Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Obama's assault on the First Amendment

Ted Cruz, called a proposed campaign finance bill in the Senate and attempt to repeal the First Amendment. Even some Freepers find such histrionics about a bill that won't pass to be a bit much. Others take it as an invitation to try to beat Cruz in a crazy race.

lbryce just cannot believe the Freeper nemesis have created would just leave office
I do not believe Obama is going to go quietly in the night. He just couldn't, wouldn't pass up such an opportunity to do something as devastatingly fundamental in the dismantling of our beloved Republic's most cherished, sacred principles. I believe he will go even beyond that. He just won't go without having fundamentally done something to change, weaken the United States of America in some catastrophic way.
They keep pushing and pushing and pushing...but, I don’t think they realize they are beating a hornet’s nest with a very small stick.

Pride (in what they THINK they can do to Americans) will be their downfall. Idiot, arrogant “representatives”.
kingattax is totally ready for Civil War II guys!
its about time to saddle up and ride to the sound of the guns
any Freepers go pithy and full of BS like FatherofFive
Load and lock.
molson209 is a bit Constitutionally confused:
2/3s of Senate required to propose.

Harry already changed this
ClearCase_guy thinks Democrats no longer care about majorities:
My fear is that the Dems will take a quick vote and then "deem" that it has been ratified.

I'm sure the media would jump up and say, "Well, there it is! It's done! You can't undo it now!!"
demshateGod knows there is a stealth bill out there that is the real assault on liberty:
And when that bill fails, they’ll get the bill they really wanted, R’s will high five, and we’ll lose more liberty.
ebmiller posted this like five different times.
Stop being delusional, the rule of law is dead!
Organic Panic explains that Freeper's version of the Constitution isn't being followed, so anything is possible!
The constitution has already been shredded. McCain Feingold was a blow to the first amendment. You have countless 2nd amendment violations every single day. The 4th. AHAHAHAHAHA. Thanks for the laugh on that one. 5th 6th all the bill of rights vaporized. What’s one more on more illegal unconstitutional law on the first amendment? Of course any law coming out of congress will exempt themselves, unions, and lobbyists. Heck, Obama’s internet czars already want mandatory internet IDs, as if that mattered with the NSA recording everything in the digital world.

“Embrace the suck? -Nasty Pelosi
Lazamataz continues to worry me with his sliding into paranoia.
Those who talk, do not do. Those who do, do not talk.

I'm not talking.


  1. Wait, WHAT? A teenage "missionary" from Oklahoma goes to Africa to work with kids, sexually molests both boys and girls, and Freepers blame -- AFRICA???
    I think I'm finally reaching my saturation point with these people. I used to think this was kind of fun to goof on them. It's too insane to be fun anymore.

    1. B - take a break. Keep diving in the insanity pool and you are going to get it yourself. A week off and you'll be fine again.

  2. One more, for good measure. Sorry it's not on topic.
    "Since 1965 or therabouts, the federal government has been paying mentally deficient breeders to pump these defective feral criminals units into the streets in a war against society. This is the bitter harvest of that effort."
    But, but -- I thought all life was sacred, and Margaret Sanger was a vicious eugenic bitch.
    Freepers: You cannot have it both ways.

    1. From a thread about an 80 year old shooting a pregnant woman who had broken into his home. It reads like she and her accomplice were running away. He shot her once and she fell down and begged him not to kill her because she was pregnant. He then proceeded to shoot and kill her and it appears was bold enough to brag about it to the local news the following day.
      To: headstamp 2

      You’re right but in his defense he stopped another generation of scum.

      7 posted on ‎7‎/‎24‎/‎2014‎ ‎10‎:‎49‎:‎13‎ ‎AM by longfellow (Bill Maher, the 21st hijacker.)

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      Freepers have been dancing around eugenics for a while.

    2. Ayep, saw that thread. It's pretty similar to the "Freeper sociopath" one from a month back, though there's some choice posts that'll show up in the Monday Potpourri. OrangeHoof has my favorite.

    3. "‘Don’t shoot me, I’m pregnant! I’m going to have a baby!’ Let’s see what the autopsy says..........even if she was, B&E is still B&E."

      And now we know that breaking and entering merits the death penalty.

  3. That's an old laz thing, I think. Laz was still not back last I checked.