Thursday, July 3, 2014

Bying an electric car means selling your soul to the Devil

Hilarious, Freepfan and Anon!

Freeper ctdonath2, who is Freep enough to show up on this blog a couple of times, found that with the State and Federal subsidies and tax credits, he could buy a Nissan Leaf for just about zero money.

Having a sense of humor, he posted this on the site. As expected, Freepers were pretty nonjudgemental to one of their own tribe for the most part.

For the most part.

Some Freepers see this avoidance of taxes as insufficiently doctrinaire. As their fellows point out how their argument fails, they get increasingly, amusingly, irrational.

ctdonath2 points out that he also pays taxes:
You didn’t subsidize my ride, I did. I’ve payed WAY more than $12500 in unfair taxes, now I get some back.
Which taxes are the unfair taxes?

Then we're getting a mini-spotlight of Democrat_media, who is obsessed with being Freeper than thou. Starting with this bit of hyperbole:
you’re selling out

you’re being bribed by government to further their green(communist) global warming agenda. global warming is a hoax

you are selling your soul to the Devil
Democrat_media moves on to lay out the logic of why buying an electric car means you're riding with Satan:
government is the devil. yes or no? yes

and they are bribing him yes or no. yes

government is evil , unaccountable, inefficient,corrupt yes or no? Yes
Democrat_media finds the original poster a clear Democrat environmentalist, due to insufficient of spite:
Below I quoted what you posted. that proves you are a socialist/marixist/democrat environmentalist. you don’t fool . who is destroying the planet, the evil oil and coal companies? here’s a clue global warming is a hoax. nothing wrong with coal and oil which is why you democrats had to INVENT a FAKE crisis like man made global warming to demonize oil , coal and capitalism and so enslave us and grow socialism

you said

“As for “evil environmentalism”, being conservative doesn’t mean deliberately trashing the planet. I’m all for being early adopter in lots of high technologies
Democrat_media also pays the government much more than he legally needs to:
I don’t take any tax deductions. and i don’t put up fake threads to shill for government/socialism on a conservative site like YOU do (”oh yes less all be good little sheep and take the great bounty that the gov is giving” ). that’s all bs. why do you choose to post this on a conservative site ?

i will also pay the liberty tax instead of signing up for obamacare

go sign up for your free obamacare, free gov housing ( the projects) enjoy being a slave

I am not a threat to you. i’m a little individual. the government , the IRS, that is a threat to you

you are a democrat/liberal/socialist shilling for YOUR God , government/socialism

your attitude enables the growth of this monster called government that is devouring us. are you liberals proud?
Democrat_media thinks smog is a hoax:
what smog or pollution you liberal? what about if pollution or smog were such a real problem then why did you democrats have to fabricate the global warming hoax to demonize coal and oil don't you understand?

government is more of a problem than any smog or pollution .. your government already banned lightbulbs for this global warming hoax and obama’s EPA is oppressing businesses with ridiculous mileage requirements for trucks and cars

have fun when democrats put you on an obamacare waiting list or you face their obamacare death panel .you enabled that. it all started with the lament “we have to do something about pollution, or global warming, or the no-healthcare crisis, or xyz, any fake crisis” that something is more government laws (more government) and an oppressive EPA

but you don't agree that gov is more of a problem than pollution so you are a socialist/statist. socialism doesn't work stop shilling for it you socialist
ctdonath2 finally has this quite witty riposte:
you are going to plug into their grid. you love being part of the collectivist hive don't you.

I'll continue to use gas guzzlers as long as they allow me to.i’ll also stock up on incandescent light bulbs since your government banned them. i bet that burns you up huh liberal that i”m such a “polluter” .what you want me thrown in prison or what?

i see an an intense push by the liberals/democrats for electric cars and other green crap. I see companies bow down to the liberals by pretending to be so green. so I wonder what other ulterior motives the liberals have with all the pushing of electric cars and green crap . i won't follow their wishes. you are and you attack me on ridiculous bs because i point that out. all we can do is protest peacefully now . and that is what I'm doing by not going along with their green crap. and plus i prefer incandescents and gas guzzlers. is that ok with you or do you want me thrown in prison, liberal?

“you are going to plug into their grid.”

So unplug your computer already. Please.
Responsibility2nd thinks he has paid all taxes:
Good for you.

Now come over here and give me a ride to the grocery store. If you’re gonna use my money to buy your car, then at the very least - give me a ride.

Oh. Be sure you have the number of several tow trucks on speed dial. You’re gonna need ‘em if you drive more than 50 miles.
Quite a few Freepers posted about the Leaf's lack of reliability. When the conversation turns to hybrids as well, Rodd OB and some other Freepers admit they've been bribed by the Devil for a long time:
my folks have a hybrid camry, it doesn’t improve mileage, all it does it add weight and eat up a lot of trunk space. My parents are already looking to just convert it back to full gas engine driven.

I told them before they bought it that it’s all hyped and they wouldn’t listen.

Something must be wrong with that Camry. I have a 2012 Camry hybrid LE that has averaged over 46.3 mpg since purchasing new in March 2012.

I am very satisfied with this car. Zero problems so far.
TheDon is not a deep thinker:
It’s an Obamacar. lol
andyk has a cheery sort of nihilism:
FWIW, I don’t blame you one bit. I personally think tax credits are pretty evil, but hey, we’ll never get rid of them, so why not join in and help destroy the system ahead of schedule?

What difference, at this point, does it make?
miss marmelstein seems a titch envious:
And now you can brag here at FR!
Fledermaus knows the real conspiracy is coming:
Wait until they start taxing you by the mile instead of through the gas tax. And believe me, they will.
Future Snake Eater:
I wouldn't pay too much attention to the peanut gallery. They will slam you for "taking their money" while they all claim various deductions & credits on their state & local taxes for dependents, home ownership, charity, etc. Hypocrites.

