Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Illegal Children Are Being Sent to ... The Chicago

430 of the tens of thousands of illegal children are being sent to Chicago. Kudos to the writer who realized that adding Chicago to the current high-drama anti-immigrant mix would be irresistible Freeper clickbate.

It's one of the more transparent symptoms of Free Republic's commitment to the efficiency of hating by groups, while also hating everything about leading Democrats. When Pelosi was the big Dem, San Francisco was suddenly the worst. When Obama arose, it was Chicago. I can only guess Little Rock had it's moment as the worst place ever back in the day.

To be fair, Chicago is obliging Freeper hatred with an uptick in gang violence. The right-wing media is playing up like it's a warzone from some 1980s urban apocalyptic movie.

So add in Freeper's hilarious misapprehensions about the state of Chicago with their growing attempt to pivot away from raging against children (and Freepers always pivot towards crazy), you get a short thread with an impressive insanity density.

umgud is pretty sure the cartels of Honduras are about like the gangs of Chicago.
Brought 430 of them to Chicago? So they left Central America to get away from gangs and crime and where does Obama send them?
leapfrog0202 is sure Chicago is a deathzone.
Chicago, of all places? Sheesh. They could get shot just for being in Chicago - double digits every weekend practically.
Jonty30 jokes about Chicago's depopulation.
Chicago is being replenished because it is running out of people to shoot.
Vince Ferrer's blatant ignorance/dishonesty is actually kinda shocking
I’m not sure that’s an improvement from where they came from.

It isn't, the murder rate is worse.
I googled. Honduras has a murder rate of 90/100,000. Chicago had 18.5/100,000 in 2012, and it's down since then.

hoosiermama turns to hating the children:
How many of those 430 have gang tattoos?
GailA has a hilariously Hollywood idea of how to avoid disease:
TB is the least, MERS, MERSA and Leprosy are among those highly contagious diseases.

Why has NO ONE asked the questions WHY NO MEDICAL BIO HAZARD SUITS, NO DECONTAMINATION AFTER EACH EXPOSURE. Which means the medical staff who know better and the Border Agents are spreading it home to their families and in to your community!

Start calling our county and state officials, it can be stopped if there is a big enough out cry.
tumblindice's studies of the Drudge Report have turned up only sinister pics!
All of the pictures I’ve seen posted of these “children” depict mostly men and young men who look Los Zetas graduates.

This may be why the DHS doesn’t want visitors. People returning home would tell their friends, acquaintences, churches and social clubs, e.g.:

Joe Earnest, U.S. Representative speaking at St. Mary’s annual pancake dinner, “I wish I had better news, guys, but these ‘unaccompanied children’ appear to be MS-13.”
At first I was pretty pissed at that kind of race-bating coming from a Congressman. But I looked into it, and there is no such Rep. Maybe the new press secretary Josh Earnest? Though then the quote makes no sense. Anyhow, seems like BS.

Speaking of BS, heylady read wrong things somewhere!
I read somewhere that the median age for these “children” was 19.
Tennessee Nana tries to tie both the hateful threads together with speculation and racism:
Maybe its their illegal alien parents doing the shooting
VanShuyten is sure this is part of Obama's plan to hide illegal children all over America...Step three is they vote somehow!
I’m getting damn tired of this. All this dispersal of illegal aliens is so in the future Obama can just say, “We don’t know where they all are, so we can’t deport them.”

If you think finding emails is hard, try finding an 18 year old, who has no records in the US except some court appearance promise, who doesn’t want to be found. Even if the Congress and the Presidency turn Republican, there will be no way to find them to deport them.
ronnie raygun with the inevitable:
CLOWARD PIVEN, overwhelm the system into collapse
laplata thinks these 430, plus the nigh-infinite shootings, may turn Chicago Hispanic:
if there is a twenty year plan of the browning of America, that’s one thing, but I don’t see a change for the short term.

There a number on each side that will be killed off by the others.
ChicagahAl suspects something sinister.
A few years ago, Chicago had the second largest Hispanic population in the US, behind Los Angeles. I don’t know if that’s still the case, but it probably is.

This isn’t about changing the demographics. I suspect there is something much more sinister afoot. Obama is certainly complicit, but it’s probably above both his and ValJar’s pay grade to know the endgame.
Above Valerie Jarrett? I think that leaves only SOROS and the Devil.

