Friday, July 18, 2014

Spotlight Friday: OneWingedShark

A Freeper uncommonly hip to pop culture - his profile features the usual Founding Fathers quotes, and also some stuff from Vampire: The Masquerade. He also has a nod against the War on Drugs. And I think he may have a deviantart account.

Politically, he's into two big things: killing all the Mexicans and Civil War II. He will often copy-paste his home-brewed Constitutional justification for a border state to just declare invasion and start artillery barrages on the boarder. See, once you say the magic invasion word, the Federal government is required to help you repel said invasion. And if they don't, you can kill them too!

The legalistic focus while ignoring the human response is vintage college ideologue, except with a bit more desire to kill many, many people.

Broney Spotted:
I'm sorry, but we have Putin, Ponies, and Obama on a coolness scale.
Having Obama on that scale makes almost anything look cool… at least 20% cooler.
Also Warhammer 40k:
What’s a GOP?
Group of Other Progressives.

I also caught references to The Tick and the comic Empowered, and probably other stuff too esoteric even for my nerdy self.

I hate the government so much, I love Benedict Arnold. Top THAT, Freepers
Why do I get the distinct impression that Benedict Arnold was far more patriotic than most in the government's high-up places? [Congress, the Presidency, SCOTUS]
Because he really was a war hero?
In 2010, he was sure the market would crash upon Obama's reelection:
The Zero Syndicate will do all they can to keep the Dow above 10k before the elections, just as they’ve fixed the numbers to keep “official” unemployment below 10%.

Question: What do you think the DOW go to after the election?
My Guess: About 3000.

Question: What will the “official” unemployment numbers become after the election?
My Guess: 20%-26%
re: an attempt at immigration reform in 2013:
Hm, well, is it time for ropes and lamp-posts?
Immigration melodrama:
Fedgov is conducting an invasion of the States.

This needs to be said, big and bold.
His Grand Plan to Solve the Border And Kill Mexicans And Be A Folk-Hero
Governors are more powerful than you might think; they could, today, radically change the political landscape for the country.

I will now show just one way a governor could do so.

Being that I live in New Mexico I will use that state in my examples; most states should have similar language in their Constitutions.

  • First, declare a state of invasion; the New Mexico State Constitution gives the Governor such authority

  • Second, call upon the militia, both organized and unorganized [in the case of New Mexico], to enforce our southern border’s security with lethal force.

It is important that this be the case, for the legal reason that anything less than lethal enforcement would be evidence against an actual state of invasion (i.e. it would be circumstantial evidence that the action was wholly political in nature).

  • Third, apply to the Federal government demanding that they send assistance in the form of protection from the foreign invaders just as the United States Constitution requires

This leaves the Federal government with three options:

Give such aid.
This would be quite politically embarrassing for the portion of the government which is unapologetically open-border, and considering that they make up a not insignificant portion yields this to be a very unlikely scenario.

Withhold aid and attempt to remain neutral.
This is very likely the policy which will be chosen. It would not be embarrassing the open-border crowd, and it would not be overtly siding with foreign nationals against Citizens, yet it would not be very kind to them either, as it would prove that the Federal government has no intention of upholding its obligations; this will add much support to the 10TH Amendment/State’s-Rights movements such as the Firearm Freedom Acts proposed by several States which seek to repudiate the regulations laid upon the States by the Federal government via the Commerce Clause.

Act against the State of New Mexico.
This is the most interesting alternative as any action against the State of New Mexico, whether it be executive, legislative, or judicial would be giving aid and comfort to the enemies of one of the Several States: that is it would be Treason, and very easily provable so. Not even the Supreme Court could resist: for if they did then they would obviously be attempting to act in a manner both superior to and contrary to the Constitution and they are not given the power to amend the Constitution.

So, in conclusion, this course of action is very-much a win-win situation for us: we would be legally forcing the correct action of the government OR causing it to prove that it has no intention of upholding "its end of the deal," thereby forcing it to divest any pretense for the legitimacy of its authority. While the spin in the national media will likely be horrible, any governor that actually did something as daring as this would likely become an instant folk-hero.
He's been posting that for the last 3 years at least.

More awesome ideas:
What would YOU have a state militia do against federal authority?


  • If that federal authority acts against the lawful stopping of the invasion — kill them.
  • If the federal authorities try to do nothing, seeing it as a no-win situation, gin up agitation in other states.
  • If the federal authorities help, then good. (But don't be too trusting — they could be trying to maneuver to get a good shot at planting a knife in your back.)
Another plan that involves killing:
Dealing with the invaders (and their allies)

  • Issue rewards of $100,000, after taxes, for the Mayors, City Council (or equivalent) members, Sheriffs, and Poliece chiefs of all sanctuary cities.
  • Issue orders for the army to siege, one at a time, sanctuary cities (this includes shutting off water and electricity) – allowing the citizens to leave, apprehending ununiformed invaders.
  • Try these collaborators with Treason — publicly hang them when they are found guilty.
  • Treat the apprehended invaders as POWs until their trial -- sentence them to death by public hanging if they are found guilty. Continue the above until the illegals flee in terror.

