Wednesday, July 9, 2014

America is now every dystopian novel at once.

Freepers' conviction that Hollywood is controlled not by money but by liberal propagandists is tempered by no small amount of envy of this imaginary control over the populace.

So there are simultaneous industries in the right wing bloggers reinterpreting popular media as left wing propaganda and publicly popular conservative truth cleverly disguised.

Which brings us to an article from Breitbart talking about how the Hunger Games' bleak future is totally what liberals want. Freepers chime in with all the other dystopian futures that liberalism will lead to - or, more often has already brought about.

Bigg Red, though, is too pure to care about any possibly conservative substance if the author is liberal:
I wish conservatives would take the time to understand this series to be able to speak to young people.

No, thanks. Not interested in any material produced by the America-hating leftists.
RKBA Democrat is sure a real Hunger Games is coming:
I am not suggesting that today’s Democrat Party will lead us literally to the society depicted in the Hunger Games series....

Oh, but I am. Together with their eager collaborators in the gop wing of the uniparty. Capitol looms large in our future.

It’s time for a divorce.
In fact, RKBA Democrat thinks its already here:
It is a fantastic series, and while the author is a lib, it was not written In a right wing bad, left wing good fashion. Basically, all sides can take some horror from it.

Contemporary Gomorrah-on-the-Potomac is very analogous to the Capitol outlined in the series.
The Duke prefers a world ravaged by global warming:
I would say we’re headed more to “Soylent Green” than “Hunger Games”. And, it’s the opening scenes of Soylent Green that are more telling and foreboding than the more famous ending scene - for example mobs of people rioting in the streets for food, and only the politically well-connected being able to get real meat.
Vince Ferrer is sure it's gonna be 1970s psychedelic jumpsuits everywhere:
My most likely future dystopia would be Logan’s Run. A whole society decieved as sheep, crammed into dense cities while the rest of the world has been abandoned. A dystopia that doesn’t look like a dictatorship , which can meet most of your needs, except when you want to be different.
GeronL goes with Huxley's novel based on the clearly communist future of where "The World State is built upon the principles of Henry Ford's assembly line:"
or maybe like Brave New World
Sheapdog is pretty sure liberals are using dystopian novels as a guide:
It’s just like Orwell’s books and to a lesser extant Huxley in that conservatives see the warning signs and detest the dystopian future while liberals take it as a blueprint and embrace overtly or covertly big brother as this is all modern humanism or postmodernism has for hope.
cripplecreek goes with that noted conservative Kurt Vonnegut.
They seem headed toward more of a Harrison Bergeron future where everyone is finally equal and everyone is worse.

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