Cementjungle is beginning to understand...this is Communism:
I'm beginning to understand now. $6K/month per kid is a lot of cash. Giving even one kid to a family (i.e. some single mom, some gangbanger, etc.) instantly brings them into the middle-class... at taxpayer expense of course.

More wealth redistribution.
UCANSEE2 teaches us all:
The US has been relaxing drug laws.

The cartels need LOYAL dealers and distributors. Ones who have family left behind. Ones who would die rather than get arrested.

Heroin is the new rage, and the new network is being put in place. Your tax money is even paying for the network.

Now you know.
kearnyirish2 thinks this is some way to repopulate America's ghost-towns for the teachers unions.
I’d imagine it is about re-populating areas abandoned by Americans to keep the bureaucrat class employed; that is why NJ doesn’t enforce any immigration laws. If they didn’t traffic these illegals here, we’d have ghost towns complete with empty school buildings (and a lot of unemployed government workers). Now we’ve kept our population up, though those same areas resemble Indian reservations filled with five foot Aztecs and Incas and their anchor babies...
hoosiermama lays out the sinister Mexican-Black-Muslim drug-murder-prostitution Jessie Jackson-Michelle Obama-Barack Obama-Kaddaffi connection!
FYI. The community that O organized was controlled by a black Muslim street gang founded by a Mexican drug cartel
Jesse J’s half brother Noah Robinson as in M Robinson O is doing life for his involvment with the gang. Besides drugs they also did murder for hire, female-male prostitution and were charged with domestic terrorism via gun running/Kaddaffi.
MO spent enough time in JJ home to be called sis by siblings More than one blog said all were close to Noah until his arrest. MO wore the gang colors to some inaugural events
And we wonder why our southern border isn’t closed. It might interfere with buzzness of friends and relations!
For links to research email me
Amazing. But Liz will never be out-crazied!
NRO reports adult illegals posing as "unaccompanied alien children" are attempting to enroll at Massachusetts public high schools. Some of them had gray hair, said they were 17 years old, and claim to have have no documentation.

School policy is to check w/ families---who identified the graying man enrolling in their school as a 35-year old adult.


Gray haired men enrolling in schools?

More likely drug lords and drug runners are infiltrating public schools---planning to set up long-term lucrative businesses. You know how that works? Giving kids free samples to get them addicted is part of the cartel business plan.

Graying men posing as high school teens could also be sex traffickers --- lining up nubile kid for their johns..... and the young 'uns for pedophiles who pay big bucks to get ahold of the little darlings.

Anyhow, tolerant and compassionate libbers whining about the "humanitarian crisis" must be OK with that (/snix).


Town fathers are also in for a shake-up when their carefully drawn budgets are looted by the "little children" and gray-haired high school students enrolling in their schools.

Hugo Chavez taught Boobamba a neat trick---if you don't have the votes to win---you import them from destitute countries. If you promise them billions in remittances they'll gladly empty out their villages.
I know I love to buy drugs from my grey-hared classmates in High School.


  1. On an article about a jealous National Guardsman who harassed and then murdered the target of his affection:


    She deserved it!!

    1. FReepers: SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!

      when they support our agenda

  2. I haven't read through the Madness yet, but as someone who lived near Chicago for almost a year, I'll add this:

    Chicago is goddamn huge. The urban area alone goes from the WI-IL state border on I-94 all the way down to about a half hour east of Gary. FReepers like leapfrog0202 make it seem like Chicago is Detroit in RoboCop even though areas like Downtown are fine.

    Of course, Chicago is being made out to be Detroit 2: Detroit Harder because of a certain politician that claims home on the South Side (and because the Dems have that city by the balls).

    Thanks, FReepers, I'm defending FIBs!

    1. I spent 2 summers in Chicago back in undergrad at internships. I didn't get shot even once, and it would be my favorite city were it not for the winters. So it's second behind SF.

      The urban hellhole some rural Freepers see in every city is pretty amusing,

    2. Black kids getting shot by the hundreds is amusing? Or are they actually lying when they are taken to the emergency room?

    3. You didn't read well enough ...
      Ozy said the boo-hoo scared little baby crying of freepers is amusing.
      And it is.

  3. So drug lords wily enough to do a reverse 21 Jump Street aren't smart enough to use Just for men??