Yeah, I'm not 100% deportation… because I consider violence an acceptable solution.
For someone who seems a comic book fan, you'd think he'd recognize supervillian thinking.

He wonders how the public would take shelling everyone crossing the border:
Sealing the border would require less than 200 Paladins, according to my calculations.
But I do wonder how this plan would be received by the general populous — as it does involve dropping high-explosive rounds on all illegal crossing incidents.
Never mind artillery or hanging Mayors and shooting Federal officers, the real solution is war!
It’s not a declaration of war on Mexico...sadly.
I think military action is about the only workable solution right now.
He's a vet, who feels his oath requires overthrowing the government...any day now:
I am ashamed as an American Vet that you have to feel the way you do. I have failed somewhere along the line for sure.

As am I.

I rather hate that adhering to our oath, using violence to oust enemies domestic of the Constitution will be called an attempt to overthrow the government... but this is where we are.
In fact, the lack of a military coup means everyone in the military should be courtmartialed:
So you believe that all of the tens of thousands of officers serving in the military who HAVEN’T followed Lakin’s lead are without honor and guilty of Conduct Unbecoming?

In a word, yes. (But not *just* on the issue of Obama’s eligibility.)
The officers are too much of the “armchair quarterback” style of person when it comes to the Constitution; as a matter of fact ALL THREE branches of government figuratively shit all over the Constitution.

How many Officers threatened to use their training [war] on the members of Congress in response to Obamacare?
— (BTW, that makes it a *FELONY* not to have health insurance in 2014... and we all know what happens to felons concerning guns.) How many officers have DEMANDED that the AZ borders be sealed against illegal aliens?
— This is EXPLICITLY GUARANTEED in the Constitution; Art 4, Sec 4
— “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion[.]”

How many officers demanded the Blood of the Supreme Court Justices for their de facto alteration of the 5th Amendment to allow eminent domain to be to seize for PRIVATE usage?
— Their EXTRAORDINARILY FLIMSY reasoning was that it served the “public interest” to do so because of PROJECTED tax income.

If *these* aren’t domestic enemies of the Constitution then I ask, pray tell, *what* are?

{If you want to argue that the Constitution is whatever the USSC says that it is, I’m game... but I won’t pull any punches in proving THAT a tyrannical, lawless and arrogant institution.}

Civil War 2: the Right To Kill Mexicans:
CWII Spark — The continual refusal of the authorities to protect the citizenry from invasion could very well end badly for them.
Civil War 2: The War against the Governers
CWII Spark — Lying governors may yet force the local citizenry to arm themselves and act (i.e. the original militia ).
Civil War 2: Armed Protesters
CWII Spark — Government may not react kindly to armed protestors.
Civil War 2: Secret Federal Ninjas:
CWII Spark — Clandestine operations against the several states? Sounds Like It Is Treason Season.
Civil War 2: Hobby Lobby
CWII Spark — Stomping on people’s religious belief, a surefire method for pacifying a population already close to the civil unrest. [/sarc]
Civil War 2: Eggs are Really Expensive These Days
CWII Spark — Food, or the lack of it, could spark things. The question is if it’ll spark in time to prevent another Holodomor.
(Armies travel on their stomachs, restrict food and you restrict the effectiveness of any opposing you.)
Civil War 2: The Basement Dweller's Crusade:
CWII Spark — While some think that it’s a bad thing “having kids living in the basement” it may well be the thing that causes some form of coherence when the SHTF: after all, if /they/ didn’t spare Dave-down-the-street what makes you think they’ll spare you or your family? — Personally, I’d rather have citizens with connection to family rather than government.
Man, those other guys sure do want a Civil War with a sexual fervor! Not me though...
The Powers That Be want it... they are orgasmic over the idea of sparking off a civil disturbance so they can impose their will with deadly force.


  1. What love and tolerance! Pinkie Pie would be proud.

    1. Applejack would probably go for it. She's got a dark streak.

  2. Sounds like OneWingedShark is trying out ideas for a new "Hunger Games" style novel ... seeing what kind of bull shit scenarios gets the greatest reaction from the crazy ladies of FR.

  3. "Without the Law, Charity means Nothing."

    I have seen some spooky shit at Free Republic but the above is just chilling.

  4. Well, Warhammer 40K is about as big government as it gets, but they also have the following very Freepish things:

    Shooting anyone who doesn't agree with you
    Shooting anyone who doesn't LOOK like you
    Sometimes just plain shooting anyone.
    Religious family values!
    Corruption you can burn away with a flamethrower.
    A black and white worldview that WORKS!