Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Trayvon Martin is still happening

Some satire site posts a fake headline that Jaden Smith will play Trayvon Martin in an upcoming film. Freepers respond by invoking young Mr. Martin as a character of mythic thugishness.

ClearCase_guy has a nuanced understanding of the event:
100% guarantee the movie won't be like this, but here's what I want to see:

First third: Trayvon is a monster. A burglar, a fighter, a vicious thug. George Zimmerman is a good family man and neighborhood guardian. Trayvon attacks George (unprovoked) Trayvon does serious damage. George is on the verge of death when he manages to defend himself and survive.

Last two-thirds: Saint Trayvon is lauded by the media and the president. Everyone loves that sweet young boy. George Zimmerman is hounded and persecuted by a vengeful country.

It might make a lot of people really think about things.
fieldmarshaldj on the size and darkness of the dead kid:
Jaden Smith ? He’s too short and petite (not to mention too fair-skinned) to play the hulking Saint Skittles.
Mamzelle is clearly up on current events:
Not. Watching. Isn’t Will Smith gay?
Ancient Man explains black folk's mentality:
Smith is playing his “folk” like a Stradivarius. He knows that a black victimhood flick will attract the maximum number of freeloading maggots. Afterall, they MUST be victims, otherwise they’d have to assume responsibility for their lives.
Fireone thinks the movie will be Federally financed.
I think most posters have this wrong...Smith is boyobama’s buddy, and therefore will be given government support (your money), to make this film. It will be a “huge success” and social statement, as reported by the State Owned Media.
Shimmer1 - if Freepers' version of reality is acknowledged, blacks will rage.
If they make Trayyyyyvon a sympathetic character, then millions of people will peacefully avoid this film.

If they reveal his law breaking behavior, then millions of blacks will riot and claim racism.
Rides_A_Red_Horse also expects massive black violence:
Watch for lawsuits filed by the white people attacked after the grand opening...


  1. I wonder if Freepers realize how much they sound just like Charles Manson and his Helter Skelter race war ideas.
    The jimcompoop already has dozens of wrinkle bags who would cheerfully murder a pregnant Hollywood actress for him (and give dissenters a permanent "zot").

    1. What ever happened to your proof of Jim shaking down the widow onyx?

  2. Aren't Freepers done dancing on Trayvon's grave yet? Nah, that's right, they'll probably still be dancing on his grave ten years from now.