You took the words right out of my mouth. Sadly this is about the level of discourse I've seen on this site for a few years now.
It's fun to post these sorts of "Freep ain't what is used to be" comments, but given the clientele, I'll bet people have been saying that from the beginning. Though I have been seeing more and more of it in the past year...


  1. "Which taxes are the unfair taxes?"

    The taxes I pay, or are paid by Heroic Job Creators.

    All other taxes are fair, especially those paid by poor people.

  2. democrat media is sitting in his chair. The day well done, a glass of whiskey at his side and the TV turned off for the night. The only light in the room is from the monitor, Free Republic on the screen.

    He leans back. The chair is comfortable. His hand reaches out and unerringly finds the waiting cigar and box of matches. He's no uncouth lout, he knows cigars must always be lit with a match.

    A gentle snip and the cigar is circumcised and ready for smoking. Sniff the scent of freshly exposed tobacco, then place it between his lips.

    Wait. Matchbox in hand. The anticipation is part of the job well done. Expertly flick a single match out of the box. Strike it.

    The match lights, not with a splutter, but a roar. The light is too intense to bear, though there is no heat. He has to squint hard and look away.

    As suddenly as the flare started, it was gone. Eyes watering, he looked to the front and saw a tall, slim figure seated across from him.

    The figure sits. Smoke rises from a long and jagged finger nail as it moves across the laptop.

    "Did you write this?" the figure demands. Despite the stench of sulphur, he replies:

    "Yes." The figure glares at him, capriform pupis narrowing to slits.

    "You compared me. The. King. Of. Hell. To the fucking government?" The figure shook his head and idly dug a cloud of smoke out of his ear as he rose from the singed chair. "You got a lot to learn, boy. The government is the government."

    As the figure turned into mist and slowly dissipated, democrat media heard a cold whisper.

    "Never do that again and never forget this. I am actually efficient."

    1. Bravo! Good writing.

    2. "you are selling your soul to the Devil"
      Meanwhile, send your Social Security check and/or tax return to jimgod to preserve your liberty and freedom of speech at his whim.

    3. I couldn't resist. Sleep deprivation is a hell of a thing! :)

  3. I like how "the grid" doesn't seem to include the most subsidized industry in America, the oil and gas industry.

  4. Do these idiots have even two brain cells left to rub together to recall recent current events?
    Tax credits are great...for obscenely useless huge obnoxious vehicles. They're only communist if they're trying to do something useful, like cut down on pollution and save energy. Assholes across the board.

    1. Here is the FR thread for that story from 2003
      Who are those Wow..names aren't familiar.

  5. "The anti-[[electric car]] media makes it sound like free money but it's just accelerated depreciation, write-offs buisnesses would eventually get anyway. When the vehicle is sold there would be capital gains taxes to pay."
    Hummers good, electric cars bad? Tax credits sell soul to devil?

  6. Jimcompoop's first shaking-fist-at-clouds thread this 'thon to try and jostle a few dimes out of the fat and stupids ...

    Traitorous President Obama facilitates unconstitutional illegal alien invasion of the states!

    This grift-a-thon is starting out even worse than the last one, even the usual gang of harpies are pretty scarce ... the jimcompoop must have cut their pay.

    1. Oh, good God.

      "Border states must call out the miltia! Activate the National Guard!! Citizen groups must mobilize and resist!! Defend the borders!! Repel the invasion!! Last chance for sovereignty and Liberty!!"

      Jesus - just go for it. I'll chip in a case of ammo when you are actually on the border, in corpus. Might even sit and watch for a bit, it could be amusing.

      I have said in other comments that yes - the border needs closing, though it can never be fully closed. Illegals should be returned to their country of origin immediately as they come in.

      But this? Totally retarded and somewhat dangerous. Other members of FR have an out - the statement at the bottom of each page that the views expressed are private expressions and do not represent FR policy. JimRob doesn't have that out. He owns the place. By definition, his posts are FR policy.


    Oh man, butter's gone even further off the deep end since getting unbanned.

    That thread's chock full of her crazy, cumulating in her insisting that the military (or someone) needs to arrest Obama for attempting to SET OFF A NUKE ON AMERICAN SOIL a few months ago as part of some sinister false flag op. Fortunately, a random patriotic military dude managed to detonate the bomb in the ocean instead, so Obama fired a bunch of people, and then I guess forgot about his evil scheme because he hasn't tried again.


    1. Butterdezillion dreams up crazy scenarios that would be too unbelievable for a Tom Clancy novel. And if anyone ever tells her she's wrong, well they must not have heard her right or are too stupid or brainwashed to understand her correctly. Because she's never wrong. At least that's what she has to keep telling herself, because her thousands of hours of research will have been for nothing if she's wrong. And I suppose it probably makes sense to her warped understanding of reality.

    2. Crazy is relative. You do live in the country that dreamed up exploding bicycles and bat bombs.

    3. I've never heard of those things, but I don't doubt you. However, butterdezillion seems to land on the far end of the bell curve.

    4. Look up bat bombs - they are hysterical. The idea was to fit a load of bats with incendiaries then drop them on Japan. They even worked - blew up a fuel tank at the testing ground pretty good. Of course, they weren't SUPPOSED to do that ..... . :)

      Exploding bicycles came up a couple of times - during Vietnam and during Cuba. The CIA and ARPA (now DARPA) were both somewhere between mildly and totally insane. Probably still are.


      A few more for the "governments paid for these!?" files

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