH-47.

Also, the parents and families were told they couldn’t see their bodies because they were burned beyond recognition, etc.

However, one of the Parents obtained a photo of several of the Seals bodies perfectly in tact and not burned.

Can you explain that?
Engedi follows up with my favorite horror:
The families want answers as well: why Biden outed Seal Team 6, why a Muslim Cleric was invited to speak at funerals of the Seals in which he spoke Arabic and dammed their souls to Allah. Why they were told their bodies were burned and cremated, when one of the parents obtained a photo of several bodies of seals perfectly intact and not burnt.

They were outed and betrayed....
What kind of faith do you have if Muslims have magic Arabic hell-word powers that totally supersede any Jesus-based redemption?

GrandJediMasterYoda is sure the Bin Laden raid was faked.
I don’t think OBL was taken out. It was all a sham which is why Matt Bissonette said the guy he shot looked nothing like Bin Laden and why to this day we have not seen one shred of evidence. OBL - THE #1 enemy of the USA, you would think after 3000 deaths plus all the vet deaths looking for him they would have LEAST shown a photo of that scumbag with a bullet in his brain, but NO because it NEVER HAPPENED and that’s why those Seals were taken out, to shut them up. It was a SHAM put together by Al-Qaeda and this Islamic enemy agent in the White house.
RckyRaCoCo indulges in some speculative victimhood of Bush, which always makes Freepers feel more correct:
Just image if Bush said..

"we got OBL...sorry, you can't see keeping with customs...we threw him in the ocean"

...would the MSM have pat Bush on the back, said nice job, case closed"?

...fat chance.
Shery has the all to common "This conspiracy is true because I don't trust Obama" argument.
I’m not sure Osama was still alive to be taken out. One cannot go forever on kidney dialysis. He’d been on dialysis in 2001.

We knew SEALs when my husband was in the military. We worked with the military for over 25 years as civilians and there were SEALs on our base. SEALs don’t talk about the actions they take, how they take out a target, and the stuff that was reported to be stated by SEALS after the “take-down”. I still feel that the SEALS were set up in that, and to make sure no one spoke of any misgivings, they all had to be taken out. The more I hear, the more I distrust EVERYTHING this administration does. The more I fear this administration. Obama does not intend to leave office with anything that was formerly America in place.
VerySadAmerican - military coup.
Maybe it will be the Seals who save America from the tyrant.


  1. Freepers really do like fiction. And they are not afraid to make up stories either.

  2. Lol. No one here, save one, has the faintest idea what happened to Osama and when, and what happened after. Neither do the Freepers, or Michael Savage.

    1. Wrong. EC knows. He knows because he was there.

    2. Really? EC, yes or no? Geez, you boys are as bad as the Freepies :).

      But that's ok. Munchausen wannabes with Obama-mania or Bush mania in both camps make life entertaining.

    3. Ha!

      But no - I only know what I have heard from people I consider reliable. You know one of them well indeed, Hahyrningur. Another you probably remember, but I'm not putting even his handle out on here. He's retired now and enjoying the peace and quiet of political debate. :P

    4. Lol. Here is what I know, or think I know. It flies in the face of all of the narratives out there.

      Osama died sometime before August 10, 2005. That is analysis from videotaped statements by Zalwahiri. After those statements there was sort of a confirmation - a very small, very local Pak newspaper claimed that Osama had died some time ago from wounds sustained in a firefight with "another Amir's group". That notice was referenced briefly in Dawn.

      Now, osama wasn't well before that either, he had kidney trouble requiring constant dialysis.

      After this, there was never any confirmable video of him - indeed there were some stuff so clearly faked that they used a standin with short stubby fingers Osama had fingers so long and slender they looked like squids.

      So at the time of the raid, O was dead. They may have killed some of his family. But the whole raid is swimming in disinfo - for example, the claim was that "the fort" had no electrical power and no comms, still pictures of it grabbed elsewhere showed not just one antenna but several huge dishes, one of them pointing just about straight up.

      Whatever happened in the raid, the Seals cannot tell. I figure the Bush admin kept Osama "alive" because having a bogeyman was useful, and AQ played along because admitting his death openly was not so good.

    5. Oh, and lest anyone thinks I'm taking credit for the Zalwahiri analysis: it's not mine. I happily take a backseat to the level of dissection that was done there :).

      As for who the "other Amir" may have been. Hekmatyar, quite probably.

  3. "Just image if Bush said.. '"we got OBL...'"

    i imagine that bush does quite often.

    1. "Just image if Bush said.." "Testify? Well, I'd be glad to visit with them..." regarding 9/11. Oh, wait! That is what he said. He never testified.

  4. "...a Muslim Cleric was invited to speak at funerals of the Seals in which he spoke Arabic and dammed their souls to Allah."