Thursday, April 14, 2016

HBO to do Clarence Thomas hearing drama

After FX's success rehashing the OJ Simpson trial, HBO is going to try something similar with a subject Freepers won't like quite as much. I expect a lot of them to hate-watch the show, and I'll save a post on the substance of the Thomas hearings for when the show's on the air. But there were too many wacky reactions for me to shunt them to Monday fodder.

Slyfox lets us know the bit of evidence that proves Thomas to be super modest:
Clarence Thomas himself called what happened to him as a "lynching."

When his character witnesses spoke there was one woman, a black woman, told what she observed when he would be standing with other men in a hall and a buxomy woman walked by. Clarence Thomas would look down at his shoes until he knew the woman had passed.

That is the mark of a man who had made a habit of protecting his modesty.

A man with habits like that do not make off-handed sex jokes.

You won't find that very important detail in this HBO lie-fest.
exit82 - blah blah indoctrination blah:
The purpose of this HBO show and others like it, is to indoctrinate future viewers.

The purpose is not to tell the truth about such a subject, but to make sure the Left’s version becomes documented in film.
Go watch "13 Hours" again.

So into all culture is propaganda, rey doesn't understand that entertainment and making money can be the reason TV shows are made:
What ever happened to “Move On” and “At this point what does it matter?”?
Major Matt Mason seems to think Valerie Jarrett runs HBO:
VJ continuing her vendetta against SC justices that she doesn't like.
Lizavetta thinks Thomas is racist against whites:
Thomas played the race card when in fact white Bork got worse treatment.
equaviator does his thing where he creepily evaluates hotness:
She (Kerry Washington) of course plays Hill and is portrayed in the film as a victim and lionized for her bravery.

Anita's lips are far more luscious and yummy-looking...Mmm, mmm, mmm!
Seruzawa holds forth on the morality of a TV movie channel:
HBO is evil. Whomever they attack is good. Whomever they support is evil. Bank on it.


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    1. They really should do some research on what the National Debt really represents. I don't think Mexicans figure into it very highly.

      The Top Reasons Behind The U.S. National Debt

      I know a lot of them lurk here, but I don't expect any of them ever to follow that link and learn something. Nevetheless, among the biggest sources of the national debt:

      "Economic stimulus and related expenses: The booster needed by the economy during the slowdown period of 2009 led to further costs and expenditure – the Stimulus Package of 2009, tax-cuts, jobless benefits and financial industry bailouts have led to further expenses at the national level. These efforts have managed to give the survival push to the economy, but returns are yet to be realized, leading these to be “pure expenses.”

      "The Iraq, Libya and Afghan wars – Primarily within the defense budget, the continued involvement in these engagements has cost the U.S. dearly in the last decade, adding to huge debt. The public outrage also stems from the belief that situations in these countries were not having any direct serious impact for U.S. security, as they are geographically far-off. As per the reports, around $1.3 trillion were spent on these engagements, which is a huge burden on national debt. Some of these still continue, increasing the costs further."

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