Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Pope and Communism

Anonymous pointed out a thread where Freepers are hating on the Pope. Eh, we've been there and done that before.

But in this case, the Pope talks about Communism. You know, the impulse to have a society where everything is shared, like a lot of early Christians had? And in these days of Muslims and Blacks it's been a while since we've gotten Freepers to talk Communism. The distance of history acts to make their lack of nuance particularly stark.

But first, some Pope hate, because it's so much fun. humblegunner with the schoolyard taunt:
This is what diversity can get for you.

Shouldn’t everyone rejoice that there is a retarded Pope?
Considering he is a one lung wonder ..

Strange he made it this far..

Or is it?
Or maybe it's....Satan?

Norm Lenhart thinks the problem is that the Catholic Church allowed liberals in.
This pope is what happens when you set the wayback machine 50 years and start ‘moderating’ and accepting the liberals that openly vow to infiltrate your church.

you get a gull blown communist pope.
It's 'full blown' but I loved the typo.

piusv - this Pope doesn't count, and he has the 15th century rhetoric to prove it!
Not a legitimate pope. Anti-popes can do a lot of damage.
MaxMax is saying the Pope is a trained monkey or something...?
The Pope has a jar of colored marbles which correlate to a bumper sticker slogan.
And sometimes if he chooses the right marble he gets a sugary treat.
SkyDancer has forgotten both history and the forum he's posting on:
Huh? Communism has killed over 100 million people. Christian?
Westbrook's generalizations are iron-clad.
The pope is obviously a fool.

Communists are ATHEIST by definition.

all the best just says all the bad things in his head:
Marxism is anti-charity. Marxism is hatred,, violence, force, theft, mass murder, slavery, envy, jealousy. covetousness, ingratitude. I’m sure I left out some other nastiness.
all the best psychoanalyzes Communists:
It is never about love for the poor for them. How can I be so sure? People of love do not have so much blood on their hands. These people are motivated by hated, jealousy, etc. These are unhappy people. Wolves in sheep’s clothing. They are full of hate for the rich and successful. They are so unhappy that they want to tear down and tear apart those that tey se as being happy, successful, well off.
Salvation is not the only one to go straight to 'Nazis were Communists'
Visit the Killing Wall at Auschwitz. You won’t be laughing,
Redmen4ever on that famous Christian anti-Communist Ayn Rand.
Christian charity is agape. To love others as you love yourself. Christian love is not pity. Ayn Rand was attracted to Jesus’ teaching (actually, Jewish teaching) that we are to love our brother as we love ourselves; and, to Jesus’ comment on this teaching, of universal brotherhood, that we are to treat as brothers all those who treat us as brothers regardless of ethnic, national or sectarian differences. But, she rejected the perversion of Jesus’ teachings in the replacement of agape with pity, and she objected to the recourse to mysticism.
ebb tide's theology says nothing about helping the poor:
The problem is that poverty is not at the center of the Gospel. Salvation is. Also, Jesus told us that the poor will always be with us. Finally, Christ never mentioned that Pontius Pilate and his government should take care of the poor as the Communists claim their governments should.
Redmen4ever's Jesus also neglects the poor:
With regard to the Sermon on the Mount, the Pope is within the mainstream of Christianity in failing to grasp its message and, instead of actually listening to Jesus, make up what they want to hear and listen to themselves. The beatitudes have nothing to do with poverty. The two that seem to have something to do with poverty actually aren’t about poverty.

Blessed are the poor in spirit, Jesus says, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. First, poor in spirit, not poor. The two things - poor in spirit and poor - have nothing to do with each other.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they will be filled. This isn’t about poverty (not having enough to eat or drink).

None of the other beatitudes are about poverty either. Check it out. The beatitudes are not about poverty. What’s important is being poor in spirit and hungering and thirsting for righteousness. Each of poverty and wealth has its own temptation (Proverbs 30:9). Neither is a sign of the elect. (Matthew 19:26)


  1. Core values on display! Defending the bizzy ditch Bristol Palin, her unwed motherhood, divorce, and unabashed hypocrisy. Goooooo Freerepublic! You never disappoint.

    1. OH that thread is fantastic. They all turn against one freeper who dares claim Bristol isn't a perfect angel. The middle aged harridans that populate that site sure do love living vicariously through the young Palin.

    2. Agreed ...

      I like how ansel12 is claiming that Bristol had sex "once" at age 17 and got pregnant. Next he'll be claiming that Tripp is a divine virgin birth and Saint Bristol is immaculate.

      The you have missmarmelstein and the other wrinkle bags claiming Levi put irresistible pressure on poor innocent Bristol to have sex, just coming short of claiming he raped her.

      Yesssssss, lets not talk about how Sarah and Todd had Levi living in their house knowing full well their daughter was getting dicked every night (and most afternoons and mornings).

      And lets also not talk about Sarah's own "premature" birth of her own first son "Track" not long after her marriage and Track's quick marriage to his own pregnant girlfriend.

      So, the Palin's might have otherwise good qualities, but it's obvious they have problems keeping their pants (and panties) up.

    3. So they're an oversexed family. That doesn't bother me at all. What bothers me is the constant lectures they deliver on values and morality. Just stifle already, you horny hypocrites.

      I've come to the conclusion that freepers are more in love with the idea of Sarah Palin than the actual Sarah Palin. She's just another screwed-up righty who hits all the correct buzzwords when she speaks, but she doesn't actually deliver on anything she says she believes in. She represents to them a gutsy, churchy frontier woman who also looks like high-class ass to them, when in reality, she's none of that.

    4. "She represents to them a gutsy, churchy frontier woman who also looks like high-class ass to them, when in reality, she's none of that."

      HEY!!! Speak for yourself. Her ass is definitely high class. Nice legs, too.

      Not that those kick her up to presidential material. And for God's sake, can she hire a voice coach or something? I like to hear what she has to say, but between the "cute" folksy talk and a voice like a meth eating chainsaw, it's almost unbearable.

      There have been stranger presidents, I guess.