Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The three murdered Israeli teens

Three Israeli teens were kidnapped in the West Bank. Their bodies were found early this week. Netanyahu says Hamas is to blame - and Hamas has at least mentioned the kidnapping approvingly. Israel is reportedly weighing options for retribution.

It's been a while - lets dive into some collective revenge fantasies, shall we?

Kidnapping and murder aren't enough for Tainan, so he makes up some torture too.
Back channel sources tell of the horror that was their last days alive.
skeeter with the inevitable:
One day soon the world will be forced to deal with the murder cult called Islam.
Sarah Barracuda just loves her righteous rage SO MUCH:
They were killed shortly after being abducted..these Hamas scum, we are supposed to make peace with these will NEVER happen..the only way to deal with Hamas is to NUKE THEM..that can’t make peace with the condolences to the families of these young men..who were NEVER mentioned by Obama, no hash tag demanding their return, nothing was ever mentioned because they are Israeli..Muslim scum make me sick
alstewartfan on the coverup of how all Muslims loved 9-11:
These people danced in the streets in praise of our 911.

Kill them all.

Notice how the celebrations disappeared from network news after Day One. And the planes crashing soon thereafter. Keep ‘em stupid!
judicial meanz calls this murder, and the only solution is indiscriminate destruction:
Friggin barbarians.

I am so sick of the moral equivalency that is assigned to this terrorist crap. These boys were murdered, plain and simple. It isn’t an act of resistance to tyranny, or some type of romantic struggle for freedom on behalf of Hamas, the PA, and the Libs...its terrorism and murder, plain and simple. Amalek style.

I hope Israel returns these bastards to the stone age where they belong.
JPG - revenge by any other name:

ret·ri·bu·tion noun: punishment that is considered to be morally right and fully deserved.
rmlew prays for mass deaths:
Hashem yinkom damim G-d avenge their blood. But since the Lord rarely acts directly, let the IDF kill each and every terrorist recently traded for one Israeli.
SeaHawkFan knows Israel can be counted on to act as Freepers want.
Retribution from Israel will be quick and violent. Several Hamas leaders will pay with their lives.
caww knows even if Israel doesn't let its id run free like Freepers wish, it totally secretly did.
Israel picks it's fights....and usually this type will be dealt with “under the table”.
alstewartfan blames Obama for the kidnapping:
Obama invites this crap with his weakness and he doesn’t even care.

Weakness? He’s ROOTING for the Brotherhood. He’s one of them. BOb
Texas resident's updated version of Benghazi is amazing.
This gang watched a US ambassador murdered on tv and did nothing. So, a regular citizen is in serious danger over there.
They watched on TV in realtime, guys! Probably with popcorn and laughing!!

Obadiah goes beyond Obama, indicting all liberals for not caring enough about Freeper's chosen causes:
US citizen and nothing from the WH, not even a sign from Mooshelle and her celeb friends. Should I keep holding my breath? Oh wait, too late, he's dead. Maybe I should hold my breath, see if they hold up signs for Sgt. Tahmooressi. It seems when it comes to foreigners, suddenly it's "Our girls" but when it comes to US citizens, especially a US Marine held prisoner by an invading foreign country, it's the sound of crickets.

The same simpletons who cannot think or act for themselves. All they can do is jump on the latest populist bandwagon. Monkey see, monkey do. Proving once again that Liberals are incapable of thinking for themselves, they just go with the flow and do whatever they think is popular.

What about all the boys who were captured? What about those recruited into mercenary forces?

Oh yeah, they don't count. In a liberal’s little world it's only what's popular that counts.

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  1. "All they can do is jump on the latest populist bandwagon." I was listening to a radio show today where the host let a right-wing troll on the air and just indulged him for 15 minutes or so, and the guy sounded like he was off his meds. He sounded like he was going to laugh, then cry, then spew expletives, and he kept complaining how they were going to hang up on him, but they never did. He managed to hit on every right-wing AM radio talking point during the space of that time (even though none of them were on topic), sounding like he was going to burst into tears at any moment. I actually felt sorry for this guy. He sounded like he could still be a young man, but his Obama Derangement Syndrome has warped his personality beyond belief. His parting words were "You're a communist!" It must be nice living in an alternate reality.