Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fear every Muslim you see

Freepers may consider themselves rugged individuals living by their own rules, but they really love to consider other people by the groups they're in. Blacks, Latinos, single women, all are presumptively flawed.

Alas, I did not follow Free Republic before September 11 2001. In 2003, I don't remember much discussion of Islam. It wasn't until 2004 I saw my first Muslim thread. I remember it was the first time I wasn't amused by Freepers, but the effort they put into dehumanizing billions of people was nonetheless compelling - I like to think because it's rare to see it openly these days.

Anyhow, here a Muslim Republican finds the hate in her own party troubling. Freepers suddenly know all about what she's really thinking, and it isn't pretty. Heh; cute ambiguity there.

bicyclerepair likes his GOP pure:
Inbred pedophile worshipping misogynists aka mozlums are not welcome
carriage_hill brings out the big guns - lack of capitalization!
The difference between islamists and muslims?

islamists wear the bomb vest; muslims use a remote control.

No, I don’t cap either of those filthy, murderous words.
E. Pluribus Unum also makes with the weird-spelling-as-petty-triumph.
...I was at the Heritage Foundation panel on Benghazi last month, where I asked the now-infamous question about how conservatives deal with the vast majority of people of my faith who are peaceful.

She wasn't there about Benghazi. She was there as a covert Musloid agent.
Chode just throws out insults:
Let’s play a game:

How many different way can Mo-Ham-Head be spelled?

OK i'll start, Child Rapist... well close enough anyway
cripplecreek's hate is dismissive and pure.
Lying bitch.
carriage_hill also uses female-specific insults:
Ping to muzzie skank at Heritage Forum...
tomkat will not allow that Muslim values might be similar to Free Republic's values:
.. I felt that my Islamic values – pro-life, pro-traditional family, pro-business, pro-trade ..

Always A Marine enjoys spreading a misunderstanding Islamic doctrine:
Muslim may lie to unbelievers. Shia Muslims have almost unlimited license to lie to non-Muslims if the lie advances Islam, while Sunnis are allowed to "dissimulate" -- or conceal the truth from unbelievers. In this case, Saba Ahmed appears to follow the Sunni practice of Taqqiyah by refusing to give any direct answer that would hurt the cause of radical Islam. The West is in a war for its survival, but doesn't realize it yet.
Note the details and distinctions to make it more truthy.

caww joins the yes party of people who have carefully studied Islam through right-wing blogs.
Islam is not compatible with human civilization; cannot coexist peacefully with any civilized people or organization. People who follow islam will lie to the contrary, but they are just infiltrators with evil intent.

Like the insect commercial, they just want to get inside.

They intend nothing other than deception and destruction.

That's right....Muslims don't come here because they desire freedom...they come here to lay claim to this nation for Islam. There's very little push back and in fact a welcome mat by idiots who haven't a clue who they are dealing with.

The ONLY Peace their ideology teaches is Peace through Islam....their meaning of peace is never apart from Islam ...it's meaning is always framed to appear deceptively similar to our idea of Peace. It's not and can never be so.
Leaning Right doesn't bother with making up Islamic doctrine, and just puts thoughts into this woman's head:
I would like to ask her two questions. It would be interesting to hear her answers, if she were to answer honestly.
1. Should Muslims who convert to another religion be punished?
2. Should Christians have the right to build churches in Saudi Arabia?

I'm guessing her (honest) answers would be "absolutely" on 1, and "absolutely not" on 2. And that's all you would need to know.
Gen.Blather goes into other groups who can't really be Republicans:
Oh, and don’t call yourself a Republican. I have a Lesbian cousin who has never voted for a Republican who claims she’s a Republican.
Sacajaweau seems to believe every convert away from Islam is beheaded.
Sorry....ANY muslim is a supporter of their murderous ways whether they say so or not.

In other words...give up being a muslim. Oh, they'll behead you?? Imagine that...that so called wonderful religion.
caww sets a Freeper with Muslim friends straight on what his friends actually believe:
....”there is a lot of common ground between moderate Islamic values and American social conservatism. We should be glad for that because it helps our side, even if just a little”....

Well you can believe your post if you want to..but you’ve been deceived more than you realize. Nobody thought Obama would be where he is today nor doing what he’s doing.....now imagine when the Muslim population increases within our Government. ....do you think your Muslim friends will oppose the Islamification of this nation?...can you honestly say they won’t support that and the demand for Shariah law in our country?
newfreep comes down hard on a newer (though still assholeish) Freeper who thinks some Muslims might be alright:
As Michael Savage points out, there is a lot of common ground between moderate Islamic values and American social conservatism.

Sorry, newbie but you could not be more wrong!

islam is an evil, satanic death cult.

There is no such thing as "moderate islam". That's like saying satan has a moderate side.

Newbie, you're exposed as a leftwing supporter of satan and his death cult...now get the hell out of here!!!!
make no mistake puts his post in quotes for no reason:
“Never forget: Both Muslims and Islamists share the same goal, Sharia law for the entire human race. If a Muslim isn’t dedicated to that goal...he’s not a Muslim:”
DManA knows Muslims never join organizations because they want to - there is always a scheme...
They are busy molling their way way into every American institution to subvert them. Her particular target was the Republican party. Amazing they caught on to her.
PapaBear3625 also knows what Muslims other people know actually believe.
I know a lot of Muslim doctors who are wonderful people; they are not Islamists.

Ask your Muslim doctors what they think of people who mock Mohammed.

