Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Potpourri Pt. I

Viennacon goes off on his fellow Freepers who suggest maybe there was no fraud in Mississippi.
Sorry to tell you, jackass, but your family are a bunch of retards. THE EVIDENCE IS PLAIN. THIS WAS FRAUD! No way are we going to sit back and do nothing, and no way are we going to let Cochran walk back into the senate after he cheated, even if it means actively campaigning for Childers.

Now, go and worship your Karl Rove soap effigy and leave being a conservative to the actual conservatives.

I seriously wonder how you have not be zotted. What a stupid post.

And what is it your relatives love about Thad Cochran? Is it his bestiality? The affair he is having while his wife rots away in a nursing home? Is it all the pork he brings home? Is it the severe dementia which renders him a dribbling spluttering old goat?

Please, I want to know.
TalBlack Come for the colonial rationalization, stay for the 19th-century idea of Manly Battle.
We did to the Indians what they were trying to do to each other. We are, in sum, the best thing that has ever happened to Mankind period.

Indians WERE often as brave in battle as Men can be and as such are worthy of Tribute in the minds of Men who understand Human nature in battle.
Foundahardheadedwoman wants to invade Mexico, like Reagan would have.
This is an act of war and if we had a president like RWR we would now be at war with Mexico. Course if we had another RWR we wouldn’t be in this mess to start with.
blondee123 is pretty sure Obama killed that McDaniel supporter who killed himself after the Mississippi primary:
Another one to add to Bozos list! Wow, it’s out of control & no one cares!
bert has an easy algorithm for which evil historical figures Obama is most like:
It’s time to stop comparing Obama to ANY former president. He should be more aptly compared to the likes of Benedict Arnold, or even hitler. He is a traitor and hater of all things America (except the milk and honey) and failure to see his record, and true intentions, is reserved for the land of the stupid.

Idi Amin comes to mind...... he’s the correct color
Jim Robinson is all aboard the liberals = Nazis train:
What’s the difference between marxist/communist force and nazi or even progressive/collectivist force? None. Corrupt godless totalitarians, all.
Da Coyote is threatening liberals on the Internet again:
It’s getting long past time for the lefties of this world to start worrying. That’s as in “don’t close your eyes” worrying.

They’ve not yet seen right wing rage...and they had d*mned better hope that they don’t see it.
driftless2 is really enjoying his secession fantasy where Freepers are at last proven correct about everything:
Within five years of split, many millions of the libs would be banging on the conservative wall begging to be let back in. Why? Because the great majority of the leeches vote for Dems. They'll all move to the Dem country. There they would constitute about 50% of the population instead of the present 25%.

Plus, the libs would have the vast majority of the nation's violent criminals. Lib land would be a very nasty place to live without guns for the few law-abiding people. Oh wait, guns would be banned in lib land. Sorry libs, not getting back in without a huge payment on your part.
drypowder is pretty sure Obama is threatening all judges everywhere with firing if they don't rule like he wants, which is classic Alinsky.
If a judge is told by a party to decide his cases in a certain way, or one party can threaten the judge’s job if the case is not decided in that party’s favor, then this central pillar of our democratic society is corroded.

Ask Chief Justice John Roberts for details of how that thuggish democrat party ploy affected his ruling on the ACA.

Or ask all those judges who have denied hearing any obozo eligibility challenges in the face of proven forged birth docs. This is the norm under this lawless regime who is following Saul Alinsky’s play book and operating just like Chicago's organized crime syndicate. Obozo said himself; they bring a knife and we bring a gun.
SkyPilot tells a very believable story:
Two months ago, I met a African-American woman, very staunch Christian who loves Jesus Christ, hard working, husband is an Associate pastor, fit, caring, smart, loving.

We were in a social situation, and at the same function was a "GibsmeDat" woman. Obese, loud, crude, profane, selfish, unkempt, and unswervingly prideful.

The Christian woman was having a conversation with her, because she was becoming increasingly concerned with the other woman's behavior. Finally, she had had enough. She confronted the woman about her life, and the other woman was incredibly indignant about being called out for being a slothful human sponge to the taxpayers.

I also discovered that it is never called "welfare" or by the specific name of the program (TANF, Section 8, etc). It is always called "Getting Help." The only exceptions are the Food Stamp program is called "The EBT" and ObamaPhones are called, well, ObamaPhones.

It was a joy to see the Christian woman (who is married, raised a family, works, pay taxes) confront the other woman. She certainly wasn't going to called a "Raycis!" by the other woman. But boy, was the other lady angry about being called out.
Old Sarge on the bright side of the reaction to the Hobby Lobby case.
The great social media dustoff has had one positive benefit for me personally...

Closet Leftists masquerading as my friends have outed themselves, their hate visible for all to see.

No invites to the mead hall will be forthcoming.
Objective Scrutator knows only love for America explains why Zimmerman hasn't gone full gold fringe on the flag tin foil crazy:
After all the crap Zimmerman’s faced, he should have every right to become a sovereign citizen. That he hasn’t yet should prove to naysayers just how much he loves his country.
Nervous Tick is really enjoying some pics of Gaza burning:
Cool pix.

“Terror Group Hamas threatens to open ‘Gates of Hell’ if Israel Strikes... Israel has been ‘striking’ for several hours now, did Hamas lose the key? Or are they already in Hell?”

Fantasywriter knows what makes a good principle - crying when Reagan was shot.
I remember my jr. high principal, a black man, voted for Reagan. The day Reagan got shot he announced it over the intercom and asked us all to pray for our country and the president. I saw him about 15m later when we changed classes and he had tears running down his face...

Imagine that happening today.

Wow—what a story. And what a remarkable principal. I doubt you could find his like these days. But it’s wonderful that you had him back then. It’s moments like that which make a true, well-rounded education. After so much else is forgotten, the really important stuff remains.
Tax-chick is against anything with side effects:
This is all predicated on the idea that contraceptives are good for women. Read all the warnings that come with a package of birth control pills, and then try to say, “This is good for you!” with a straight face.
Hulka does not want to be tried in Washington DC, because of all the blacks.
Oh yeah, just what I want. . .to be judged by a bunch of Holder’s people. . .for actions in a war where no one holds their weapon sideways.
Salgak wants to poison everyone in Detroit:
Turn the water back on. But add a little something to it. . . (evil grin)


  1. Don't these secessionists remember what happened the last time? Didn't work out too well for them, did it?

    1. Meh - let them have their fantasy. It keeps them amused and off the streets.

      I do wish they'd spend more time thinking about solving problems instead of wishing for futile things though - it gets embarrassing.