If they think such people should be killed, then I don't want them in the Republican party.

If they are fine with people mocking Mohammed, then they are either lying, or not really Muslim.
EBH gets real condescending about how Politics is not Religion...?
See...America hates muslims because they will not submit to Islam. Even her rhetoric about the word Islam meaning peaceful is a lame attempt to deceive! Islam means submit/surrender.

She doesn’t like the Republican Party because the educated elements of the party know the truth about her religion and her attempts to infiltrate the party.

The fact that she even wrote an article regarding her perceived prejudices demonstrates her attempt to get the Republican Party to submit to Islam, not just accept her as part of the party, but to accept and VALIDATE her religion.

Sorry sweetie...politics in America doesn’t quite work that way. Politics is not Religion.
pallis, of course, completely contradicts the above.
Muslims who are Republicans should thank Western civilization for their opportunity to participate freely in politics. They should also convert to Christianity, and abandon their evil religion. But short of that they should quit whining about the suspicions non Islamic peoples have towards Islam and its zombies.
Gen.Blather thinks hard about how Muslim immigrants are much worse than past immigrants.
You see, my grandparents came here from Germany. They refused to even speak German in the home to each other. When they argued they looked up words in the dictionary. The Muslims I know even if they’ve been here more than half their lives or were born here, have not Americanized. They are still trained and are living in a ninth century culture of marrying 13 year old girls. They still talk about killing those who are not Muslims. They don’t do anything about it because, so far, they’re in the minority.
Wonderful Muslims need to become wonderful Christians. There is no middle ground.
"There is no middle ground" really sums up Free Republic perfectly.

carriage_hill enjoys breezy genocide references.
A peaceful Muslim is a Muslim at room temperature.

I prefer them at 1500°F.


  1. This drives me nuts. The vast majority of Muslims are JUST FUCKING PEOPLE! They want the same thing most people want - a little space and a little chance for their families to prosper. They are normally damned fine people, proud as hell, and will give you the shirt off their back.

    Yes, there are nutters. There always will be - consider the sanity of the last several mass shooters in the US. All Christian (except for the Fort Hood guy), virtually all white, and invariable mentally disturbed. Why should a population of over a billion be any different?

    1. Forget it, EC, it's FReepertown

    2. EC, sign in to your Freeper account and post this there.

    3. I'm tired of being labeled as a liberal who approves of radical Islamic crimes and practices just because I feel the same way as EC. Recognizing that most people are just fucking people who want the same things most people want does not make you a "liberal muzzie lover" in the derogatory sense (not that their could be a flattering sense).

    4. Rip uncle slaytonJuly 15, 2014 at 6:14 PM

      "EC, sign in to your Freeper account and post this there."

      I think EC is EC1, and given his FR history - http://www.freerepublic.com/tag/by:ec1/index?tab=comments;brevity=full;options=no-change - he's probably not going to oblige.

      But EC, prove me wrong. I understand the need to code switch in different contexts. Maybe asking you to stand up in a hostile environment like FR is too much.
      I don't see why you're shining us on, here at freeper madness, with your reasonabletoleranceness, though.

    5. "Forget it, EC, it's FReepertown"

      That was great! Thanks for the laugh. I read that in that guy's voice too!

    6. I've tried. It's like trying to pound nails into a steel beam. Futile and painful. Like packman_jon said - it's freepertown.

      There are always going to be people scared of anything different. People don't like being scared, or indeed thinking too much.

      @RIP - one reason only. A lot of hard right conservatives read here to get indignant at being laughed at, though they rarely respond. You pick your venues carefully when trying to open minds slightly. Here - I can't be zotted.

  2. "When they argued they looked up words in the dictionary."

    freeper false memory of the day ...

  3. "....do you think your Muslim friends will oppose the Islamification of this nation?...can you honestly say they won’t support that and the demand for Shariah law in our country?"
    Change "Islam" to "Christian," and "Shariah" to "Biblical," and you can easily see why they're so worried. This is projection. The vast majority of us don't want ANY religion installed to rule us, regardless of which one it is.

    1. Bingo. Freepers don't seem to get that as much as the left opposes the Religious Right, we're A-OK with a theocracy as long as it's a non-Christian one?

  4. "Shia Muslims have almost unlimited license to lie to non-Muslims if the lie advances Islam, while Sunnis are allowed to "dissimulate" -- or conceal the truth from unbelievers."

    Except this is categorically false. Shi'ite allows for taqiyya only when the person's life is in jeopardy. And even this is up to debate as Islamic scholars argue whether or not it's legitimate.

    These guys are just wrong.

  5. "Sharia law for the entire human race"

    Even Muslims don't like Sharia law. Ever notice those large groups of people in a mass exodus away from Islamist insurgencies? Yeah, those people- in some cases hundreds and hundreds of thousands- are fleeing Sharia law being practiced.

    Indonesia has the largest population of Muslims in the world. They don't want Sharia.

  6. "a ninth century culture of marrying 13 year old girls"?

    They're using modern sensibilities to condemn a man who lived nearly 11 centuries ago?!!

    1. Plenty of American Christian fundamentalists are just fine with marrying off 13 year old girls.

    2. Happen they should take a peek at 13th C Poland or Germany. 15th C England or France. 20th C Italy and Spain.

      Americans have an odd relationship to sex. They obsess about it but don't particularly like it. :P

  7. Especially funny to hear accusations of being a death cult from people who jerk off to the death of criminals, want to genocide about a billion people, call for the hanging of their political opponents....